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The Evolution of Robin: From Boy Wonder to Superhero
The Caped Crusaders loyal sidekick has been around for seventy two years and
in this article I have a look at how the Boy Wonder has gotten from there to here.
Batman reboot Fancast UPDATED
Now that Christopher Nolan is officially done with the Caped Crusader thoughts will already be on Warner's announced reboot, who should be cast in the new franchise?
Fan-fic: Justice League Movie Fan-Cast Redone
My second attempt at a Justice League FanCast.
Who should play Lex Luthor
With the Man of Steel teaser premiering at Comic-Con, I thought Id have a look at who Id like to see play Superman's nemesis in the new franchise.
Top 5 Spidey Villains I'd like to see feature in the new franchise
With 'The Amazing Spiderman' raking in the cash, thoughts are already turning towards the inevitable sequel and who will be facing off against New Yorks web-slinging superhero.
Fantastic Four FanCast
With the Fantastic Four reboot looking more and more likely, here are my choices to fill the tight blue jumpsuits of earths favorite ambassadors.
Man of Steel to be revealed.
With the Man of Steel teaser trailer to be released this weekend at Comic Con let's have a look at what we know so far
Batman through the Years: Countdown to TDKR
With Christopher Nolan's hotly anticipated finale to his Dark Knight trilogy due to hit screens everywhere next week, I thought I'd take the opportunity to delve into the history of the Caped Crusader and see if I can find what has made him such a success even after 73 years of crime-fighting.