Action-Packed New TV Spot Released For Christopher Nolan's INTERSTELLAR
While it doesn't give too much away about Christopher Nolan's (The Dark Knight Trilogy) next movie, this action-packed TV spot for Interstellar starring Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway is, well, stellar! Hit the jump to check it out...
COMICS: Villains To The Rescue In First Look At AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #3
The Red Onslaught has decimated Earth's Mightiest Heroes, so now the only ones who can save the Earth are...Earth's Mightiest Villains?! Carnage, Hobgoblin, Sabretooth and more all head into battle in this first look at Rick Remender and Leinil Yu's Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #3. Check it out!
Why The SANDMAN Movie Was Not On WB's Superhero Movie Schedule
Recently, WB announced plans & release dates for films featuring Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Shazam & The Justice League. However, not included on that list was the Sandman movie that's currently being developed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Here's why according to Neil Gaiman.
New Clips, Featurette And Freddie Prinze Jr. Interview For STAR WARS REBELS
As well as two action-packed clips, we have a new Star Wars Rebels featurette exploring how they created lightsabers that match the look of A New Hope, while Freddie Prinze Jr. discusses playing Kanan, the experience of voice acting, and why the series will appeal to Star Wars fans...
American Horror Story: Freak Show S4 E2 Review Massacres and Matinees
MCott continues his coverage of the fourth season of the FX anthology series. How does the second episode hold up? Find out below. (WARNING! Spoilers)
THOR THE DARK WORLD´s Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Joins GAME OF THRONES Season Five
Bullet To The Head and The Mummy Returns actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje has joined the cast of Game of Thrones in the new season. Will he play someone from the books? Find out after the jump.
COMICS: UNCANNY AVENGERS To Be Relaunced In January, Spinning Out Of AXIS
Remember that 'No More Mutants' teaser from New York Comic Con? Turns out that's promoting Uncanny Avengers #1, set to be relaunched in 2015 in the wake of Avengers & X-Men: AXIS, with Rick Remender and Daniel Acuna returning. Hit the jump for the solicit and covers!
A Closer Look at Phase 3 in Light of Civil War
After what has come to light recently about the probable direction of the MCU, I take a look back at that leaked Phase 3 image that seemed fake months ago and reevaluate the possibility of the remaining options.
PACIFIC RIM Composer To Score Duncan Jones' WARCRAFT
Legendary Pictures and Duncan Jones have chosen Pacific Rim composer, Ramin Djawadi, to score the fantasy-adventure film, Warcraft. The film is based on Blizzard Entetainment's popular game of the same name. Come voice your opinion.
We have copies of Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellions, the one hour animated movie that kicked off the new series, for five lucky CBM users! CLICK HERE to find out how to win!!!
COMICS: Marvel's Latest Event Revisit Is ARMOR WARS
The latest "Summer 2015" teaser from the Marvel mystery machine is Armor Wars, depicting a distraught Tony Stark and several of his Iron Man suits blasting the crap out of each other and New York by the looks of it. What the heck is going on? Your guess is as good as ours..
COMICS: 'Roderick Kingsley' Finally Returns In First Look At AXIS: HOBGOBLIN #1
As Avengers & X-Men: AXIS turns the Marvel Universe on its head, Roderick Kingsley - the original and one true Hobgoblin - finally makes his return! Why is he back in New York? Well, if the NEW Hobgoblin (Phil Urich) has anything to say about it, he'll never get chance to explain...
GAME OF THRONES Set Vid With 'Jaime', 'Doran', & 'Ellaria'; More Details On Flashback
Following on from last night's pics of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister), Alexander Siddig (Doran Martell) and Indira Varma (Ellaria Sand) on set in Seville, Spain, we have a brief video of the three shooting a scene together. Plus, EW have provided details on the season 5 opening scene..
INTERSTELLAR TV Spot #8 May Be The Greatest TV Spot Of All Time
Watching thirty-seconds of Christopher Nolan's masterful work in this Interstellar TV Spot #8 is better than most two hour films being churned out today by Hollywood. Check it out!
New Extended Promo For THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Season 6 Episode 4: Black Hole Sun
Stefan left Enzo in quite the predicament tonight and next week, it looks like Matt's the one that has to pick up the pieces. Meanwhile, Damon & Bonnie search Damon's past for clues that may help them find their way back home. Come check out the extended promo & stills for next week's episode now!
Some scans from the official 2015 calendar for Peter Jackson's final Hobbit movie have made their way online, and feature new looks at the likes of Thranduil, Legolas, Thorin, Tauriel, and Azog; as well as our first glimpse at the actual "Battle of the Five Armies" itself!
COMICS: Mayday Parker Under Fire In Preview of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #8
The next issue of Dan Slott, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Humberto Ramos' Amazing Spider-Man features a Spidey double-header, with the MC2 Spider-Girl under attack from Morlun, plus the continuation of Peter Parker and Ms. Marvel's 616 team-up! Read a preview after the jump.
COMICS: New ROCKET RACCOON #5 Variant Cover By Jason Latour Released
A new variant cover has been released for Jason Latour’s Rocket Raccoon #5. This cover showcases the classic "on Groot's shoulder" pose and is set to hit store shelves this November! Hit the jump to check it out!
COMICS: Tony Stark Suits Up In SUPERIOR IRON MAN #1 Textless Preview
Next month, Tony Stark takes on a deadly new project in the sunny streets of San Francisco, with writer Tom Taylor (Earth 2) and artist Yildary Cinar (Supergirl) turning him into the Superior Iron Man! Check out a textless preview of the first issue after the jump.
Excellent BTS Pics From GAME OF THRONES Season 5; First Look At 'Doran Martell'
A Spanish TV network has provided some awesome, closeup snaps from the Sevilla set of Game Of Thrones season 5. There's our first glimpse of Alexander Siddig in costume as Doran Martell, Jamie Lannister in Dornish garb, Ellaria Sand enjoying a well needed drink, and more.
Kneel Before Nolan! New INTERSTELLAR Stills
This November be prepared to take a mind-bending trip through space and time with Insterstellar. A film that was directed by one of the greatest directors of all-time, Christopher Nolan ("Batman Begins"). You will bow before Nolan!
Warwick Davis Returning For STAR WARS: EPISODE VII
The Life's Too Short actor, who played Wicket the Ewok in Return Of The Jedi, has posted an amusing video to his Twitter page, confirming that he will indeed be returning for J.J. Abrams' currently shooting Star Wars flick. Take a look..
Guillermo Del Toro Says PACIFIC RIM 2 Is Being Setup For A Third Film
Director Guillermo del Toro ("Hellboy") better not be joshing us. There will certainly be some wilding fans when they hear Pacific Rim 2 is being designed to setup a third film.
COMICS: Check Out Skottie Young's Awesome STAR WARS Interlocking Variants
We saw a low-res version of this awesome cover during the New York Comic-Con, but Marvel have now officially release Skottie Young's "Baby" variants for Star Wars #1, Darth Vader #1, and Princess Leia #1. It's as brilliant as you might expect, so check it out after the jump!
First Look At 'Darth Vader' On STAR WARS REBELS
Well, a look at his holographic visage anyway! David Prowse (who played the Dark Lord of the Sith in the original Star Wars movies) has Tweeted out a screencap from Star Wars Rebels, providing our first glimpse of how Vader will appear on the show.