For I Have Sinned Excerpt
Taking a break from fanfic screenplays to bring you guys my first original piece. Not all of it of course. Aspiring screenwriter hopes to bring screenplays but hopes to get thoughts on original work to improve fanfics.
AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON : Hulk, Black Widow and Civil War
Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer was epic to say the least. But, Thor and Hulk's roles still remain a mystery. Come see what my thought process is on Hulk's story and how he will tie into the Civil War story.
How the Spider-Man franchise can get back on its feet
Sinister Six, Venom and possibly Black Cat? How Sony can get the Spider-Man franchise back on its feet? Use your mouse to click and check it out!
Marvel Phase Three: Civil War and The Infinity Gauntlet?
Could both storylines work in Marvel's Phase Three? Use your mouse and click!
My approach to Guardians of the Galaxy 2
This isn't an outline or a script. Just my approach/ideas for the film.
Five Superhero films that have greatness somewhere in them
Marvel, DC, etc. There are plenty of superhero movies from enjoyable to a stinkbox that in them is a great movie that wasn't there.
Eight things I want in Captain America 3
Captain America 3 is my most anticipated solo film. Come check out eight things I want to see in the film.
AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Ten Things I want to see
Title says it all. Come and see what a fellow user would like to see.
ANT-MAN: Why I'm Still Excited
Title says it all. I'm still excited for Marvel's Ant-Man and here's why
'Fantastic Four': Josh Trank's 'X-Men'?
Today, I will be looking at the Fantastic Four under my beliefs and ultimately whether Josh Trank will be for Fantastic Four what Bryan Singer is for the X-Men.
Mortal Kombat fan script excerpt
Excerpt from the beginning of my Mortal Kombat fan script
The Evolution of a Genre
Once a genre that would be laughed at and mocked. I will explore how the genre of the superhero/comicbook film has evolved into a respected genre in film.
Batman vs. Superman: Biggest potential issue
Superman's biggest enemy yet.... isn't Batman? Be forewarned: This is going to be a short editorial/glorified comment.
Marvel Heroes I want to see brought into the MCU
None of these characters are from Sony, Fox or Universal. Join me as I tell you the characters I want Marvel to bring into the MCU whether it would be in tv or cinema.
Green Lantern in the DC Cinematic Universe
How I would handle The Emerald Knight if I was in charge...
THE WOLVERINE: One Of The Best Of All Time?
Here, the edgyoutsider of will explain whether The Wolverine is and deserves to be mentioned among the best the genre has to offer.
The Amazing Spider-Man: Strengths
I tell my thoughts on part two, what I felt would've made it better and the four big strengths that most films must have, superhero/action films in particular that The Amazing Spider-Man series has over the rest of the genre. Spoiler heavy
Man of Steel: Where Does It Stand In The History Of Superhero Films?
Here I will look at Man of Steel and tell my opinion of where it stands in the history of superhero movies.
Best superhero sequel ever? Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Controversial thing but, is it possible for Marvel to go attain the title of best superhero sequel yet? Comment to see what I have to say.
Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Doing it different, solo movies only.
Edgy reviews the latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The verdict? Come read for yourself.
Bay-Formers: Defending Michael Bay and the Transformers
Did this once, going to do it again.
Jake Johnson Joins JURASSIC WORLD
Star of "Drinking Buddies" joins the cast of Colin Trevorrow's upcoming fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise
Why Adrien Brody should play Doctor Strange
More-Less a follow up to "Levine or Derrickson: Who should direct Doctor Strange"
AVENGERS: AOU - Why Tony Won't be Ultron's Direct Creator
Edgy gives his opinion on why he thinks, Tony won't be the exact creator of the titular villain. The Winter Soldier spoilers lie ahead