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ARROW And AGENT CARTER Showrunners Compare Notes On Marvel And DC
For the record, Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim and Agent Carter showrunner Tara Butters are husband-and-wife so it stands to reason they've talked Marvel vs DC before. "DC is actually pretty chill."
Awesome Amazon deals on blu-rays, dvds, comic books and video games including Image's award-winning Saga comic book series, Abnett & Lanning's Guardians' run, Game of Thrones season 4 and more.
Live-Action LUPIN III Movie Releases Snippet Of Blu-ray/DVD Extra
The live-action Lupin III movie, released in Japan last August, will arrived on BD/DVD on February 18. Check out a snippet of the "Making-of" blu-ray extra that will be included on the disc.
COMICS: Preview Nick Spencer's ANT-MAN #1
Ahead of Marvel Studios' July release of Ant-Man, starring Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, Marvel Comics is launching an all new Scott Lang-centric Ant-Man ongoing this January from writer Nick Spencer and artist Ramon Rosanas.
The Anatomy Of Christopher Nolan's Sci-Fi Style
Director Christopher Nolan breaks down his approach to filming a key scene for his latest sci-fi thriller, Interstellar. Nolan makes it sound easy, simplying stating that his style is to make things as realistic as possible, limit VFX and take an almost "NASA-like" documentary approach.
SUPERGIRL Casting Imminent?
Are CBS and David Rapaport Casting aiming to kickoff 2015 with a bit of "super" news? The Casting Director for the show says Supergirl is coming soon.
STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Fan Theories Are Way Off Says Oscar Isaac
Think you have Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens all figured out? Think again. Actor Oscar Isaac says the fan theories surrounding the highly anticipated Star Wars continuation "couldn’t be more far off-base."
New Shot Of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII's Millennium Falcon
Disney CEO Bob Iger leans against Industrial Light & Magic's Millennium Falcon for his Fortune Magazine profile. Ten years from now, what will be the better box office earner for Disney, the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the Star Wars franchise?
Forget Lex Luthor! It's SUPERMAN vs TONY STARK In This Superb Fan-Made Trailer
Henry Cavill's Man of Steel will have his hands full with Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor in 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While that film's countdown continues, lets imagine Superman's battle against another exceptional, comic book genius.
Awesome Fan-Made Trailer Imagines BATMAN Vs GREEN ARROW
It's Christopher Nolan's Batman vs The CW's Arrow. In a one-on-one fight, can Stephen Amell's Starling City Archer prevail against Christian Bale's Dark Knight?
Manu Bennett Teases Deathstroke's Return On ARROW
Manu Bennett may have just been cast as the lead of MTV's live-action Shannara adaptation, but the Australian-New Zealand actor has unfinished business on The CW's Arrow as Deathstroke the Terminator. Will he be friend or foe to Oliver's current antagonist, Ra's Al Ghul (Matt Nable)?
Adam Driver and Mark Hamill on the joy and pressure of making a new Star Wars chapter for a new generation. Hamill, set to return as Luke Skywalker, says, "Oh my God, this time I’m going to appreciate it in a way I wasn’t able to as a young man."
Screenwriter Says WB Actually Writing Six WONDER WOMAN Scripts
Arash Amel says Warner Bros. didn't just hire Jason Fuchs (Pan) to write their Wonder Woman movie but they've hired five other writers to pen separate scripts. Is this a tactic that will help produce the best Wonder Woman movie possible or are WB making a mistake?
Duncan Jones Says He Won't Direct STAR TREK 3
With Robert Orci no longer directing Star Trek 3, the current shortlist of potential replacements include Edgar Wright, Rupert Wyatt, Justin Lin, Daniel Espinosa, Morten Tyldum and Jones.
Neil Gaiman Says Benedict Cumberbatch/Tom Hiddleston SANDMAN Quotes Made In Jest
It did seem a bit odd that Sandman author Neil Gaiman would endorse Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston for the role of Morpheus in Warner Bros.' Sandman movie after Joseph Gordon-Levitt was formally announced as a leading candidate for the role.
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