Kathryn Leigh Scott Reportedly Joins AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Cast
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will return from its Mid-Season break on March 3th, 2015. Now we got some news on Kathryn Leigh (Maggie Evans in Dark Shadows) will be joining the cast a a yet to know character.
COMICS: DC Comics Announces 10 Additional CONVERGENCE Miniseries and Reveals Art
Over the past couple of weeks DC announced half of the 2-part miniseries that will be part of DC Comics' massive 2 month publishing event CONVERGENCE which is taking place in April and May 2015. Well, more details have been announced today.
FAN ART: My Flash And Joker Drawings
Hey Guys Come Check out my joker and Flash Drawings.
Hit the jump to gaze upon an image of Catwoman I created for a friend.
Suicide Squad fan art
Two fan posters I made for a Suicide Squad movie that I would like to see.
Game of Thrones Season 5 Sneak Peak with new Viral Site
Can't wait for more Game of Thrones? Excited for every small Info or View from Season 5? Check out the new Teaser for Season 5 from the HBO-Hit Show below.
COMICS: Action-Packed Preview of Tony Daniel's DEATHSTROKE #2
Tony S. Daniel (Detective Comics, Superman/Wonder Woman) kicked off his Slade Wilson series last month, with the next issue hitting shelves tomorrow. Hit the jump to check out a preview of Deathstroke #2, featuring Slade fighting through an army of enemies.
SPOILERS: STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Visual Guide For New Sidekick Droid Leaked
Based on descriptions, undisclosed concept art, and new trivia leaks, an author at makingstarwars.net has created a basic illustration of the "sidekick" droid for the leading trio of characters in this new Sequel Trilogy. Hit the jump to check it out.
Villains We Can Expect To See Later In GOTHAM
The first season of GOTHAM is half way over and so here's a look ahead at villains we can expect to see in upcoming episodes of the Fox series, judging from various announcements and what we've seen in the show...
COMICS: Marvel Releases SECRET WARS Battleworld Map
Marvel's 2015 Secret Wars event is set to feature a big Battleworld, like the original series, that sees characters from alternate realities go head-to-head. The world was previously revealed in a brief video, and now a high-res image listing most of the locations has been released.
Newest DC ALL ACCESS Episode Features New CONSTANTINE Footage
Hit the jump to check out some new footage for NBC’s Constantine provided by Tiffany, the host of DC All Access. You can also check out an interview with Harold Perrineau, news on Justice League Dark, and much more! Check it out!
FAN-ART: Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul as IRON FIST
A few days ago in the comments, I asked for ideas for who could play Danny Rand in Marvel's upcoming Netflix show: Iron Fist. I never saw a name I liked better than Aaron Paul, so... enjoy.
Sylvester Stallone On EXPENDABLES 3 Rating; Horrible Miscalculation
The man of action himself Sylvester Stallone (The Party at Kitty and Stud's) dropped some surprising info about his Film 'Expendables 3'. Click the jump to check it out.
MrDonut Presents: 'Spider-Man'
An alternate fan cast for the Web Slinger
Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer theater list
StarWars.com has released the full list of theaters that will show the 88 second teaser for the highly anticipated Star Wars movie. Come check out the list after the jump..
My top 3 cartoons that aren't talked about enough.
Now that Saturday Morning cartoons are for the most part dead. I though it would be nice to look back at three cartoons that maybe should be looked at more closely in the history of cartoons.
BATMAN: A VISUAL HISTORY Featurette Released; Focuses On 75 Years Of The Dark Knight
Hit the jump to take a look Frank Miller, James Tynion IV and Jason Fabok discuss the history and legacy of The Batman, while promoting their newest book titled, Batman: A Visual History. Check it out!
COMICS: Take A Glimpse At The AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS Finale (Preview)
With Act Two of Rick Remender's current Marvel event AXIS complete, our first look at the series' final issue has been released. Though there's still issues seven and eight to come, check out an action-packed textless preview of Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #9 after the jump.
Created by Mr Prime.
The League of Extraordinary Lyricist
This is for you Hip Hop fans and fans of the comic book genre. Come check out the blending of two of my favorite genres.
Frank Grillo MAY Make an Appearance in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR
Frank Grillo (Disconnect) recently dropped some surprising and interesting information on the topic of if he'll make a return as Crossbones in the upcoming film, Captain America: Civil War. Click the jump to check it out.
Comics: Amazing Spider-Man issue 009
After swapping his mind into Peter's body, one of Spider-Man's greatest enemies, Doctor Octopus, set out to prove himself the Superior Spider-Man. He also completed Peter's PhD, fell in love with a woman named Anna Maria Marconi, and started his own company, "Parker Industries." But in the end Doc Ock realized that in order to be a true hero, he had to sacrifice himself and give control of Peter's body back to Peter.
Peter recently found out that someone else, Cindy Moon A.K.A. Silk, was bitten by his radioactive Spider giving her similar powers to Peter. And that's not the only thing they have in common.
BOX OFFICE: HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY - Part 1 Gets Biggest Opening Of The Year
Mockingjay flies its way to the top of the box office this weekend as it gets the biggest opening weekend of the year, but is it as good as it seems comparing it to the previous movies? Find out after the jump.
EDITORIAL: Trolling Competition- The Semifinals
We are getting nearer to the end of the CBM trolling competition, but we've still got a bit to go! We're down to 4 trolls, so hit the jump and check out the semi-finalists for the great CBM trolling competition.