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Comic Book Movie

Many weren't expecting to see Melissa Benoist suit up as Kara Zor-El until November, but it looks like a few pirates had something else in mind. According to a variety of sources, the hotly anticipated Supergirl pilot has leaked. Come check it out!
The first Dragon Ball Z anime in nearly 20 years is on the way and today, we get our first look at the legendary Super-Saiyan, Goku. He looks as familliar as ever but with some slight tweaks following the events of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.
It's not every day you get to play a beloved superhero for the first time! In a recent interview, Melissa Benoist (Glee) opened up about the thrill of wearing the iconic costume while filming scenes for CBS' upcoming Supergirl series. Keep reading to find out what she had to say!
Okay, this is the best spot yet!! Typically, TV spots tend to get less exciting as the movie approaches its release, but that certainly isn't the case with Jurassic World as each new spot has gotten more awesome and considerably more terrifying! Come watch the Indominus Rex be born now!
Seth Rogen has shared another production still from the set of AMC's small-screen take on Garth Ennis' controversial comic series, Preacher. It's not clear exactly what we're looking at, but it appears to be a couple of nuns chatting to a cop. Sheriff Root perhaps? Check it out...
This June, Bryan Hitch will be writing and pencilling a new Justice League of America series, and DC Comics have today revealed new artwork from the series along with seven amazing interconnecting covers which each feature a member of the team and together create one epic banner...
Paramount's World War Z, which starred Brad Pitt in the lead, surprised nearly everyone when it hit theaters in 2013, after numerous delays, and managed to make a killing at the box office. A sequel was quickly greenlit and now that sequel has a release date. Come check it out!
Rachel is back! When Felix can't find Sarah, he looks to the still battle-scarred Rachel for info on her whereabouts. Meanwhile, Paul learns the horrible secret behind the Castor logbooks and Alison & Donnie take their scheme to the next level! Come check out stills from the next episode now!
We had another look at the Thing earlier, and now MovieTickets.com has released a brand new promo for the Josh Trank directed Fantatsic Four reboot. See Johnny Storm "flame on", Mr. Fantastic do some stretching, and Invisible Woman use her force-shield powers after the jump...
We've seen a few photos of Jeremy Renner visiting the Captain America: Civil War set, but today was actually his first day shooting. To commemorate the occasion, Renner shared two BTS snapshots and one of them may have revealed an updated logo for the Marvel epic. Come check it out!