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The Amazing Spider-Man: Strengths
I tell my thoughts on part two, what I felt would've made it better and the four big strengths that most films must have, superhero/action films in particular that The Amazing Spider-Man series has over the rest of the genre. Spoiler heavy
Bobo's Amazing Spiderman 2 Review
Director Marc Webb has managed to create a compelling, fun and over the top comic book movie while maintaining deep emotion and character development. Click to find out how and read my review of The Amazing Spiderman 2!
The Amazing Spider-man 2 -- In-Depth Review
My in-depth opinion on the newest Spider-man installment.
Legendary, great, average, bad, or disastrous?
The Nerd Movie Addict's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Review
This film has sparked some debate and here are my thoughts with out spoilers. THERE ARE NO SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW. You are safe.
How Would THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Franchise Fit In With the MCU?
With THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 out everywhere now, I've decided to update my thoughts on where THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Franchise fits in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which I will believe, until I am strictly told by the films they aren't, exists in the same universe.
Five Things I Want From The Amazing Spider-Man 3
I enjoyed the Amazing Spider-Man 2 (I'd give it a 3/5) but this franchise still needs to improve in many ways. Here are 5 things I want to see in or for them to do or avoid in the third chapter.
Marc Webb Interested In Kraven The Hunter As A Villain For A Future Spider-Man Film
Marc Webb recently had an interview with Come see what he has to say about Kraven and some other Villains
A Very Angry Detailed Review Of TASM 2
If you hated the movie you will really like this video
THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Spoiler Free Review
Come check out my thoughts on Spidey's newest big screen adventure. And it's spoiler-free too so don't worry if you've not seen it yet!
What The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Tells Us about Hollywood
My thoughts on the problems The Amazing Spider-Man 2 reveals about Hollywood.
TASM2 Review: Best Pure Comic Book Movie Since THE AVENGERS
Here is my take on Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, hit the jump to read the review!
TOP FOURS: Spider-Man 3
Was there anything good about Spider-Man 3? There has to be right? Click and find out the top four things I think Spider-Man 3 did.
Alex Hunter's Review of The Amazing Spider-Man 2
My thoughts on Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
The movie just came out yesterday, and it feels like I am the last person on this site to see it...go figure.
CookieKid's Review of The Amazing Spider Man 2
Yesterday I went to the AMC premiere of TASM2. Was the film worth it? Did it deliver? (Spoilers Ahead!)
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