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Wonder Woman Fan-Made Trailer
Here is my new epic fan-made trailer for Wonder Woman...
Ideas for the Flash Show
Reflecting on the history of the Scarlet Speedster, I have compiled a list of projections for the upcoming show being produced by the CW.
Thor: Ragnarok
Since Sif made her television debut in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I couldn’t help but wonder what the plot to the third installment of Thor franchise might be about. As such, what follows is a fan fiction and fancast for Thor: Ragnarok.
Comic Battles Episode 3: Captain America vs The Joker
Captain America, the star spangled hero of Marvel, vs The Joker crazy villian of DC!
Comic Battles: Spider-Man vs. Batman
Avengers: Age of Ultron line-up in fan favorite costumes!
I did a drawing of some of the heroes in popular choices for their next costumes.
Anthony Stark Presents: SPIDER-MAN: LEGENDS BORN; Chapter 1
My new series, TMNT: Origins, has been getting a lot of great feedback, and so I decided to start another series, based on our wall-crawling menace, known as Spider-Man. Hit the Jump to take a look at Chapter 1.
Finalizing the Batman Script
It's your opportunity to have input on my Batman script!
Steve Rogers, leader of The Avengers, VS. Scott Summers, leader of the X-Men!
DCTVU: Writer Needed
I, BatmanHeisenberg, am planning to do a fan-fic universe, and need just one writer at this time for a commitment to the project. I need someone who has knowledge on Parks and Rec and Wonder Woman. It will just be posted on this site. Click the jump if you're interested!
Here is an extensive fancast of three generations of X-Men along with a brief outline of how a re-imagined X-Men reboot would happen...
My Ultimate Cinematic Batman Film Cast
This is my first batman fan cast ,and is also a very unique one as well. A lot of different choices with some that I'm sure will cause some type of fan rage.

Criteria for this fan cast:
High risk and high reward similar to what Warner Bros is doing now with their universe.
Fan Art: The Amazing Spider-man
Hello everyone come and check out my my fan art THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.
Doopie's Doodles: 80s Icons
The 80's produced some great material....but is it sometimes better left alone?
Is Darth Vader Really That Great A Villian?
The other day I was wondering what makes Darth Vader so great, and I asked myself a question that I cannot answer, so please help me out in answering this question guys...
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