New Manga Connected to Dragon Ball
A new manga known as Jaco the Galactic Patrolman has been confirmed to tie in with the legendary Dragon Ball series. How will it exactly? Find out after the jump!
DRAGON BALL Z: BATTLE OF GODS Coming To Latin America This Year
New reports confirms that the new Dragon Ball Z movie will come to Latin America this year. Hit the jump for more details.
DBZ Battle of Gods Home Release Date
According to DB Legends, the new DBZ movie Battle of Gods will release 9/13 with a special limited edition copy as well! Continue reading for more details.
New High Quality DBZ Battle of Gods Movie Clip
Check out this high quality clip of the first fight with Birusu from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods! Plus a handful of new screenshots!
Excellent New DBZ Battle of Gods Movie Trailer
Toei Animation has released yet another brand new trailer for the upcoming movie, Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods. Check out this action packed video of brand new DBZ material after the jump!
New Super Saiyan Form Heading Your Way in Battle of Gods!
That's right! The upcoming new Dragon Ball Z movie will feature a form of super Saiyan beyond SSJ 3! Want to know what this form will be called? Hit the jump for more info!
Goku versus Superman: Death Battle! Who Will Win?
Screwattack has finally released their Goku vs. Superman death battle! Want to know who they chose as the winner? Check the video out here!
This unusual unreleased picture of Elijah Wood as Frodo comes from a deleted scene intended to showcase this hobbit turning into a Gollum-like creature.
Brand new Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods trailer!
It is finally here! A brand new trailer from the upcoming DBZ movie, Battle of Gods! Get a closer look at all the new characters and much more!
New Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Images
Check out some brand new images including the first official screenshot, photo of Bils and Whis (new villains), action figures and more!
Live Action DRAGON BALL Web Series - Runaways
A new fan made project entitled Runaways has hit the internet. There's more than one live action DBZ project in the making! This first episode is a recap from the original Dragon Ball, check it out here!
Dragon Ball Z 2013 Movie - Battle of Gods!
We have obtained the official title for the upcoming DBZ movie, Battle of Gods. Along with that we have provided a brand new poster featuring new characters our heroes will have to face!
Emperor Pilaf to Make a return in upcoming DragonBall Z Movie!
That's right! Goku's old nemesis from the original Dragon Ball will be making a return in the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie set to release next year!
Saiyan Saga Movie - Nappa Poster
A new poster has been released for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie trailer and this time it is Nappa in his brand new Saiyan armor, check it out!
Nicktoons to air DBZ Buu Saga episodes?
Nicktoons has shown off a promo with clips of the Buu saga from Dragon Ball Z for an upcoming Halloween marathon. Check out the commercial here!
DBZ Saiyan Saga - New Video and Promo Images
A new video has released showing a deleted scene of Tien training in this upcoming movie trailer along with several new photos of Goku, Piccolo and Vegeta! Check them out after the break!
Saiyan Saga Movie - Vegeta Promo Teaser Trailer
DBZ Saiyan Saga is set to release soon and K&K productions have released a teaser video showcasing Vegeta and Nappa in their glorious new Saiyan armor, check it out here!
It's Over 9000! Ryō Horikawa At Anime Weekend Atlanta
Ryō Horikawa (Vegeta's Japanese voice actor) attended Anime Weekend Atlanta and gave a very special treat for DBZ fans everywhere! Want to find out what it was? Continue reading to check out the video!
Dragon Ball Z 2013 Movie at Jump Festa
New information has released for the upcoming event in Japan, Jump Festa 2013. The upcoming DragonBall Z movie will have a panel, continue reading for full details!
DragonBall Z 2013 Movie Posters
Check out a few posters that are currently only made available in Japan for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie set to release next year! Plus new details on Jump Festa 2013.
DragonBall Z 2013 Movie Press Release
Toei Animation has released the official press release for the upcoming animated DBZ movie that releases March 30th 2013! New details!
DragonBall Z 2013 Movie Government Funded
Looks like the upcoming official DBZ animated movie will get an international release! Japan has funded this movie and FOX will help distribute it!
DBZ Saiyan Saga - Chiaotzu Poster
K&K productions have released a brand new character poster today to showcase their DragonBall Z movie, Chiaotzu! Check it out here!
Live Action King Piccolo - Done Properly
Check out this live action DragonBall project done by an Asian make up artist for her class, she turns a woman into King Piccolo and is far better than what budgeted movies and projects brought us!
DBZ Saiyan Saga - Tenshinhan Poster
Tenshinhan's character poster for the upcoming live action project DBZ Saiyan Saga has been released!