Free Passes Being Given Out For Battle of Five Armies Early Screening!!
Free passes are being given out for early screenings of Peter Jackson's third Hobbit Movie RIGHT NOW! Find out more after the jump!!
Samples of the BATTLE OF FIVE ARMIES Soundtrack Now Available Online
The publication of Howard Shore's music for the final instalment of Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy has now reached stage two with the release of excerpts. Please to find further details after the J. U. M. P.
X-Men Days of Futures Past, Continuing thoughts on KingofNERD's Review
Just saw the movie today and in general agreement with the lauditory comments submitted by KingofNERD and others but thought I'd offer a few ideas of my own (After the jump..)
So Has Anyone Heard if the New Hobbit Movie is Any Good Yet?
With the release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug only a week away early reactions to the second in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings prequel trilogy have already begun to appear in spite of a strict embargo on any reviews until the 8th. Hit the jump for more details..
GOON Movie Update - How About Some Good News?
Not much has been issued officially regarding the much anticipated Goon Movie project following last year's phenomenally successful Kickstarter campaign yet idleness has not been the case as things have continued to lurch promisingly forward behind the scenes. Hit the jump for further details!
Final End to Transformers Prime Coming this Fall
This fall, Hasbro Studios and Shout Factory will bring the concluding chapter to the Transformers Prime saga to audiences via the Hub Network and dvd/blu-ray. More after the jump..
Awesome new Teaser for Transformers Prime Season 3 Beast Hunters Released
The new teaser trailer for the third season of Transformers Prime has been released revealing a good number of spoilers amidst a bleak dystopian landscape. More details after the jump.
Goon Movie Reaches Financial Goal on Kickstarter
With less than Two days left the Kickstarter for the Goon movie has reached its lofty goal around 9:52AM Pacific Time today of raising 400 grand to finance prroduction. More details and other happiness after the jump.
TDKR: Why Didn't Chris Nolan Care?
What should've happened but didn't.
Douchebag 3D Master Predicts Chris Nolan Will Join the Herd
Hate Hollywood enough yet? Get aload of this story that appeared today in the London Daily Telegraph.. >:(
First 12 Minutes of TRANSFORMERS PRIME: S2E1 Now Online
Do I need to even mention that there are potential spoilers involved?
Transformers Prime Season 2 First Episode Spoilers
The geeks over at the Transformers World 2005 being no better than those on CBM except that they follow the Transformers Prime show alot more closely have posted a number of spoilers concerning the first 3 part episode and part one in particular. More details after the jump and No I'm not warning anyone at this point. If you're still reading then you obviously want them..
New Preview Trailer & Episode Description for Transformers Prime Season 2
The folks over at the Transformers World 2005 wiki Fansite have posted articles for the upcoming season that includes a general summary of the first episode. More details after the jump.