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Arnold Schwarzenegger As An Older, Bearded Terminator In Terminator: Genesis
According to HitFix's Drew McWeeny, the older Terminator will appear in scenes that take place during the first film.
More Jurassic world Pics!
Few more Jurassic world photo Monorail with green screen Helicopter with cameras shooting Jurassic world.
The Star Rider: Moz
3D Art by Crimsonight (A.K.A Charles Daley)
Robert Downey Jr. Posts A New Pic of Chairs On AVENGERS 2 Set
RDJ has posted yet another new pic today from the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Although the sequel will introduce new members to the team, he took time out to showcase the re-assembled cast being back together. Hit the jump to see more
Yahoo Movies chats with the cast of the Amazing Spider-man 2
Recap of Yahoo movie chat with the Amazing Spider-man 2 cast! A Great recap! Check it out!
COMICS: Comic book garners praise from Oprah Magazine
Comic books are often thought as unsophisticated and childish. Merely quaint little stories for children, that have no depth whatsoever. It's suffice to say that the medium doesn't quite get the respect it deserves. So it should be good news to comic fans that Oprah Magazine and The Huffington Post have listed a comic book part of their "6 Books You Should Read This Spring" piece. Check out what comic made the list, after the jump
My idea for a Terminator fanfic: Part 3
A continuation of my idea for a Termimator fanfic
MrStarLord once again with more fanart. check out.
Earth-717: HULK Volume 1 - Chapter 7
An alternate time. An alternate world. Bruce Banner is the foremost expert on gamma radiation on the planet. While conducting top secret experiments for the military, an unexpected miscalculation causes a mutation in Bruce that changes his life forever. On the run from the authorities and himself, Bruce must find a cure before the rage of the Hulk consumes him.
DC/Marvel Fan Art:  Ms. Marvel and Starfire
The next edition in my fan art saga features two of my favorite alien powered super heroines... Come check it out!
Kochadaiiyaan (English: The king with a long, curly mane) is an upcoming 2014 Indian Tamil motion capture 3D computer-animated period film directed by Soundarya R. Ashwin and written by K. S. Ravikumar.
Stephen Amell Invites Arrow Fans To Watch Arrow With Him!
Ever wanted to meet Stephen Amell and watch Arrow with him? Well, now you can! He's inviting fans over to watch tonight's "Seeing Red" episode of Arrow. Take the jump for more information!
Marvel One Shots are a great way for the cinematic universe to introduce characters even if they wont appear on the big screen so here's my shot idea.
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