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Editorial: Possible MAJOR SPOILERS for TASM 2 and the Sinister Six
My thoughts on the which six foes will form the iconic villainous team. Read on and tell me what you think!
I'm going to shit on this movie. Deal with it.
Box Office: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gets an Amazing US Thursday night start.
Mark Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 open late Thursday night in US theaters to an Amazing $8.7 Million.
Watch: Andrew Garfield plays and sings the classic Spider-Man theme Song
The very talented Andrew Garfield covers the classic Spider-Man theme Song on the Tonight Show! Check it out!
Kallark Kent Reports: Ranking the Spider-Man films!
Sony has produced 5 Spider-Man films in the last 12 years, check out how I, Kallark Kent, rank them from worse to best.
Captain Obvious Reviews: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
The summer movie season of 2014 has officially begun. Two years after the franchise reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 finally swings into theaters. Is it the sequel that improves upon the predecessor, or does it get tangled in its own web? Hit the jump to find out. [Mild Spoilers]
Yet Another The Amazing Spider-man 2 Review
I finally watched The Amazing Spider-man 2, and I want to post my review here, after many other users had already posted theirs... so what do I think?
THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Review; It's the DARK KNIGHT Of The Spider-Man Franchise
I know that certain users have been referring to the sequel to Marc Webb's THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN as the "Batman and Robin" of the Spider-Man franchise. Well, they were VERY, VERY wrong. Come to see what I have to say after the jump.
Spider-Man Still Not Amazed
Spider-Man 2 Swings into theaters, but does it improve or suffer again from villain overload? Check out my review and judge for yourself. (SPOILERS)
Amazing Spider-Man gets a relaxed review (spoilers)
A spoiler-filled review of the film by a Spider-Man fan.
We know Marc Webb is signed on to direct The Amazing Spider-Man 3, but in this interview, the director discussed how much involvement he expects to have with the movie, and talks about in second installment of the series which will hit US theaters at midnight.
Readers of the Lost Arcs #1 - MAXIMUM CARNAGE
In the first of a new series of mini-editorials I am planning, I take a look back at one of my favorite Spider-Man crossovers of all time - Maximum Carnage!
Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review
It's not perfect by any means, but it still gets the job done. Have a spoiler free look at the film through a geeks eyes who just enjoys seeing the comics he grew up with on the big screen!
Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Following off the hot wheels of its successful reboot/predecessor, Webb and co. has cooked up a new sequel for our resident favorite webslinger. This time though, there are 3 villains for this film (technically) and new sub plots for Spidey to fight. So will this sequel match up with it's predecessor or will it be one of the worst comic book movies ever? Click the jump and find out my thoughts.
Could J. Jonah Jameson Be African-American In THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3?
Everyone has been talking about who could play J. Jonah Jameson in TASM3 and I can currently see one professional African-American comedian that could possibly perform the role as well as Simmons. Could JJJ be of another race in the next film? Here's what I think..
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