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THEORY: Are The Villains Of The MCU Still Alive?
Hulksta here, with a theory as to what's the grand master plan for the villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Read on for more details!
Hulksta Reviews JESSICA JONES (Season 1)
What does Hulksta think of Jessica Jones, Marvel's second outing on Netflix? Well the Spoiler-laden verdict is in, so read on to find out.
Hulksta Reviews SPECTRE
Hulksta reviews the 24th film in the long standing James Bond franchise. How does it hold up? Is Hinx a good villain? Is Cristoph Waltz Blofeld? Read on to find out.
EDITORIAL: My Picks For Marvel's Mystery 2020 Movies
Marvel’s Phase 3 has been revamped to include three new films. What are they? Hell if I know, but I'm going to give my two cents as to what it could be.
RUMOR: FAN4STIC Director Josh Trank Leaked Film Online
A source of mine close to production of Fan4stic has revealed to me that the director of the film leaked the film to popular file-sharing websites.
Fan-Art: Dan Stevens As JAMES BOND
Fan art I made depicting Dan Stevens as James Bond
Revisting MAN OF STEEL
Has Hulksta had a epiphany? Probably not.
Superhero Films Directed By Horror Directors
What if some of Hollywood's top directors in the horror genre took on some of comic book's most famous heroes?
FAN-ART: Spider-Man Vs. LionMan
The day has finally come when you'll find out who would win in a fight. Spider-Man or CBM's resident exercise expert, XxLIONHEARTxX. Well read on to find out how that fight would pan out!
What do I want to see in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR? Well read on to find out!
New Trailer For GOTHAM Lets You Know The Joker Is Coming
Fox has released a new trailer for Gotham that spells out the fact that we'll see The Joker over the course of the shows second season.
My poster for the Spider-Man reboot starring Tom Holland
Red Letter Media Reviews FANT4STIC
Just in case you were curious if this movie was good or not
An Open Letter To Josh Trank
After seeing Fant4stic and seeing what Josh Trank has to say, I have a few choice words for Hollywood's latest black sheep.
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