Why Deadpool should have been released on June 19, 2015 than Fantastic Four.
In this editorial, we're going to say how much Deadpool movie is important to us and with many reasons, why this movie should have been released on Trank's reboot date now.
HOT TOYS Released  Their New CAPTAIN AMERICA: TWS-Black Widow Collectible Figure Final Product
Check out Hot Toys newly released Captain America: The Winter Soldier: 1/6th scale Black Widow Collectible Figure’s final product.
How Marvel's Ant-Man (2015) Has The Power To Change Superhero Movies Forever
Peyton Reed's Ant-Man film could change superhero films forever. Here's how!
Batman v Superman Poster
Based on the teaser.
FAN MADE: Avengers Age of Ultron Posters
Take a look at these fan made AoU movie posters! All different styles, colors, characters, from 2013-now and more to come... All made by DiamondDesignHD. Which 1 is your favorite? If 'none' of these then post it in the comments below! and leave some helpful feedback to help make the posters even better! :D

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Check out the new photo from the movie set of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.
Hit the jump to check it out!
Bobo's Hercules (2014) Review
Based off of the Steve Moore graphic novel 'Hercules: The Thracian Wars' and directed by Brett Ratner comes 'Hercules'! Is this adaptation worthy of the son of Zeus? Come find out!
COMICS: A Giant Robot Vs Superman In  ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #15
In this edition, a giant robot falls from the outer depths of space, and after superman breaks the robot to pieces, he finds who created the robot, and the man who created is no stranger to our beloved Hero. Hit the jump to figure out who it is!
Warner Bros. Secures Rights To DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN
The 22 novel series could be the next fantasy epic for WB, in the wake of the Harry Potter and Middle Earth films. Check it out.
COMICS: A Powerful Force Returns In BATMAN ETERNAL #17
Batman and Gotham faced a powerful force from Arkham Asylum that they thought would defeat for good. They were wrong. That evil force will return in this edition of Batman Eternal #17! Hit the jump to check it out!
My top 5 Questions that MUST be answered Before BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is released
Join the Excellence of Editorials and beloved CBM.com user DCGuy as he takes a look at the top 5 questions he wants answered BEFORE the anticipated movie comes out and when he might find an answer for them!
REFLECTIONS: San Diego Comic-Con 2014-My Thoughts and Worthless Opinions
SDCC 2014 is over, but fans are still buzzing about many of the reveals from publishers both big and small. The real question is, what are MY thoughts on all this, since I'm so high and mighty and self-important. Wait. That didn't come out right. Hit the jump to hear my really useless opinions.
worlds best thief vs the man without fear!
BVS in Retro Comic Book Style
Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman in vintage style.
Watch this hot parody video of the recently released trailer of Fifty Shades Of Grey.
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SDCC'14: Fan Made AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON No Strings Trailer Music
It was put together quite quickly and it may be a little scrappy here and there but hit the jump to check out my attempt at making the music from the Avengers: Age of Ultron comic con trailer!
Check out the voice cast and crew of WB/DC's animated show Teen Titans Go!— with special guests, Japanese pop duo PUFFY AMIYUMI at their panel in SDCC'14.
Also check out their photo's at the Warner Bros. booth.
Could The Deadpool Movie Be CGI?
My thoughts on the recent Deadpool movie test footage and the CGI used mercenary.
Thanos calls a truce with his once enemy, Adam Warlock. And by calling this truce he thinks he will be able defeats the universes greatest heroes. Will he succeed or will he fail? Find out the answers after the jump!
EDITORIAL: Character Deaths in AGE OF ULTRON
The touchy subject none of us really like talking about--but you can bet it's on Joss Whedon's mind. Will there be a death in the Avengers sequel, and if so who will it be?
Hit the jump to get your first look at Ed McGuinness's great variant cover of the Legendary Star Lord #2. This edition will be released for everybody in stores on August 6. Check it out!
Warner Bros. kicked off their Hall H panel with footage from their upcoming film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Although fans have been dying to see the official clip in full HD, President of worldwide marketing and international distribution, Sue Kroll has shot down all hopes. Hit the jump to find out what she had to say!
Zoe Saldana Talks About Upcoming AVATAR Sequels
Click the jump to checkout what actress Zoe Saldana said about her upcoming 'Avatar' films. She talks where the will be filmed, and when they could possibly be finished.
U.L.T.R.O.N Part 1
In another universe, the world is protected by an artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark. People are told it's sole purpose is to protect, but when it becomes self-aware, chaos ensues.
FAKE behind the scenes Vision leak is an edited version of Snake Eyes from GI JOE
Due to the fact that this "behind-the-scenes exclusive" has been "leaked" a total of fifteen mother[frick]ing times on this website, I've decided to make an editorial dedicated to debunking this image and putting to bed any rumors that it is in any way real or exclusive. I'll use little to no words so it is easy for your tiny brain to digest.