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Man of Steel: Where Does It Stand In The History Of Superhero Films?
Here I will look at Man of Steel and tell my opinion of where it stands in the history of superhero movies.
Best superhero sequel ever? Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Controversial thing but, is it possible for Marvel to go attain the title of best superhero sequel yet? Comment to see what I have to say.
Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Doing it different, solo movies only.
Edgy reviews the latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The verdict? Come read for yourself.
Bay-Formers: Defending Michael Bay and the Transformers
Did this once, going to do it again.
Jake Johnson joins Jurassic World
Star of "Drinking Buddies" joins the cast of Colin Trevorrow's upcoming fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise
Why Adrien Brody should play Doctor Strange
More-Less a follow up to "Levine or Derrickson: Who should direct Doctor Strange"
AVENGERS: AOU - Why Tony Won't be Ultron's Direct Creator
Edgy gives his opinion on why he thinks, Tony won't be the exact creator of the titular villain. The Winter Soldier spoilers lie ahead
Levine or Derrickson: Who should direct Doctor Strange?
I look at both Jonathan Levine and Scott Derrickson (two directors who are on the shortlist and two I think would be very fit) and give my verdict on who should direct the big screen debut of, The Sorcerer Supreme.
Arc of THE INCREDIBLE HULK - Why we won't get a Hulk sequel?
Looking outside of the box office numbers of the last two solo films, I give my explanation as to why we won't get a sequel to the Edward Norton film.
Casting The Villains of Captain America 3
The inevitable Captain America 3 coming within the next couple years, I have decided to cast the villains of the film. Warning, spoilers from Captain America: The Winter Soldier are abound. If you wish not to know, please don't click here.
DC Cinematic Universe: Learning from Marvel
Before you criticize the title, it's not me saying Warner Bros. to copy Marvel Studios. Come take a look.
Ghost Rider fancast
I'm at it again and I feel determined to get it right for the fans and myself
AVENGERS: Age of Ultron Speculation
The edgyoutsider of CBM (wow, that sounds awful) has an idea about the sequel to the most successful CBM of all time. Check it out!
Edgyoutsider's Top Five Films of 2013
Another year gone by. Another slate of films watched. Check out my top five best of the year.
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