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10 things that could make Black Panther Movie the best CBM ever!
Rumors of a Black Panther Movie have been swirling around the inter webs for some time and there is some speculation that Marvel is working on finalizing a script. This editorial provides some ideas that I think could make a Black Panther Movie an Epic part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
FAN-ART: Joaquin Phoenix as DOCTOR STRANGE
After hearing some doubt from the CBM community, and considering that the actor's talent was not in question, I decided to put together a simple poster of the Sorcerer Supreme, as played by Joaquin Phoenix. Check it out.
ARCHIE COMICS Titles Available September 3rd
It's a pretty light week for Archie since only a digest will hit stands this week. However, digital exclusives are on the way Friday. Read on for details.
The New FANTASTIC FOUR Movie Will Be A Travesty
Why I objectively believe that the new Fantastic Four movie will be an absolute mockery of CBMs.
This month, DC Comics is heading to the future - to tie-in with their weekly series The New 52: Futures End, many of the publisher's titles are jumping ahead five years. Check out previews of two of this week's one-shots, Action Comics and Green Arrow.
New concept art, illustrated by Andrew Kim, for Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been published online. Hit the jump to check out six images detailing the Lemurian Star sequence, Hydra agents, the battle at the Triskelion, and more.
Fan-Art: Amazing Green Lantern/ Flash movie poster
One of the many rumored Dc movies in development, check out this Fan-made poster titled Flash & Green Lantern: The Brave & The Bold. Check it out after the jump.
HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3 Has Been Delayed From 2016
Before How to Train Your Dragon 2 opened in theaters (which went on to gross over $600 million worldwide), DreamWorks already announced plans for a third installment to launch in 2016, until now! Hit the jump to find out exactly when Hiccup and Toothless will now be returning...
Three New FULL CREATURE COMMANDOS Shorts Released!
DC Entertainment's YouTube Page just released three full new Creature Commando shorts. So if your a Creature Commando fan just hit the jump and I think you'll enjoy these one minute funny videos. Check them out after the jump!
Benedict Cumberbatch Does Not Deny He is in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN According to BBC Reporter
Could Benedict Cumberbatch actually be the Martian Manhunter? Or any other DC hero/villain? One thing is for sure as of now, Benedict Cumberbatch won't be giving a yes or a no.
It's coming out soon... Says Avengers Star, Mark Ruffalo
On September 1st, Mark Ruffalo took to Tumblr to share a 15 second video where he announced a secret filming project exclusively for Tumblr. Hit the jump to check out the video and read a transcript. Let the speculation begin!
Is Sin City 2 really worth killing for? The sequel combines great comic visuals and titillating action (among other things) for a not so stellar film. Here are my thoughts.
FAN MADE: Amazing Manip  puts Gal Gadot's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman in Themyscira
check out this great fan manip places the amazonian warrior in her home island, check it out after the jump to see Wonder Woman in Themyscira.
CBM.Com Tournament Death Battle! ROUND 1 TOP DC FAN
Round one of the DC TOP FAN Death battle tournament starts off! get ready to vote for your favorite (or most hated?) DC Fan and help crown a winner! check it out after the jump!
Comic Book Movie Battles! Round 15 Battle of the B,C and D listers
In Round 15 two shows battle it out for supremacy
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