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After Marvel's hit The Guardians of The Galaxy came another group of galactic heroes unlike any other. They are The Inhumans. Hit the jump for my speculation into the unknown and why I believe this is the cast for The Inhumans Marvel deserves!
INDIANA JONES vs BACK TO THE FUTURE vs ALIENS in Space Movie Reboot Fan Cast!
Well everyone welcome to your biggest wet dream ever! Indiana Jones is getting a reboot so I have decided to pull off a better reboot idea than those studio smucks will ever think of in a decade! Hit the jump for this wild and wonderful beauty of pleasure and (of course) AMAZING!
Sony's Spider-Man Spin-Off SPIDER-MAN ORIGINS: AUNT MAY Movie Fan Cast and Story Idea!
I was absolutely astonished when I heard Sony was making an Aunt May film! But now I see how this could work storywise and there is plenty of room for expansion within the Spider-Man universe introduced in TASM, hit the jump for more and witness an idea that could potentially be a major game changer!
DEADPOOL The Movie About That Awesome Dude That Will Never Be Made Fan Cast!
Is a Deadpool movie ever going to made!? Like come on seriously I know you guys are just dreaming for one. But for now I will still keep you in the dream loop with this awesometacular Deadpool fan cast! Hit the jump for more!
STAR WARS Original Trilogy Remake Fan Cast
If Disney decided to remake the original Star Wars trilogy today what actors would they use and who would direct? Hit the jump to find out my opinions in this fan cast for a Star Wars remake.
JAWS: The Remake of The Classic Fan Cast
Jaws is considered by many to be a classic, but with the trend of Hollywood remaking many great films, it's bound to happen with Jaws. Hit the jump to find out who I would cast in a Jaws remake.
BATMAN V SUPERMAN DAWN OF JUSTICE Theory: How Does The Batman Nolan Universe Exist?
This is a theory that just popped in my mind a while back and I just decided to share with you guys now because of how possible and unreal it seems! Hit the jump for more of this spectacular observation!
Actions Before Thoughts: The Unholy War Caused by Fanboys and Why They Must Not Exist
In one of the most important editorials to ever grace ComicBookMovie, to uncover a topic that has troubled the minds of many. The comic book war and the fanboys that are in the midst, is it really needed? Hit the jump to find out.
With an upcoming Netflix series based on Luke Cage, I instead want to cast two films depicting the titular character, Luke Cage. Hit the jump for this amazing fan cast as I give proper dues to one of the greatest Marvel heroes of all time.
SPAWN 3D: The Ultimate SPAWN Fan Cast
Spawn, one of the greatest comic book characters ever made hasn't received a proper live action treatment. Here is my fan take on how it could work better than that silly 1997 film as I give proper dues to Spawn, the ultimate warrior!
KidsShowAndCartoonPocalypse: The Movie
What would happen if all the famous cartoon and kid show characters teamed up to take down evil? An amazing film that will win every Oscar and Razzie ever, of course! Hit the jump to read BatmanHeisenberg and PsychoManiacJacky’s amazingly awesome fan cast!
With a Doctor Strange live action feature film coming close, I am here to honor the character in a fan cast of actors I would love to see within the film. Step forth into the reality of DOCTOR STRANGE The Sorcerer Supreme!
THE FANTASTIC FOUR All Female Version Fan Cast
Part of this is not The Fantastic Four you have come to know and love, this is an entirely different version as the premise of my own assemble of an all female cast for The Fantastic Four! Hit the jump to enter this alternate comic book movie reality!
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, one of Batman's greatest ventures in graphic novel form, gets an ultimate live action fan cast treatment. Relive the adventure once again and hit the jump for amazement!
Ultimate Fan Cast & Plot: CHERRY BOMB'ED Reboot
CHERRY BOMB is one of the most critical acclaimed movies of all time. So a reboot is in inevitable. Here you will find a plot and fan cast for my reinvention of CHERRY BOMB! Oh and chances are it could be a Jacky article, so hit it!
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