EDITORIAL: 5 Actors Who Are Actually Qualified To Play BATMAN
Warner Bros. is looking for an actor to portray an older version of Batman that, based on assumption, has influences from The Dark Knight Returns. Recently a list of names appeared online, but was it leaving more qualified actors out of the running? Click to read my take on it as I present my top five actors who can portray the Dark Knight.
Does An Actor’s Sexuality Matter In A Comic Book Movie?
A gay Batman? A bi-sexual Spider Man? Well, it sure is an interesting idea to think about, to say the least. However, it’s also a controversial one and, with it, comes the question that has been debated rather a lot lately, “Does an actor’s sexual preference matter for their casting in a comic book movie?” Well...
Hal Jordan again, back for another addition to my DC Cinematic Universe editorials. In the midst of Man of Steel’s success, there are countless ideas and wishes for the film. Through ten points, I present not only my wish list, but also my idea on how to make this movie the only way it should be done: right.
EDITORIAL: Why Green Lantern Deserves A Sequel And How To Do It
Ever since the 2011 super-bomb arrived at cinemas, fans and audiences alike have either given up on the series altogether or pondered the question of, “Reboot vs. Sequel.” I take a look at why the latter of which is the best option, as well as how to go about it.
EDITORIAL: How To Make A Successful Justice League Movie
The long awaited and anticipated team up has officially been green-lit, with many wondering how it can or will be done. However, I give my take on how to make this movie successful, both cinematically and financially.
EDITORIAL: Hal Jordan's Top 10 CBM’s Of The 2000’s
With all of the films that were released in the last decade, comic book films were a big category. So, I look back and give you my favorite 10 CBM's that made the 2000's a decade to remember.
EDITORIAL: How To Make A Successful Aquaman Movie
The King Of The Seven Seas has yet to be done properly on film, or at all for that matter. However, with a Justice League movie approaching closer every day, I give my take on how to make an Aquaman adaptation enjoyable for everyone whether it is in the film or a solo movie.
EDITORIAL: How Warner Brothers Could Reboot Batman Successfully
With Warner Bros. wanting to establish a DC cinematic universe, many believe the best way to go is to just reboot the franchise. I give my take on how this could be done right and possibly be the closest adaptation of Batman that we have ever received.
EDITORIAL: Hal Jordan's Top 5 Underrated Comic Book Movies
Inspired by PaulRom's newest editorial, I give my top 5 CBM's that deserve much more credit than they should have.
Although a little late, I give an honest, spoiler-free review of the final installment to Nolan's Batman Trilogy. Was it a satisfying ending to a great story? Click to find out!
POLL: Was Avengers Your Favorite Comic Book Movie?
With (mostly) high praise from fans and movie goers everywhere, does it surpass the bar that other movies have made before? Click to give your take!
Hal Jordan Revisits: Captain America: The First Avenger
The last revisit in the Avengers' lineup, I look back at the movie version of America's favorite Star Spangled Man: Captain America.
Hal Jordan Revisits: THOR
Does the God Of Thunder live up to the hype? The answer just might surprise you. If you are worthy, click to read my take on the 2011 CBM: Thor.
POLL: Which TDKR Trailer was your favorite?
Click to cast your vote for which trailer nabbed your number 1 spot!
Hal Jordan Revisits: Iron Man 2
In the third installment of my Pre-Avengers revisits, I look back on the sequel to the movie that started it all: Iron Man 2.
Hal Jordan Revisits: The Incredible Hulk
In the second installment of my pre-Avengers revisits, I look back at the second film in the Avenger's lineup: The Incredible Hulk.
POLL: What Avenger's Movie Was Your Favorite?
With the Avengers just around the corner, I want to know which avenger's movie earned your favoritism.
Hal Jordan Revisits: Iron Man
The 2008 blockbuster opened up to critical acclaim, but did it deserve the praise, or was it over-hyped? Find out my take here!
Hal Jordan Revisits X-Men Origins: Wolverine
That's right! After a long hiatus, I'm back to with another segment of "Revisit" where I revisit old, somewhat recent, and controversial CBM's. Click to read my take on the disappointing, yet entertaining adaption of the violent origin of our favorite bad ass mutant: Wolverine.
POLL: What Was Your Favorite Comic Book Movie Of 2011? Results
Which movie won the most attention? Find out here!
POLL: What Was Your Favorite Comic Book Movie Of 2011?
With 2012 here, we look back at the CBM's of 2011, and I want to know which one was your favorite.
UPDATE: The poll closes on January 7th.
Hal Jordan Revisits Batman And Robin
Thats right, loved by some and hated by most, I look back at the 1997 "memorable" film: Batman And Robin.
Hal Jordan Revisits Green Lantern
I revisit the 2011, critically castrated, CBM. Is it as bad as people say it is? Click to read more!