Durf Reviews: MAN OF STEEL
Zack Snyder's highly anticipated take on Superman has finally arrived! Will it live up to all the hype, does it disappoint? Read on for my take on the highly anticipated Superman reboot...(SPOILERS AHEAD!)
Durf Reviews: IRON MAN 3
Marvel's Phase 2 has officially begun with Iron Man 3! Does it live up to the hype, or does it disappoint? Read on for my take on the highly anticipated threequel... SPOILERS AHEAD!
RESIDENT EVIL 6 To Be Released in 2014!
Sony has set a release date for their sixth installment in the Resident Evil movie franchise. Paul W.S Anderson and Mila Jovovich are set to return. Read on for details...
Bruce Willis Confirms DIE HARD 6?
According to Bruce Willis, A Good Day to Die Hard is indeed going to get a sequel. Read on for details...
Could Maya Hansen Have A Brush With Death in IRON MAN 3?
Thanks to Entertainment Tonight's preview of their Iron Man 3 sneak peek, we may be able to piece together at least part of a sequence in the film involving Maya Hansen. Read on for details.
Batmobile From The BATMAN TV Series Sells for $4.6 Million!
Holy Cash Grab Batman! The original Batmobile from the 1966 Batman TV series has been sold for a record tying $4.6 million. Read on for details.
5 Things I Would Like to See In The BATMAN Reboot
Here are the top five things I would like to see in the inevitable Batman reboot, including some of the characters and villains I believe should be featured in future movies.
Durf Reviews: The Avengers
I complete my "better late than never" reviews with The Avengers. Does it live up to the hype?
So, did it live up the hype? Read and find out..(It's a little late, but it was requested...)
I review the final chapter in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. So is it the epic conclusion we all hoped it would be? Read and find out... (SPOILERS AHEAD)
Location of Item 47 Premiere Screening Revealed!
The location of the "Item 47" screening for tonight has been revealed. Also a certain type restaurant has been spotted...
EDITORIAL: Why DC Needs It's Own Studio
The importance and great possibilities of a potential DC Studio.
We Love Fine To Hold Marvel Villain Design Contest!
Winners can earn a Grand Prize of $2,500 and the chance to be immortalized on Marvel merchandise!
TOMB RAIDER: Crystal Dynamics' Karl Stewart Discusses Planned Film
Karl Stewart gives his thoughts on Tomb Raider coming back to the big screen, as well as describing how the new game will influence the film.
BOX OFFICE: SWATH Predicted to Take Over Number 1 Spot From MIB
The new Snow White film is expected to take in about $30 million. MIB III is expected to hold on to second.
VIDEO GAMES: Details Leaked About The New Game From HALO Creators
The creators of "Halo" will be releasing a mystery project called Destiny for the Xbox 360 and Microsoft's new Next-Gen system next fall.
Nick Stahl Alive and Well, Checks into Rehab
The Terminator 3 and Sin City actor, who was reported missing last week, tells his wife he is checking into rehab