Producer Emma Thomas On The Chances Of A Fourth Nolan Helmed Batman Movie

While Christian Bale and a few other stars have expressed interest in returning to director Christopher Nolan's Batman universe should he decide to make a fourth movie, producer Emma Thomas reiterates that the chances of that happening are slim to none.

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By Josh Wilding - 6/23/2012

Talking to SFX, The Dark Knight Rises producer (and wife of Christopher Nolan) Emma Thomas has made it very clear - as has Nolan and several other people linked with the trilogy - that there will not be a fourth installment in his Batman franchise. "No. Never," she reportedly told the site. "No, that's truly a never. I can't imagine a world in which he would ever want to come back. At a certain point it's fun to go off and do something different, you know," she said, elaborating on Nolan's decision to make this July's third movie his last. "We've spent almost ten years of our lives making Batman films. He was very excited about this film, and the story that he'd come up with, but I just cannot imagine that he would get that excited about another version of the same thing."

The Dark Knight is the second highest grossing comic book movie of all-time, while The Dark Knight Rises will more than likely have no trouble beating that record. Regardless, Thomas made it quite clear why exactly Nolan isn't at all interesting in a fourth movie. "The great thing about a trilogy is that it feels like you've got a beginning, a middle and an end. It's like an extended version of a regular film. Once you get into a fourth film then it's just episodic, and I just can't see him getting excited about making another film where basically you're just wheeling in different villains." Do you agree with these comments? Sound off with your thoughts below.

Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ "The Dark Knight Rises" is the epic conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. The screenplay is written by Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan, story by Christopher Nolan & David S. Goyer. The film is produced by Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Charles Roven, who previously teamed on “Batman Begins” and the record-breaking blockbuster "The Dark Knight." The executive producers are Benjamin Melniker, Michael E. Uslan, Kevin De La Noy and Thomas Tull, with Jordan Goldberg serving as co-producer. The film is based upon characters appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Batman was created by Bob Kane.


Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman
Michael Caine as Alfred
Gary Oldman as Commissioner Jim Gordon
Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox
Tom Hardy as Bane
Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake
Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate
Josh Pence as Ra's Al Ghul

RELEASE DATE: July 20th, 2012

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Curmudgeon - 6/23/2012, 11:26 AM
Isn't this pretty much the same thing that was posted in interviews yesterday?
imnotwearinghockeypants - 6/23/2012, 11:26 AM
Yeah, leave it be.
mil05 - 6/23/2012, 11:26 AM
[frick], bet some kunt a beer Nolan kills him off
JonasWepeel - 6/23/2012, 11:26 AM
I want to see the Batcave!
IronDean2099 - 6/23/2012, 11:27 AM
Give it a rest, it's not going to happen.
6of13 - 6/23/2012, 11:30 AM
This was posted already
Fonzieismypal - 6/23/2012, 11:31 AM
Bummer. It's been a fun ride. Still, this opens the door for a League-centric Batman so I'm not too upset.
jfromkrypton - 6/23/2012, 11:32 AM
Why tell us something we already know
ModernAvenger89 - 6/23/2012, 11:34 AM
I like the way Nolan isn't pressured by studios. He has the creative freedom to finish a trilogy and give the characters and story a definitive ending.
Emanuel14 - 6/23/2012, 11:36 AM
that means batman doesn't die in TDKR
6of13 - 6/23/2012, 11:38 AM

christoV - 6/23/2012, 11:38 AM
I think that Nolan as a person is definately not going to do one more. Even if het got offered bigger $$$. Cuz he en wife Emma Thomas are smart thinkers. He does not want to deliver a B grade movie only for the big bucks and extension. He has a good reputation and it would be unwise to lower himself with just finding ways to expand a 'Finished' story after the conclusion of the series with 'Rises'.

He may work a little as producer or write some stuff on a possible extra story with another director. But even that, I think he will not. He wants every movie to be a single one, in the meaning of: leave nothing for a possible sequel, that's why his movies are so interesting. So with this in mind and looking back at all he's done, no fourth Bats for Nolan and Thomas.
Vapes - 6/23/2012, 11:40 AM

Karl Urban for Justice League Batman.

For the regular films, they should leave him alone for a while. Go do Batman Beyond or something.
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 6/23/2012, 11:41 AM
Cool, I have thoroughly enjoyed Nolan's run, and hope the next person has the same care for the franchise as well. Although, I thought I read somewhere that Nolan was going to stay on and produce future bat flicks.
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 6/23/2012, 11:42 AM
I agree with Vapes, a Batman Beyond movie would be great, however I don't think as many people are familiar with the rogues in that universe. Still done right, it could be amazing.
JDUKE25 - 6/23/2012, 11:44 AM
We already know there's not gonna be a fourth. Don't beat us over the head with it. And this quote from her was already posted. Take this down.
RunDTC - 6/23/2012, 11:45 AM
@MasterControlProgram: Ledger didn't kill himself.
StormLoganSummers - 6/23/2012, 11:50 AM
Who's the dude with Nolan?
FilmsFan - 6/23/2012, 11:53 AM
@IM53 & @MasterControlProgram

U both need to calm down!!
It's Nolan's version of Batman & he's got enough control over it that studio couldn't dictate him to do what they want! Otherwise they'll turn it into Batman & Robin shit!!
So both of u get it in ur head; as a NolanFan I too want him to finish his series; cuz its NOT ur [frick]ing ridicules reason that will make him stop or continue this franchise! He'll produce next & this is his LAST directed Batman film! He's much much more than just a Batman director & I want him to make other & his own film; even James Bond or original!
So whatever u think about thinking all NolanFans want him to continue; NO! We don't want it! He's made his great series (trilogy) & he wants to conclude so let him do!
It's his choice & his series!!
Whatever ur screaming doesn't matter; all u idiots have got something to say shit on everything about TDKR & NOLAN!!
Don't come at his articles if he's SO overrated for u!
Tajin88 - 6/23/2012, 11:53 AM
Nubase - 6/23/2012, 11:54 AM

there is no point in making another one, what nolan, his bro jonathan and goyer set out 9 year was to make a great epic trilogy and 9 years later they have completed the final for us to see.

What some fans on this site is just too much, they want things to go on forever, like bond movies, but l think people forgot that there were some really awful bond movies that even the producers would like to forget and look at the new movies with daniel graig, the direction its based is on realism, not the stupid camp of the pierce bronsons, and timothy daltons.

And as for harry potter, what!!???

l'm sure in 4-5 years time someone else will have a go at making thier version of batman but l just don't think it will happen cos l got a feeling that the new superman movie man of steel which will lead to a trilogy eventually will tie in to a justice league movie and theres already word that nolan will be invovled in the story and producing it.

Just accept it, watch the dark knight rises and see what your views are then, stop throwing your toys out the pram and enjoy the weekend.
RunDTC - 6/23/2012, 11:54 AM
@ELgUaSoN: love the idea of Batman Beyond, hate the idea of Tim Burton.
forthesakeofnow - 6/23/2012, 11:58 AM

what you are describing would be a television show

they would have to make those films year after year after year like they did with harry potter. unless you are making it up as you go along film to film you would have to plan it from the start, tieing everyone involved who was going to be in every film into lenghty contracts, not having any idea how popular it was going to film by film.

like they say id much rather see a one off film (like story telling has always been best as, in my opinion) or an extended 3 part story arch narrative of a trilogy
forthesakeofnow - 6/23/2012, 12:01 PM

if you are saying they set out to make a trilogy they didnt, they had ideas for where a story would go, but it was never planned out in full like lord of the rings would be
forthesakeofnow - 6/23/2012, 12:02 PM

and for the most part aside from die another day, brosnan and daltons bonds were the least stupid and camp
GingerBird - 6/23/2012, 12:05 PM
The Nolan's are classy people and know what they're doing.
TheAmazingSpiderMan47 - 6/23/2012, 12:07 PM
i'm really curious to see if they kill batman or not now ... maybe they'll let catwoman take up the mantle of hero .. i hope they dont do that
JordanKing - 6/23/2012, 12:07 PM
Ahh.. this old beaten horse.
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 6/23/2012, 12:08 PM

Where as you don't like the eight year gap, for some reason it adds a level of intrigue for me. Apparently Nolan wants to do a finite run on the character, which is cool. I always thought it would be an interesting movie to see Bruce Waynes last hurrah as Batman done on the big screen. I understand comics aren't meant to have finale's, but I don't view this as a bad thing. I would LOVE to see an Avengers movie set 10-15 years from the original, where the characters aren't exactly in their prime (save for Hulk), and having to band together one last time to save humanity from the greatest threat they have ever faced.

Batman will be rebooted, so anyone hating that Nolan is putting a finale on his trilogy needs to chill.
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 6/23/2012, 12:13 PM

IM53 doesn't hate on every Batman article, he doesn't agree with all of Nolan's decisions but he is definitely not a troll. Also, I don't think it is fair to call him an idiot either, at least his comments tend to make coherent points unlike a lot of people on this site.
FANBOY2012 - 6/23/2012, 12:17 PM
I will make the fourth Batman movie. Finance me fanboys..
paulyd3 - 6/23/2012, 12:17 PM

Dude you are obviouly intelligent and are spot on. Finally someone around here with some stones. Thank you for writting that and getting all the sheep around here all rangled up. As an old school supes and bats fan I totally agree with you. again thanks. PaulyD USMC SGT


themediator96 - 6/23/2012, 12:23 PM
Its pretty clear that Nolan does not want to do these movies any more did he even want to make a third?
MarkV - 6/23/2012, 12:24 PM
It will be fun to see a new version of Batman. Maybe add a little supernatural element. It's fun when Batman faces a super powered villain, it makes him seem more bad ass.
95 - 6/23/2012, 12:27 PM
Gotta respect him for that.
Ranger14 - 6/23/2012, 12:29 PM
Is this supposed to be a surprise to anyone? How many times do fans need to be told it is over after this one? Looking forward to a new direction.
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 6/23/2012, 12:31 PM

True, but I am excited to see what kind of mental state Bruce Wayne is in after eight years. Batman was what he devoted his life towards, through that symbol he was going to clean up his city. Apparently he has done that, just not in the way he had envisioned. I hope this movie takes the time to really flesh out who Bruce Wayne has been these past eight years. If it just throws him back into action without any explanation of what he has been up to, I would be extremely pissed.
KnobGoblin - 6/23/2012, 12:32 PM
Why do people keep asking for an adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns when Rises IS an adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns? Nolan is already telling the story of an aging Batman coming out of retirement to face a new, more dangerous breed of criminal. He just substituted the Mutant Leader and his gang with Bane and his militia, and Carrie Kelly(Robin) with Selina Kyle(Catwoman). Which isn't to far fetched because Carrie takes up the mantle of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Strikes Again anyway. Batman Begins was Nolan's adaptation of YEAR ONE, and Rises is his version of The Dark Knight Returns.
95 - 6/23/2012, 12:33 PM

Trilogies follow the rule of thirds. Like three acts in a screenplay. Even architecture use triangles in structures. It's a pretty solid rule. Not to worry, the more comic book-esque Batman films will come soon enough (the reboot).
95 - 6/23/2012, 12:37 PM
The eight year actually was the best news I've heard about this film. I was afraid that the Batman story (and Bruce's run as Batman) would only be a couple years long (two years?) An older Bruce Wayne gives off a greater sense of conclusion.
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