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EDITORIAL: How DC Should Handle Their Cinematic Universe
Before DC kicks off more of their films/TV shows, you have to wonder what type of plans they have for the long run. Check out this full-fledged blueprint I made(w/ mock posters) that will hopefully look similar to the real thing!
Marvel Ultimate Alliance NEW 4-Minute Fan-Made Trailer
Souperboy45 here again with another "Ultimate Alliance" trailer. This is an extended version of the last one I made and I wanted to share it with you guys. Come check it out!
Here is a fan-made movie trailer I made based on "Ultimate Alliance" poster that I posted a few weeks ago. Check it out!
Who doesn't want to see the likes of the X-men, Spider-Man, The Avengers etc in the same movie? Well, this may just be the closest we get! Take a look at my poster for a Live-Action 'Ultimate Alliance' movie.
New Promo for the Re-Airing of the FIRST Episode of Smallville
So as Smallville is beginning to start running it's final episodes, they are re-airing the very first episode, "Pilot". It will air tomorrow, April 8th, and at the very end, the promo also includes a familiar theme song...
Will Smallville Carry on After its Final Season?
"Smallville" Producers talk Spin-Offs, a movie, The Final Season, and the conclusion of the series.
Announcement for my Fansite, FanVideos
Just an telling you all the purpose of my fansite that I recently created.
Tom Welling as Superman in the Reboot
Why I think Tom ATLEAST deserves a chance in the big screen as the character he's been playing for so long...