Who ripped off who? Part 4
A further look into borrowed ideas in the comic industry.
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Interview with developer that tells everything there is to know at this point.
Who ripped off who? Part 3
A further look at borrowed ideas in the comic industry.
Who ripped off who? Part 2
A further look at shared ideas in the comic book industry.
Who ripped off who?
Is there a fine line between ripping off and paying homage?
The Chitauri are Skrulls
This has been a topic of confusion in many articles.
Villains of The Avengers
The biggest question on everyone's mind, as seen through the mind of a Burglar of Corndogs!
Bound By Contract
The confusion about Marvel characters being owned by other production companies, as well as the workings of their contracts is explained.
The Tao of the Grif
CorndogBurglar explains Grif
X-Men Schism: Whose Side Are They on? Part Two: Team Wolverine
Part 2 of my picks for what X-Characters should go to what teams post-Schism
X-Men Schism: Who's side are they on? Part One: Team Cyclops
With the recent revelation that Schism will divide the X-Men into two teams, Cyclops' and Wolverine's, I have made a list of characters that I think would make sense to join each team.
EDITORIAL: Continuity In Movies
How Important Is It To You?
Thanos and The Infinity Gauntlet: Why I don't think its happening.
My opinion as to why speculation on Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet appearing in The Avengers sounds too riduculous and nonsensical.
CDB's Mortal Kombat Review
My review of the new Mortal Kombat game.
Fans and Double Standards
Fans and the double standards that they may not even realize they are making.
Directors...can we trust their hype?
Directors are known to promote the movies they are currently working on, but can we really trust what they have to say?
CDB's Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Review
Will Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 take you for a ride, yet again? Come on in and find out!
Christopher Nolan. Is he what people really want?
Is Christopher Nolan doing more bad than good when it comes to the DC movie universe? Is he the all-mighty when it comes to modern CBM's, or is he actually hurting things? Lets take a look, shall we?
The Infinity Gauntlet. What Does This Mean For Marvel Movies?
With the unveiling of the infamous Infinity Gauntlet at SDCC, many people want to know, what does this mean for the direction of Marvel's movie universe? This is my opinion of the topic.
EDITORIAL: Staying 100% Percent Faithful to the Comics... an Impossibility?
Why do comics-to-films adaptations stray from their source material? Is it an unavoidable part of the movie making process?
Is Star Wars Dead? An Answer.
In response to VicSage's article, I wanted to post my thoughts, but I found that I had too much to say to squeeze into one post. I don't mean to undermine Vic's article, so please read his before checking this out. :)
AMC orders 6 episodes of The Walking Dead
AMC has ordered six episodes of the highly anticipated series The Walking Dead, even though the pilot has not even begun filming.
AMC's The Walking Dead Casts Shane.
Looks like The Walking Dead TV series is on its way as they have recently casted Shane.
COMICS SPOILERS: Blackest Night #7
MAJOR SPOILER!!!! IF YOU HAVE NOT READ BLACKEST NIGHT #7, AND WANT TO BE SURPRISED, AVOID THIS ARTICLE LIKE THE BUBONIC PLAGUE: The low down on the shocking events of Blackest Night #7. The arrival of a NEW power ring color, and the shocking discovery of WHO will wield it!
EDITORIAL: The Disney/Marvel Buyout!!!!
With all of the news we've recently been getting about the Marvel movies in production, the topic has come up quite a bit about Disney's involvement. Most of it has been negative comments by various posters. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I would like to have my say in the matter, and want to hear yours as well!