Watch ‘Pitch Perfect 2′ Behind the Scenes Footage online free Goes to Camp and the Riff-Off:
Watch ‘Pitch Perfect 2′ Behind the Scenes Footage online free Goes to Camp and the Riff-Off:
"We always knew we wanted to find a way to bring Anna Camp back," Elizabeth Banks said. "But also give the Bellas an excuse to go out in the woods and be really physical."
WATCH: Go Behind the Scenes of Avengers: Age of Ultron in B-Roll Footage Online
Following a handful of theatrical trailers and half a dozen TV spots, Marvel Studios released a new video full of B-Roll footage for "Avengers: Age of Ultron." The footage goes behind the scenes to showcase some brand new peeks at the film and the process that went into creating it.
Watch Pitch Perfect 2 - Song and Dance Routines in the New Trailer
The new trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 is initiated with a bona fide embarrassment, but here show the Barden Bellas once again that to you as soon nobody fooling fleets in dancing, singing and knocking sayings.
FAN-MADE Captain America: Civil War POSTER
After seeing Avengers: Age of Ultron, I decided to put together a poster for Captain America: Civil War. Come check it out!
Is Avengers: Age of Ultron Sexist?
Joss Whedon has joined a select group of people leaving social media from fierce backlash? What was Whedon's crime? Sexism! But is that what was intended with Age of Ultron? Take the jump for my opinion on the matter.
Who ruined whose childhood ?
Why older nerds have problems with reboots, how Mission:Impossible is a good test case, and why franchise shifts matter to all fans, no matter the age
James Gunn Writes Lengthy Reply To Recent Joss Whedon Controversy
James Gunn has already shown his support for Joss Whedon after the recent wave of hateful attacks against the Avengers director on Twitter. Now Gunn took the time to write a lengthy, thoughtful reply on the matter.
Bruce Timm On Harley Quinn's SUICIDE SQUAD Costume
A few days ago saw the reveal of the Suicide Squad, and their appearances have received some praise as well as some criticism. Now Harley Quinn co-creator, Bruce Timm weighs in on Quinn's costume.
Joss Whedon Reveals An Alternate AVENGERS: AOU Take That Prevented Fans From Getting Spoiled
For those of you who watched Avengers: Age of Ultron, I'm sure you saw a scene that you may or may not have agreed with. If you did not agree with that scene, Director Joss Whedon revealed that there was an alternate version of it. What scene? Hit the jump to check it out! But beware, SPOILERS AHEAD!
[FAN-MADE]: Josh Trank's Chronicle & Fantastic Four MASHUP
Check it out my Chronicle/Fantastic four MASHUP
AGENT CARTER 'Looks Good' For A Second Season
Despite being well-received by critics and audiences, Marvel's Agent Carter suffered from sub-par ratings, and as such, many have said that a 2nd season is unlikely. Now however, star Hayley Attwell has weighed in on the possibility of the show getting a season 2, and according to her, it's a distinct possibility! Click on the link to find out more.
Reportedly the 'Incredible Hulk' actor will reprise his role in the upcoming film, as well as a familiar face from the 'Raid' series, and a confirmation of a returning Avenger! Could we be seeing the debut of the infamous 'Red Hulk'?
This Leaked Sony Email Might Reveal Why Marvel Won't Move Forward With Many Female-Lead Films
Have you ever wondered why Marvel Studios won't move forward with female films? If yes, hit the jump and check out a leaked email sent by Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter to Sony CEO Michael Lynton, that just might reveal the reason why Marvel won't move forward with certain female-lead films.
EDITORIAL: How Can [SPOILER] Be Worthy? (AOU Speculation)
I was able to watch Age of Ultron, and noticed that little-to-no one has mentioned this very surprising act a certain character was able to do that none of the Avengers were able to do...
COSPLAY Tali XOXO As Captain America, Poison Ivy, Emma Frost, And More
Check out a collection of cosplays from the beautiful Tali XOXO as the Avenger Captain America, the seductive Batman rogue Poison Ivy, X-Men's Emma Frost, Star Wars EU's Mara Jade, and more.
The Correct Viewing Order of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
The other day an article was posted claiming to show the correct order of MCU releases. I'm here to tell you that it was a heaping pile of bullcrap. Hit the jump to see what order they're really in!
Jared Leto's Joker Is The Talk Of The Town In This Episode Of The Comic Book Show
The Comic Book Show gives you your weekly fix of comic book news, reviews, previews, and discussion. Hosts Jen, Matt, Wes, Ben, and Lucas discuss Jared Leto's Joker, pit Bruce Wayne against Saw's Jigsaw, and much much more!
EDITORIAL: Why 'Baron Zemo' Shouldn't Be the Villain of CIVIL WAR
We all know that Daniel Bruhl will be bringing Baron Zemo to life in Captain America: Civil War, but with this cinematic universe getting ever the more crowded, was this the right choice for Marvel to make?
Earth-717 Mini-Series: Agent Carter - Lead & Lipstick Chapter 3
An alternate time. An alternate world. The war may be over, but the battle against the forces of Hydra lives on. Having mourned and moved on from the death of her love, Steve Rogers, Agent Peggy Carter continues the fight for freedom with the new peacekeeping force, SHIELD. Back on the front lines, Peggy is now on the hunt for Hydra's new leader: the malevolent Baron von Strucker.
Why I Think We Should Remain Positive About SUICIDE SQUAD
For many months, Warner Bros. seemed to be on a roll with their upcoming Suicide Squad film. Just yesterday, David Ayer released our first look at Suicide Squad’s Task Force X. Fan reactions have been ... well, mixed at best. However, I’m here to tell you why I think we should remain excited for this movie.
VIDEO GAMES: Character Trailer Released for MORTAL KOMBAT X's Jason Voorhees DLC
In anticipation of the Kombat Pack release on May 5th, NetherRealm Studios has released the character trailer for horror movie icon, Jason Voorhees. Check out the reveal trailer after the jump!
'The Atom' Takes The Spotlight In Latest Superhero Fight Club Poster For ARROW
The CW has released yet another cool 'Superhero Fight Club' poster for Arrow, this time around featuring Ray Palmer/The Atom (Brandon Routh) looking ready to battle it out. Hit the jump to check it out...
A Night with Elliott Serrano
We got to sit down with Chicago's King of Geeks and Army of Darkness writer Elliott Serrano, to talk The Star Wars The Force Awakens, The Avengers Age of Ultron and more!
Star Wars The Force Awakens [Captain Phasma Poster]
My Latest poster featuring the awesome looking "Captain Phasma"