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Can We Look Forward to Jeremy Irons?
Forget about Lex Luthor for a moment... we have a new Alfred.
Turning a Movie Theater Upside Down
What makes a movie theater experience awesome? Good sound, great picture, your best pal? I'm here to talk about what can ruin all of that.
EDITORIAL: How To Approach A Martian Manhunter Film
My in-depth examination of what I believe should be presented on screen when at last, Warner Bros hits the green light.
Who’s Who to Who!
An in-depth look at the mechanics between those illusive Leaguers that pop up in your how-to articles.
Tainted's Skyfall Review
An honest review from a life-long James Bond fan. No spoilers.
Honoring the Fictional Departed On This Day of the Dead
Given the nature of this article, you should be warned: there are SPOILERS ahead, and not just Comic Book-related. This article explores this author's 15 Greatest Send-offs that have impacted you the most; as the reader, viewer, and gamer.
Breaking Into the Justice League
In keeping with the spirit of this month's holiday, I've dressed up an editorial just for you. This author explains why Warner Bros unofficial decision to dive head-first into "Justice League" isn't a bad idea after all.
EDITORIAL: The Seven Essential Deadly Sins and Virtues of CBMs
Like everyone here, I consider myself something of an expert in comic book movies. Now I realize I may be preaching to the choir with this editorial here, but I thought I would be so bold as to compile a list important to the genre we love so much.
The Disappointing Dark Knight Rises Review
I wanted to like it, but I wasn't invested. I wanted to be immersed in the experience and enjoy it, but it didn't grab me. SPOILERS await, my beloved...
SMASHing the Justice League [Video Games]
2013 looks to introduce another visually-impressive DC fighter in the style of Mortal Kombat, but is it good enough to be groud-breaking?
The Mind-Bending Meet the Pyro Trailer!
You're thinking: this is not comic book related - what's it doing here? Content Warning: it is disturbing and not meant for people without a sense of humor.
Why DC Needs the Legion of Doom
Supervillains ASSEMBLE!™
EDITORIAL: Battle Royale vs Hunger Games
Are they really the same story? Which is better? Can they even be compared? [SPOILERS]
VIDEO GAMES: Mass Effect Extended Cut DLC To Be Released
BioWare's official press release on the upcoming downloadable content, coming this summer.
How to NOT Get Your Hopes Too High
In the wake of one series' disappointing ending, we bring to light the expectations carried by the two biggest CBMs of 2012.
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