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JamesMan's Titillating Reviews: FURY
JamesMan recently visited a luxurious leather recliner filled theater and watched David Ayer's recent foray into film, Fury. Come check out what he thought about it!
The Legend of Korra Removed From Nickelodeon's Schedule, Now Going Digital
The Avatar Spin-off series while getting plenty of praise from both critics and fans has experienced a ratings low with their newest season. In response Nick has appeared to move it to a new platform.
JamesMan, The CBMOAU and the Hulk Need You!
Are you an artist? Well great because we need your help in creating the images needed to produce a fantastic comic book run here just for the site!
GREEN LANTERN: The Animated Series Producer's Comic Explaining Animation Focus Groups
Giancarlo Volpe, the show runner of Green Lantern: The Animated Series, made a short comic explaining focus groups and how they can effect television productions. With a guest appearance from one of the biggest names in DC Animation. Check it out!
TASM 2: Andrew Garfield On Playing Spidey Again; & Peter And Harry's Relationship
Andrew Garfield talks about returning to star as the arachnid hero in Marc Webb's sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, and also discusses the relationship between Peter Parker and Harry Osborn. Check it out after the jump.
JamesMan Reviews: Iron Man
To gear up for the next installment in the MCU, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, JamesMan went back to relive the other MCU films. Today's review is of the one that started it all, Iron Man.
JamesMan Ranks The Movies He Saw in 2013
CBM User JamesMan finally got over his New Years hangover. Now he tries to remember all of the films he saw the previous year before the blackout hangover.
Movie Review Site Will Be Shut Down
A rather influential movie review site has been forced to shut it's doors. The founder of the site chose to leave a very heartfelt message on the matter.
Morgan Freeman Narrates LEGO MARVEL SUPER HEROES Trailer
Listen to impressionist Jason Stephens does his best Morgan Freeman impression as he narrates a LEGO Marvel Super Heroes trailer. Hit the jump to check it out!
JamesMan's Review- Thor: The Dark World Or I Experience The Blandest Comic Book Film in Years *MINOR SPOILERS
JamesMan went to sit in a dark theater and be entertained for 2 hours by a shirtless Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings. While he didn't receive that he didn't expect that he would not find any entertainment in the film leading to what he calls "Another Poor Marvel Studios Sequel."
JamesMan's Review: CARRIE 2013
That glorious man with the Christopher Walken attitude reviews the recent remake of the 70's Horror classic. Is it just another remake by Hollywood or does it hold something greater? Read on to find out.
FRIDAY THE 13TH Sequel Is Going To Be A Found Footage Film?! Say It Isn't So!
A recent tweet from Ryan Turek of Shock Till You Drop suggests that Paramount is looking to make a sequel to 2009's Friday The 13th reboot and plan to do it as found footage.
IGN's Joey Esposito & The Best Way To Go Into Comic Book Films
IGN's Joey Esposito writes a rather interesting article on how we as fans can better handle our own personal hype and over anticipation.