Empire Magazine Promises 'DAYS OF FUTURE PAST' Exclusive Reveal

According to the X-Men movies twitter page, Empire Magazine is promising an 'exclusive reveal' for Fox's upcoming film X-Men: Days of Future past. Not sure what is is, but speculation is welcome...

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By McNyagano - 1/22/2014

What do you guys think it could be? Whatever it is, I can't wait! This is my most anticipated CBM this year.
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Kurne - 1/22/2014, 1:44 PM
The guy who is Quick and wears Silver!
JatevinM - 1/22/2014, 1:45 PM
I seriously cannot wait to see what this is.
Berserk - 1/22/2014, 1:47 PM

TheGambitFreakIsBatmanOfCBM - 1/22/2014, 1:49 PM
I can... Really don't care at this point. Quicksilver was the last straw for me. I'll stick to comics and cartoons for my X-Men hunger. Sorry.
TheBlackNerd - 1/22/2014, 1:50 PM
Oh man, you beat me to it bro! I saw this posted on my instagram account just a few minutes ago. I think that we might get some screen captures of the sentinel filled future. Or perhaps some more photos featuring X-Men we haven't seen promoted within these pictures lately (Iceman, Storm, Warpath, Blink, Toad, Colossus)

Next Monday we'll all find out for sure.
BatManiac - 1/22/2014, 1:51 PM
Hmm, maybe its a trailer or something.
BatManiac - 1/22/2014, 1:51 PM
I'm hoping they reveal the costumes of the past cast. That would be cool. I'm eager to see what they look like.
TheBaroness89 - 1/22/2014, 1:52 PM
Exclusive reveal : Fox cancels the release and bows down before Kevin Feige. The rights are handed back over to Marvel and fans rejoice! At last an X-men movie shall be created with relevant plotlines and costumes and actual POPULAR characters not the obscure ones like puerto rican strippers named Angel.
marvel72 - 1/22/2014, 1:54 PM
i hope its an improvement on the design of the sentinels because right now they look terrible.

QuestiontheAnswer - 1/22/2014, 1:55 PM
The rights are handed back to Marvel and we get the next X-Men movie in 2020 with De Niro as Cyclops.
TheBaroness89 - 1/22/2014, 1:58 PM
Better than what your'e getting now.
Here look its the very first class of X-men! Angel the stripper Darwin the black guy we are going to kill in two scenes Alex Summers the now older brother beasty smurf and katniss
themidnightking - 1/22/2014, 1:59 PM
*Grabs Crotch* Reveal This!
McNyagano - 1/22/2014, 2:00 PM

Beat ya to it;)

TheBlackNerd - 1/22/2014, 2:00 PM
Lol, people really hate it when I sound like "I'm Singer's lawyer" as I've been told, but how is it that we know for sure that the last picture we saw of QS wasn't just him in his regular attire just as everyone else? Everyone in that picture was wearing regular clothes so I wouldn't rule out the chances of seeing QS in some form of costume just yet.
TheBaroness89 - 1/22/2014, 2:01 PM
Heaven forbid we ever get a good version of cyclops, warren worthington the rich playboy not the self mutilating whiner and an actual african goddess not crappy berry.
TheBlackNerd - 1/22/2014, 2:02 PM

Yeahh, yours looks way better than mines anyway so I'm glad to see it look presentable. I gotta figure out how to use yellow background too...smh
TheBaroness89 - 1/22/2014, 2:03 PM
Here is the reveal: Majik and Lockheed will be in this and finally Dazzler
JatevinM - 1/22/2014, 2:03 PM
Seriously though shut the [frick] up!!! If you dont like the movies then whats the use in coming into articles talking shit.
Kurne - 1/22/2014, 2:04 PM

At comic-con, Singer dodged the question of whether QS would have his blue or green costume and he just said he'd wear a 70's costume (his attire). In another interview Peters himself said he wouldnt have a costume in the movie, only a 'sweet jacket'.
McNyagano - 1/22/2014, 2:05 PM
I doubt it's a trailer. Maybe they have a special code to a website that reveals the 2nd trailer?


Thanks:-) I don't know how to use the black and white background either lol
ezio619 - 1/22/2014, 2:10 PM
MCNYAGANO, this is your most anticipated movie? thats not a bad thing,im just really surprised, this si my least anticipated superhero film of the year but im still very much looking forward to it
jimoakley666 - 1/22/2014, 2:11 PM
Exciting. Loving everything I'm seeing so far of this movie. And those Sentinels are a thing of beauty. Gorgeous design.
TheBlackNerd - 1/22/2014, 2:11 PM

Oh forreal? Dag man, well here's hopes for him sporting one in X-Men: Apocalypse. By then I'm sure his character should be most familiar with his pops sporting a costume to where he gets one for himself. He also plays an important role as being one of the members on the team of Magnetos X-Men...

Jean Grey
Weapon X (Wolverine)
Scarlett Witch
Rogue (won't be born yet/too young)
Iceman (won't be born yet/too young)
jimoakley666 - 1/22/2014, 2:12 PM
Sniff sniff.

ezio619 - 1/22/2014, 2:14 PM
anyway i think it will be exclusive pictures,thats what i can think of at this moment
McNyagano - 1/22/2014, 2:16 PM

Yes it is. Can't wait!! CBMs this year are looking good, let's hope they're all great!
TheBaroness89 - 1/22/2014, 2:18 PM
its open forum. so deal or gtfo.
crashrendar - 1/22/2014, 2:18 PM
Lies. Prolly jus a pic in hi res that we've already seen
QuestiontheAnswer - 1/22/2014, 2:20 PM
For me:
Sin City 2
TheBaroness89 - 1/22/2014, 2:20 PM
I have said on plenty occasions X1 and X2 were good then somehow the direction veered towards something but x-men its not. fingers crossed dofp is decent but that isn't going to erase a slew of mediocre films. that's not being a troll its being a [frick]ing realist.
MrReese - 1/22/2014, 2:23 PM
Cool.5 days.Better not suck.
TheBaroness89 - 1/22/2014, 2:26 PM
a good reveal would be a clip of the Sentinels in a battle with some mutants with full fx. Show everyone a reason to get pumped for the movie.
batz11 - 1/22/2014, 2:31 PM

This is the code for yellow background

McNyagano - 1/22/2014, 2:36 PM
hahahah thanks Batz
Owlman88 - 1/22/2014, 10:50 PM
staypuffed - 1/23/2014, 1:01 AM
It'll be the March cover of Empire, with tons of new images. That's what I think.
DangerRoom - 1/23/2014, 2:59 AM
MightyZeus - 1/23/2014, 3:54 AM
We'll see what the big reveal is but i have a feeling that it could be really underwhelming.

Hopefully it's a better edited trailer.
DestroyerofHaters - 1/23/2014, 7:03 AM
Still with the sentinel hate? Am I the only one totally convinced that the first image is supposed to be an early model sentinel? Meaning we'll see much more advanced versions attempting to kill most other mutants. At most, this is a sentinel designed exclusively for Magneto, seeing as he's an incredibly dangerous mutant.

If this is the final version, the film wouldn't cost so much to make.
DestroyerofHaters - 1/23/2014, 7:05 AM
I also think the marketing campaign is going to explode after this first big reveal. Everything they've shown so far has been before all post production was finished, which means we'll finally be seeing a full trailer with CGI instead of a 2 minute long character teaser.
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