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Brandon Routh On The ATOM's Superhero Suit
Arrow's Ray Palmer actor Brandon Routh discusses his superhero costume that will be debuting later in season 3. " It’s pretty epic. It’s very cool. I’m very excited."
An update on the CBS Supergirl TV show from CBS' Entertainment Chair, Nina Tassler. "[Supergirl is] a story and a coming-of-age opportunity for us."
Marc Guggenheim On VIXEN's Debut In The ARROW-verse
Marc Guggenheim on introducing DC Comics superhero Vixen to the DCTV universe currently inhabited by Flash and Arrow. "We're going to do basically an animated spinoff."
Live-Action BLACK BUTLER Set For Subbed Blu-ray Release In The UK
Fans of the Black Butler anime who were looking forward to seeing the live-action film will be able to purchase a subbed, region-free blu-ray copy when the film hits the UK home video market this February.
Greg Berlanti On SUPERGIRL Crossing Over With ARROW
What does Arrow and Flash executive producer Greg Berlanti think about his CBS Supergirl show crossing over with his CW superhero dramas? "... I think of myself as like if I were watching them, I would want to see [them crossover]."
Is NIGHTWING In Steven McQueen's Future After All?
Steven R. McQueen has made no secret of his desire to play Nightwing. While the former Boy Wonder never visited The CW's Arrow, will McQueen get his wish granted on TNT?
CW Seed Launching VIXEN Animated Series Set In The World Of ARROW And FLASH
Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim is working on an animated superhero series starring Vixen and it will be set in the same world as Arrow and The Flash. The show will air on The CW's digital-only network, CW Seed this Fall.
Complete List Of 2015 GOLDEN GLOBES Nominees
Check out the full list of Golden Globes award hopefuls which includes Interstellar, Game of Thrones, Birdman, Big Hero 6, Amy Adams (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) among others.
Geek Deals: THE DARK KNIGHT, Marvel Comics, HALO And More
Awesome Amazon deals on blu-rays, dvds, comic books and video games including the Avengers vs X-men complete series, Star Wars gear, The Dark Knight blu-ray, The Wolf Among Us and more.
COMICS: Preview Marvel's CYCLOPS #9
While we wait to see who's cast in the role of young-Cyclops in Fox's X-Men: Apocalypse between Taron Edgerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service), Jamie Blackley (If I Stay), and Tye Sheridan (Mud); check out a preview of Marvel Comics' Cyclops #9.
Fans Set Out To Fix Gal Gadot's WONDER WOMAN Costume
Aside from the actual casting of Gal Gadot, many fans were also equally torn about the Wonder Woman costume Diana of Themyscira will sport in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
Darren Cross And Hope Van Dyne Are Partners In ANT-MAN?
According to Yellowjacket actor Corey Stoll, his Ant-Man character and Pym’s daughter Hope (played by Evangeline Lilly) colluded to take over Pym Technologies from Henry Pym (Michael Douglas). Stoll also shares some backstory details for Cross and talks about the technology of the Yellowjacket suit.
COMICS: Marvel Titles Dominate The 2014 Top Seller List
The list of 2014's best-selling comic issues was dominated by Marvel. In fact, 9 of the 10 titles are from Marvel, with 4 of the slots going to The Death of Wolverine miniseries from Charles Soule. Image's The Walking Dead managed to snag a single spot, while DC Comics failed to crack the top 10.
Britne Oldford To Play Peek-A-Boo On THE FLASH
Canadian actress Britne Oldford will play the Geoff Johns-created DC Comics character 'Peek-A-Boo' in the twelfth episode of The CW's The Flash.
Hayley Atwell Says AGENT CARTER Will Surprise
Think you know where Agent Carter is headed after the two-hour premiere that aired this past Tuesday? Think again says Hayley Atwell. "..[the show] goes in a [completely] different direction."
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