BATMAN v SUPERMAN's LexCorp Site Updated
Find out about Lex Luthor Jr.'s LexCorp at the company's website. Continue on for the URL. What do you think about Jessie Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor Jr. as opposed to Lex Luthor? Do you think there's an older, more imposing Lex Luthor running around the DCEU?
David Ramsey On Diggle's Larger Role In ARROW Season 4
It's Diggle's time to shine in season 4 of The CW's Arrow. Even David Ramsey acknowledges that Diggle was pushed to the background a bit in past seasons. " Outside of Oliver, I think Diggle's story wasn't as pushed as other stories."
Disney Announces Release Date For THE INCREDIBLES 2
Disney continues its aggressive acquisition of movie-release real estate as they've just announced the release date for the highly anticipated sequel for Brad Bird's The Incredibles. What do you hope to see when Mr. Incredible and co. return for more familial 'superheroics'?
Producer's Preview Takes You Inside Tonight's FLASH Season 2 Premiere
Are you getting excited for tonight's season 2 premiere for The Flash starring Grant Gustin, Teddy Sears, Candice Patton and Carlos Valdes? Who really saved Central City? Why is WWE's Edge playing Atom Smasher as a villain? So many questions! But they'll all be answered tonight!
Marvel Studios Hires BLACK PANTHER Writer; Not Seeking Director Until Script Finished
Despite reports that F. Gary Gray was in early talks with Marvel Studios to helm Black Panther, we have word that Marvel will wait until the script is complete before approaching any directors. To that end, Joe Robert Cole is in final talks to write a new draft of the script.
COMICS: Sneak Peek Of Greg Capullo's DARK KNIGHT III Variant Cover
Regular Batman artist Greg Capullo is giving fans a sneak peek of his Dark Knight III: The Master Race variant cover via Twitter. COntinue on to take a look at his process and progress. Will you be picking up the title upon its release on November 25th?
George Miller Declined Warner Bros. Offer To Direct AKIRA Movie
It seems one apocalyptic future is enough for Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller. He will not be directing Akira for Warner Bros. "There was talk of it, but I've got so many things on my dance card, I don't have the time to do everything." But did Akira influence Fury Road?
Here's Dave Bautista's Thoughts On An AVENGERS/GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Crossover
With a cosmic-level threat like Thanos looming larger than life and preparing to make a grand assault in Avengers: Infinity War, will the Guardians of the Galaxy be traveling to Earth to join forces with Earth's Mightiest Heroes? Or perhaps The Avengers head into space?
ARROW: The Oliver, Sara And Laurel Love-Triangle Gets Closure This Season
Arrow began with Oliver Queen in a love-triangle with the Lance sisters but the series has moved on from that 'soap opera' to focus on Olicity. A portion of Season 4 will be devoted to putting that early storyline to rest. Do you think Oliver will end up with Laurel or Felicty by series end?
WB Interactive Looking At Other DC Comics Heroes Outside BATMAN For Video Games
Warner Bros. Interactive’s VP Ames Kirshen, who is in charge of product development for the Arkham series and other DC Comics video games states that other characters besides Batman will be explored. Who would you want to see? Green Lantern? Wonder Woman? Or someone else?
Could Marvel Studios Put Out More Than 3 Films A Year?
Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige discusses the company's move to three films a year and whether they could ever surpass that output. Plus, an update on when Marvel will confirm Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 casting.
SUPERGIRL Cast Introduce Their Characters And Share Their Thoughts In New Preview
The cast of CBS' Supergirl preview the show and their respective characters. The Supergirl TV show premieres on network TV, October 26th at 8:30PM. Will you be tuning in to see Melissa Benoist's take on Superman's famous cousin or are you on the fence?
George R.R. Martin's GAME OF THRONES Movie In The Works?
Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin discusses his involvement with a planned movie for the hit HBO fantasy drama and what the movie will include that was omitted from the cable show. Will Martin be involved in the film, or is his plate full with books and other projects?
Someone Else Saved Central City In THE FLASH Season 1 Finale
The residents of Central City believe that Grant Gustin's Flash saved the day. However, viewers know that Rick Cosnett's Eddie Thawne played a major role as well. But apparently there's one more person who played a key role in saving the city. Was it Jay Garrick? Wally West?
SHS Product Spotlight: STAR WARS X-Wing Squadron T-Shirt
Check out the latest Star Wars themed merchandise from, specifically this classic X-Wing t-shirt. Are you pro X-Wing or Tie-Fighter? Do you think The Force Awakens will top any of the films from the original trilogy? Show your preference with SHS gear!
David Ramsey On Fan Backlash To ARROW Season 4 Helmet
Fans have wanted David Ramsey's Diggle to get his own costume since season 1 of Arrow. Heading into season 4, they'll finally have their wish granted but many are not liking what they're seeing. However, Ramsey cautions that don't have the whole story yet on Diggle's new duds.
Jason Momoa Says There Will Be A Bit Of Orange And Green In AQUAMAN Costume
The previously released promotional image of Jason Momoa as Aquaman may not be how the character actually looks in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and future installments in the DCEU. Will he don a variation of the traditional orange and green threads from the comics?
COMICS: Marvel Generating Buzz With New BLACK PANTHER Series
Ahead of Chadwick Boseman's portrayal in Captain America: Civil War, The Atlantic's Ta-Nehisi Coates and cover artist Brian Stelfreeze will headline a new Black Panther series from the All-New, All-Different Marvel Comics. Will you pick up the title which debuts in 2016?
Grant Gustin Headlines New Poster For THE FLASH Season 2
Grant Gustin has a stern gaze in new Flash season 2 poster. Is it for Zoom, Jay Garrick or Wally West? Flash Fact: Season 2 of The CW's speedy superhero drama kicks off October 6th on Tuesday at 8/7c. What do you hope to see in the new season?
Nightwing Takes Center Stage In BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT September DLC Update
Set after the main story mission of Batman: Arkham Knight, Nightwing (Scott Porter) takes center stage in the September DLC update. Can he stop the Penguin (Nolan North) from breaking out of the GCPD? Plus, find out what other DLC will be released after Nightwing's adventure.
Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim teases the appearance of another Time Master and his metal creations. Will other Time Masters appear as well? Or is this simply a reference to a Daily Planet rival?
Watch The CW Seed's VIXEN Episode 04
Megalyn Echikunwoke stars in the fourth episode of The CW Seed's Vixen which sees if the mystical powers of the Tantu Totem can match the speed of The Flash (Grant Gustin) and the precision of Arrow (Stephen Amell).
DC Entertainment Boss Committed To Keeping Films And TV Separate
DC Entertainment chief Diane Nelson says the films and TV shows spinning out at Warner Bros., The CW and CBS will remain separate properties. Would you ever want Arrow, The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow to reference Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?
Tom Hiddleston And Elizabeth Olsen Discuss Loki vs Scarlet Witch
As the Marvel Cinematic Universe's preeminent magic-users, a showdown between Loki and Scarlet Witch would be something to behold. The two stars, weigh in on who they think would win in a magical clash between the Asgardian and Avenger.
Casper Crump Teases Vandal Savage Prep For LEGENDS OF TOMORROW
There's no denying that Casper Crump certainly looks the part to play Vandal Savage in DC's Legends of Tomorrow but the actor's not relying on a physical resemblance to drive his performance. Check out the actor's prep work as evidenced by his Instagram feed.