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Doopie's Doodles: Crisis On Multiple Networks Part II
The Flash has torn a hole in the fabric of reality and now all the DCTV Universes are crashing into one. Can John Constantine help restore order before all is lost? Check out the second part of the crossover we all want!
Doopie's Doodles: Crisis On Multiple Networks
It's a normal day in Central City for the Flash when he is confronted by his counterpart - The Reverse Flash. Going faster than he's ever gone before, Barry's actions will have knock-on effects across the past, present and future of the DCTVU! Read on for the crossover we all want.
Doopie's Doodles: The Night Before X-Mas
It's Christmas time in the Marvel Universe and everyone has gathered at the X-Mansion when an unexpected guest drops by. Check out the Christmas Special of Doopie's Doodles but beware - there are rhyming couplets ahead!
Doopie's Doodles: Darkseid Vs Thanos
Both are incredibly powerful god-like beings, both see themselves above all others and both wear skirts, but who will come out on top in the ultimate battle for supremacy?
Doopie's Doodles: A Latverian in New York
It's been clear for awhile that Josh Trank's The Fantastic Four will veer away from the source material, but after Toby Kebbell's revelations about 'Doctor Doom' how the hell is this thing going to turn out?
Everything Wrong With EDGE OF TOMORROW
After positive reviews and good word of mouth, Edge of Tomorrow raked in a respectable $370 million in a summer full of blockbusters. As ever though, the guys over at CinemaSins find something to nitpick. Check out their latest installment of 'Everything Wrong With' after the jump.
Doopie's Doodles: This Means (Civil) War!
With secret identities not really an issue in the MCU and with neither Cap nor Tony being big fans of the establishment, just where will the conflict come from in Civil War? Read on for just one possibility...
Doopie's Doodles: Fanboys Be Like....
Hardcore fanboys, we're all familiar with them. Whether it's Marvel or DC, Fox or Sony, some not only love their favourites, they hate the competitors. But just what do they actually think these film-makers get up to?
DANGER MOUSE Finds His Voice
The reboot of British TV series Danger Mouse has finally found voices for its lead roles. The show will modernize the adventures of "DM" and his trusty side-kick "Penfold" whilst no doubt keeping intact what made the show so popular the first time round. Read on for more.
FAN ART: Doopie's Doodles - Real Life Superheroes
Who is mad enough to put on a costume and fight crime? Superheroes are often born from early trauma or some freak accident, but what would it be like if these things were to really happen? Check out the latest doodle from Doopie after the jump.
Doopie's Doodles: Secret Origins Of THE JOKER
"If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!" There have been many versions of The Joker - the murderous psychopath, the whimsical fool - but what's it like from his side of the story? Check out the latest doodle from Doopie after the jump.
Doopie's Doodles: The Waiting Room
Some villains capture the imagination and stick around for a while. Others less so. But just where do they end up when their plots are inevitably foiled? Read on to find out and as ever, enjoy!
POLL: Who Should The Rock Play?
It looks as though Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is going to be starring in the yet to be officially announced SHAZAM movie, but we still don't know which part he'll be playing. With that in mind who would you like him to play? UPDATE: Now with working poll!
Doopie's Doodles: Marvel's Defenders Part II
The Marvel and Netflix series is yet to start but just how will the team of Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones come together? Here is a continuation of my theory....enjoy!
Bryan Singer Sexual Abuse Case Falls Apart
Remember when Days of Future Past was coming out and Bryan Singer came under fire for allegedly abusing a teenager back in the 90s? Yeah that. Looks like the case is on it's last legs.
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