Can we allow our heroes to age with us as we age reading them? I started reading comics when I was 5. 25 years later, most of the characters seem to be the same age. I know I am not.
A huge amount of people weighed in, some with options for different actors as the older Bruce Wayne. But the results were:
Isn't it time for Batman to be a REAL Dark Knight?
People keep debating back and forth, who played Batman the best onscreen, and which movie version seemed to be better. But, in reality, none has gone the full depth and darkness of Miller's Dark Knight.
How to Survive a Horror Movie
Brace yourself: If you are reading this, there's a good chance you've been trapped in a horror movie. - From the introduction to the book.
What if you somehow obtained, from an object or simply go through some sort of life altering change, incredible powers.
Very funny book, available paperback and electronic.