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fan art: Jack Skellington and some other doodles.
Happy Halloween to all of you!
FAN ART: Fantastic 'No Strings' Ultron Poster for AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON
Showing an artistic rendition of the version of Ultron that meets with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in the trailer, come check out Australian artist BossLogic's poster for the film, dubbed 'No Strings'.
My take on a proper reboot of the Halloween epic directed and co-written by John Carpenter.
The last couple of season endings for CW's Supernatural inspired me to adapt them to 2-page comics.
GRIMM Octopus Head 4x2 HD Teaser
Now an ongoing Dynamite Entertainment comic book series. In the next GRIMM, an unforgettable Wesen continues his path of destruction as he sets his sights on Trubel. Promo and synopsis just past the jump...
New Clip Released From Next Week's Episode Of TEEN TITANS GO! - 'Boys Vs. Girls'
A new clip from next week's episode of Teen Titans Go! has been released. After Starfire and Raven hear the guys talk about how much better they are than the girls, they decide to compete to see who is really better. Check it out!
WIDOW & HAWKEYE Battle Underwater In This New Clip Of AVENGERS ASSEMBLE
Marvel's Youtube page just officially released a new clip for season two, episode five of Avengers Assemble. In this clip, Black Widow and Hawkeye encounters the Serpent Crown. What things will the duo have to deal with deep in the sea? Check it out!
Inktober collection, including Spider-Gwen, Wolverine, and much more!
My "tributes" to this year inktober that includes a lot of Marvel/DC characters
Mass Effect: Fan cast
Non-voice actor, mostly non-alien fancast of 2007's Bioware game...
Marvel's Slate vs DC's Slate: Place your bets!
How the new announcements compare, and stack up against each other.
Fancast: Suicide Squad Movie
Who should be in the DC Suicide Squad team-up epic and who do I think should play them? Hit the jump to find out.
The Guys over ar AMC movie news review Marvel's Phase 3 Movie slate!
Check it out!
AWESOME X AWESOME= EQUALSSSSSSS Gattor Martin! Do I have to say anymore?
EDITORIAL: The Inhumans, and How They Will Appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
We were all excited to learn about Marvel's Phase 3 slate earlier this week (Infinity War! Yes!), and along with the expected, we got a couple pleasant surprised as well, such as Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and... the Inhumans? Wait, what? Who are they, you ask? Hit the jump to find out!
RoadDog85 Presents... Justice League International
After a six-month dry spell, the old brain trust gets back and running, and look what I come back with? A big fan cast for the comedic adventures of the International Justice League faction!
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