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THEORY: Is Max Landis writing Sony's upcoming 'SPIDER-MAN' film?
A series of recent tweets by the 'Chronicle' scribe seem to suggest that he knows more than he's letting on about the Sony/Marvel Spider-Man deal. Could he potentially be penning the latest Spider-Man outing? Read on for more.
TOP 5: Singers I'd Like To See Perform The Theme For BOND 24.
With the recent rumors of Sam Smith handling the upcoming BOND 24 theme song, I'd thought I'd make a list of some of my personal choices for who I think should handle the next theme. Come check it out!
HeisenbergSaysRelax's pitch for 'GOTHAM'.
HeisenbergSaysRelax explains, in detail, how he'd have handled Fox's TV series "Gotham" had he'd been in charge. New storylines, new characters, new arcs. Come check it out!
FANCAST: HeisenbergSaysRelax's choices for Marvel Studio's 'SPIDER-MAN'
HeisenbergSaysRelax takes another shot at fan-casting and lets the world know who he would cast in a Spider-Man film if it was being done by Marvel Studios. Check it out!
Another random video I made to kill time. This time I decided to tackle GOTG and edit footage from the trailers into a retro 80's-90's TV intro.
TOP 10: Best Original Characters Created For Comic Book Adaptations
Many comic adaptations, both live-action and animated, have included original characters created just for that adaptation. Here I count down the top 10. Click on to have a read and see if you agree..
FAN-MADE: JUSTICE LEAGUE FanTrailer by HeisenbergSaysRelax
Fan-made trailer for Zack Snyder's upcoming 'Justice League' film.
FAN-MADE: CIVIL WAR FanTrailer By HeisenbergSaysRelax
I was SUPER bored and I had a bunch of footage and a free afternoon, so I edited this together while I was doing other stuff. Check it out, if ya' want...or whatever. You don't have to. I don't care.
FAN CAST: HeisenbergSaysRelax's Ghostbusters Remake Fancast
When there's something strange in your neighborhood, Who ya gonna call? Find out in the newest fancast by HeisenbergSaysRelax.
FAN CAST: HeisenbergSaysRelax's choices for Marvel Studio's 'The Fantastic Four'
HeisenbergSaysRelax takes a few moments to let the world know who he would cast in a Fantastic Four film if it was being done by Marvel Studios. So check it out!
Sugar And Spice: The Bad Ass Women Of Film
HeisenbergSaysRelax takes a look at 10 of his favorite female ass-kickers from the silver screen (and one from the small screen).
FAN CAST: If Today's Comic Book Movies Were Made In The 80's.
I take a look at some popular comic book characters who've recently been adapted to the screen and examine how they would be different if the films were made in the 1980's instead of today, and which actors would best suit the roles.
Building A Universe: Constructing the DC Cinematic Universe from 'Man Of Steel' onward.
How I would construct the DC cinematic universe using 'Man Of Steel' as the starting point. A rough plan for how the universe would unfold, along with a casting of the future films in the series.
Heisenberg's Picks: Top 5 Films Of 2013
With 2013 coming to a close, I thought I'd gather up my (revised) Top 5 films of this year and share my opinion with the world. So take a seat and check out which movies did and didn't make my list this year.
HeisenbergSaysRelax's DOCTOR STRANGE Fancast
HeisenbergSaysRelax takes yet another stab at Fancasting. What movie is he casting this time around? Marvel Studios Doctor Strange.
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