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Crisis on Infinite Earths Poster
Hey guys! I put together this poster to see what it would be like if all of the DC characters we know and love were one day in the same movie! Check it out!
EDITORIAL: How DC Should Handle Their Cinematic Universe
Before DC kicks off more of their films/TV shows, you have to wonder what type of plans they have for the long run. Check out this full-fledged blueprint I made(w/ mock posters) that will hopefully look similar to the real thing!
Marvel Ultimate Alliance NEW 4-Minute Fan-Made Trailer
Souperboy45 here again with another "Ultimate Alliance" trailer. This is an extended version of the last one I made and I wanted to share it with you guys. Come check it out!
Here is a fan-made movie trailer I made based on "Ultimate Alliance" poster that I posted a few weeks ago. Check it out!
Who doesn't want to see the likes of the X-men, Spider-Man, The Avengers etc in the same movie? Well, this may just be the closest we get! Take a look at my poster for a Live-Action 'Ultimate Alliance' movie.
New Promo for the Re-Airing of the FIRST Episode of Smallville
So as Smallville is beginning to start running it's final episodes, they are re-airing the very first episode, "Pilot". It will air tomorrow, April 8th, and at the very end, the promo also includes a familiar theme song...
Will Smallville Carry on After its Final Season?
"Smallville" Producers talk Spin-Offs, a movie, The Final Season, and the conclusion of the series.
Announcement for my Fansite, FanVideos
Just an telling you all the purpose of my fansite that I recently created.
Tom Welling as Superman in the Reboot
Why I think Tom ATLEAST deserves a chance in the big screen as the character he's been playing for so long...