Jamedog Revisits Conan The Barbarian (2011)
Yes, the movie is well over a year old, but I finally got around to watchng this craptastic CBM, and I was flabbergasted by just how bad it really is. CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS.
Jamedog Reviews Prometheus
"A king has his reign, and then he dies". Does Prometheus live up to the hype? Does Ridley Scott still have it? I try to keep my review relatively spoiler free as I look into the newest film from one of the masters of Sci-Fi.
EDITORIAL: The Ninja Turtles Movie We Deserve... But Not the One We Need Right Now
Given the state of the CBM now, if done right, a TMNT movie could be very timely and perfect... Sadly we won't see it.
What's With Covering All of the Non-Comic Book Related Movies?
A trend I've been noticing this past few months here on CBM is the coverage of several non-comic book related movies, or movies that have a tenuous at-best comic book connection. Can we cool it and focus on what makes this site great?
Jamedog Reviews Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
A bit late, but Jamedog tosses his two cents in on the latest cinematic adventure of the Spirit of Vengeance. Was it better than the first? Worse? Or more or less the same?
Will Batman Die at the End of TDKR
Yes, it's been debated to death already. But Jamedog had to come out of Editorial retirement to throw his hat into the ring.
Cool It with all the Dark Knight Rises Criticism
Fanboys have been livid over leaked pics that basically are just snippets of something much bigger. We should wait until we get more information before we judge this movie.
Random Thoughts on Recent Comic Book Movie News
These past few weeks have been big for comic book movies, so instead of just doing an editorial for each one, I'm just going to cram all my thoughts into one.
Jamedog Reviews Captain America: The First Avenger
As the final piece to fall in place before The Avengers, did Cap deliver on the goods or was it just a massive disappointment?
Jamedog Reviews Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Does the third entry in Michael Bay's Transformers series deliver the action and excitement or is it just another convoluted mess like the second film?
After Green Lantern, What Comes Next for the Cinematic DC Universe?
DC bet it all on Green Lantern, and it looks like things won't pay off. Will fans have to wait even longer to see their favorite DC characters on the big screen?
Jamedog Reviews Green Lantern
Were all the negative reviews right about this movie or are fans overreacting to what is simply a by the number superhero flick?
How Will Bane Stack Up Against the Joker?
To say that Heath Ledger's Joker is a tough act to follow is an understatement. Can Tom Hardy's Bane become one of the most talked about villains of the series or will he be trapped forever in the shadow of the previous movie?
Super 8 Review
Does the latest from J.J. Abrams deliver on all the hype or is it only a pale imitation of the works of the mighty Spielberg?
DC Comics Relaunch: A Brilliant New Beginning or Yet Another Continuity Problem
The relaunch of DC comics has fans talking. Will this usher in a new era for the classic publisher or just further muddle up their already confusing continuity?
Why We Need to Overlook the Changes Made to X-Men: First Class and Just Accept It For What It Is
X-Men: First Class has been called one of the best movies of the summer and the best of the X-Men series, but some fans just can't let go of changes in continuity and to the source material and enjoy the movie.
X-Men First Class Review
X-Men: First Class started off as the prequel nobody asked for, but now is being heralded as the best in the series. After seeing the movie at midnight, did I agree with all the good word of mouth?
The Amazing Spider-Man: Will Anyone Care?
Ten years ago, the Spider-Man movie was one of the most hotly anticipated CBM's of all time. Next summer, a reboot will hit theaters, but will lack of interest kill it?
Thor Review
With all the favorable reviews out, does Thor live up to the hype?
Could Fan Speculation Hurt TDKR?
In the fallout of the recent casting announcement, are the high expectations fans setting hurting the movie?
Changes in Comic Book Movies: Not Always a Bad Thing
Fans are always quick to crucify a comic book movie when they hear of the slightest change to the source material. But sometimes the changes aren't always a bad thing and can work to the benefit of the movie.
The Summer of Super: Which CBM Will Reign Supreme This Year?
With four very high profile comic book movies hitting theaters in the coming months, which ones will be the winners and which ones will be the losers?
Steel Running Diary
After many requests, I present my running diary for the 1997 masterpiece, Steel!
FAN FIC: Things overheard at a Warner Brothers Studio Meeting
I, Jamedog, recently had the horrendous experience of sitting in at a recent Warner Brothers studio meeting discussing the future of DC movies. The following conversation may shock you.
Jamedog Reviews Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch is a movie that had all the potential to be something special. At it's heart is a good idea but it fell flat in the execution.