Leo Needs a Cape
With the best hero roles being filled out with our most prolific actors, why not give the best of the best a shot?
DC is building a Universe
Marvel HAS built a universe where all of their stories co-exist... DC has taken a lesson and all signs point in the same direction.
Kransinski is the fan fav for the Cap!
With Ackles rumored to be out of the running, the fans have spoken over at MTV
Iron Man 2 Already Looking for an Oscar Nod?
Is the release of the new trailer on Oscar night the first part of a campaign for a golden statue?
John is the only real choice left...
Captain America is in desperate need of an actor knee deep in talent, looks, and voice...
John Krasinski is the ONLY man still on the short list with the level of talent to pull it off.
The Oscar's...Superhero style
Since it is good ol' fashion tradition for the Oscar's to bypass all of our favorite flicks, I thought it was time to roll out the red carpet for the film's that get us through a normal year and to celebrate those who brought us the best and the worst of it all...