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Cryptic Teasers For Every FLASH Season 2 Character
The Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg provides cryptic and concise teasers for each cast member of The Flash season 2. His hint for Danielle Panabaker's Caitlin Snow is especially interesting. There's also a possible hint at the return of Eddie Thawne.
THE FLASH: Danielle Panabaker On Caitlin Snow's Future With Ronnie Raymond
The lovely and talented Danielle Panabaker previews what the future holds for Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Raymond in season 2 of The CW's The Flash. "Who knows - after this wormhole, what S.T.A.R. Labs looks like, and what their future looks like..."
THE FLASH Will Build Up To Kid Flash
Keiynan Lonsdale is confirmed to play Wally West on The CW's Flash but don't expect him to suit up as Kid Flash right away. "Just like with Colton Haynes, who eventually one day put on the Arsenal costume, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day Wally West becomes Kid Flash."
ARROW Season 4 Finds Oliver At Peace With His Father's Legacy
The driving force behind Oliver Queen's (Stephen Amell) initial mission in season 1 of Arrow was his father's (Jamey Sheridan) legacy and his involvement with Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) and The Undertaking. What drives him in season 4?
DC's Legends of Tomorrow has officially started filming the pilot episode today. Check out B-T-S photos of the cast and crew at work. The question now concerns when the show will premiere, during the mid-season hiatus of The Flash and Arrow or Spring 2016?
Krysten Ritter Teases LUKE CAGE Hook-Up In JESSICA JONES
Mike Colter's Luke Cage and Krysten Ritter's Jessica Jones will have a very 'adult' relationship in the second Marvel|Netflix collaboration coming this Fall. Will the show dare to tackle that one, 'infamous' hook-up between Jones and Cage?
Watch VIXEN Episode 3 From The CW Seed
Megalyn Echikunwoke continues Mari McCabe's adventures in The CW Seed's Vixen episode 03. From what you've previously seen in episode 01 and episode 02, do you want Echikunwoke to appear in the live-action DCTV Universe on The Flash, Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow?
Benicio Del Toro Confirms STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII Villain Role
Benicio Del Toro, Guardians of the Galaxy's Collector just confirmed his villainous role in Rian Johnson's Star Wars: Episode VIII. He also stated when filming is expected to begin. The film is currently scheduled for release on 05/26/17.
Chris Evans Remains Coy On CIVIL WAR Power Imbalance; Talks Cap's Love Life
With the Iron Man and Captain America teams revealed in Captain America: Civil War, it sure seems like Iron Man's team got all of the fire-power...or did they? Plus, Chris Evans on Cap's lack of love. "Captain America, this is not a guy who knows what love feels like."
SUPERGIRL's Toyman And James Olsen Tease Love-Triangle
Supergirl's Toyman (Jeremy Jordan) and James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) discuss their characters and a possible love-triangle with Melissa Benoist's Kara Zor-El. Apparently, the Supergirl tv show will have more of a "love-rhombus" than love-triangle.
Watch The New VIXEN Episode From The CW Seed
The second episode of The CW Seed's animated Vixen series, starring Megalyn Echikunwoke is now online. If you missed the first episode, click here to watch Vixen hold her own (more like, kick their butt) against Stephen Amell's Arrow and Grant Gustin's Flash.
POLL: Who's Your Top Super Dog? #NationalDogDay
Scenario: The bad guys are closing in and you can only have one Super Dog to protect you. Who do you pick? The Guaridans of the Galaxy's Cosmo, Superman's Krypto, Batman's Ace, the Bathound, The Inhumans' Lockjaw or Hawkeye's Pizza Dog?
VIDEO GAMES: Watch The DESTINY 'Strike The Dreadnaught' Stream
Bungie is streaming a new look at the next Destiny DLC - The Taken King. The video will focus on a new Strike Mission where you raid Oryx' Dreadnaught ship and take on The Hive. But the 'Hulk-ish' Cabal are also in the mix.
COMICS: Marvel's SECRET WARS Expands To Nine Issues
Marvel's Secret Wars, a company-wide crossover event, is expanding to 9 issues! Are you excited that Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic are expanding their stay in Battleworld? Does an extra issue delay the start of the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe?
HEROES REBORN Covers TV Guide Magazine
Zachary Levi's Luke Collins and Masi Oka's Hiro Nakamura cover the Fall Sneak Peek issue of TV Guide Magazine. Will you be tuning in this September to see the rebirth of Tim Kring's Heroes? Hopefully we get at least one, "Yatta!" from Hiro.
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