Actions Before Thoughts: The Unholy War Caused by Fanboys and Why They Must Not Exist
In one of the most important editorials to ever grace ComicBookMovie, to uncover a topic that has troubled the minds of many. The comic book war and the fanboys that are in the midst, is it really needed? Hit the jump to find out.
With an upcoming Netflix series based on Luke Cage, I instead want to cast two films depicting the titular character, Luke Cage. Hit the jump for this amazing fan cast as I give proper dues to one of the greatest Marvel heroes of all time.
SPAWN 3D: The Ultimate SPAWN Fan Cast
Spawn, one of the greatest comic book characters ever made hasn't received a proper live action treatment. Here is my fan take on how it could work better than that silly 1997 film as I give proper dues to Spawn, the ultimate warrior!
KidsShowAndCartoonPocalypse: The Movie
What would happen if all the famous cartoon and kid show characters teamed up to take down evil? An amazing film that will win every Oscar and Razzie ever, of course! Hit the jump to read BatmanHeisenberg and PsychoManiacJacky’s amazingly awesome fan cast!
With a Doctor Strange live action feature film coming close, I am here to honor the character in a fan cast of actors I would love to see within the film. Step forth into the reality of DOCTOR STRANGE The Sorcerer Supreme!
THE FANTASTIC FOUR All Female Version Fan Cast
Part of this is not The Fantastic Four you have come to know and love, this is an entirely different version as the premise of my own assemble of an all female cast for The Fantastic Four! Hit the jump to enter this alternate comic book movie reality!
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, one of Batman's greatest ventures in graphic novel form, gets an ultimate live action fan cast treatment. Relive the adventure once again and hit the jump for amazement!
Ultimate Fan Cast & Plot: CHERRY BOMB'ED Reboot
CHERRY BOMB is one of the most critical acclaimed movies of all time. So a reboot is in inevitable. Here you will find a plot and fan cast for my reinvention of CHERRY BOMB! Oh and chances are it could be a Jacky article, so hit it!
For years people have cherished this little grammar perfectionist. But what if we made it an epic highly profitable, action-packed blockbuster? Another Oscar sweeper, of course! Click the jump to read PsychoManiacJacky and BatmanHeisenberg’s fancast!
BLADE: TOMB OF DRACULA – Marvel’s Blade Movie Reboot FAN CAST
With Marvel Studios in full gear it's time to bring out more characters into the mix. I think it's time for a Blade reboot and here is my fan cast including a choice for a director I think would be perfect, read on!
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY The Animated Series Fan Ideas & Voice Cast
There have been talk that Marvel’s newest team GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY may come to life in there own animated show, here is my idea for the show including what characters should appear and the people that would give a to voice them.
FAN FIC: X-Men Days of Future Past Ultimate Fan Poster!
The X-Men are lined up and ready for action in this amazing fan poster for X-Men Days of Future Past. Greatness awaits for all fans!
Life with Doom: The Fantastic High Chronicles The Dr Doom Sitcom Drama Styled TV Show Story Idea and Cast
Imagine for a moment, a much more friendly live action Marvel television show without a seriously silly dark tone. That was what I want to convey with this idea, "Life with Doom: The Fantastic High Chronicles". Read on comic book fans!
FAN FIC: Fan Made JUSTICE LEAGUE Assemble Poster
I did a Justice League manip styled poster featuring the rumored cast set to star in the feature ensemble film that many fans have been waiting for, check it out! Did the best I can.
Teletubbies as The Main Villains in The Justice League Movie!?
You know for every comic book film being made there is a hidden villain, and these villains have the biggest agenda and the biggest message to say towards the film. Here, as the title suggest it's only a possibility I care to explore which could become reality.
Jacky's BEST & WORST Films of 2013
Well 2013 is almost over and the new year is going to be ringing in soon. With that in mind this has been a year of a few disappointments and hidden gems within films. Here I give my opinions on my top best and worst films of 2013 I have seen.
FEATURE: Jacky's Happy Jolly Wishlist & Random Acts of Kindness Sing-Along
Okay I know you guys are healing from all this Holiday jolly spirit and I am sure everyone is tired of this random wishlists! But I promise this, my wishlist is going to be AWESOME!
SUPER SMASH BROS Movie Fan Cast and Story
GET READY TO RUMBLE! It's time brawl and melee to one of the biggest cast of characters ever known! This is my fan cast for a Super Smash Bros film. Hit the link fans!
EDITORIAL: Joaquin Phoenix Should NOT Play Lex Luthor Because He Looks Like Michael Shannon and The BATMAN vs SUPERMAN Argo Writer Disaster
In this editorial I evoke a friendly and honest discussion over my true thoughts and opinions over Joaquin Phoenix in the role and the Argo writer, situation.
DARK CLAW vs SUPER-SOLDIER: The Amalgam Comics’ Version of BATMAN vs SUPERMAN Fan Cast
As two of the greatest heroes shall collide on the screen in 2015, I take a look at the other versions within the Amalgam Comics Universe and portray it with the characters from those comics.
EDITORIAL: Villains I Want To See in The Amazing Spider-Man 2
The future of the Spider-Man films depends on the sucess of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. With that in mind many fans have noticed the lack of villains present in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Here is my suggestion to what other villains they should add within the film.
EDITORIAL: DC Comics are Desperately Failing on the Television Screen
Including ARROW! Want to find out way they are failing in my own opinions? Then read on for my honest and valuable thoughts on this subject of the matter.
EDITORIAL: Why The After Credit's Sequence For X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST is The Perfect Lead Into The Next Film
(MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD). Almost the entire comic book fan community has been up in arms about the recent X-Men Days of Future Past after credits sequence description. Here is why I explain this definitely works and how it's an excellent concept towards a great film.
EDITORIAL: The Other Films Possibly Connected to The Current DC Comics Cinematic Film Universe
Many people have said Man of Steel is the beginning. What if I told you it began way before Man of Steel ever started? Read on for my theory into other films that possibly coincide with the current DC film universe now.
EDITORIAL: Top 20 Moments That Should Happen in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON
Every comic book film has a moment, an amazing scene or a beautiful line of dialogue. With that great power comes great responsibility. Here I am going to list off the Top 20 Moments I would like to see in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON.