What is the Future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is kicking into high gear, so what's going to happen after The Avengers leaves our screens?
Why Tony Stark Will Be Iron Man in the Avengers Movie
A look at why I think Tony Stark won't listen to Fury and will suit up as Iron Man in the Avengers movie.
Iron Man Extremis Motion Comic Behind The Scenes
Check out the latest behind the scenes video from Marvel on their latest motion comic: Iron Man Extremis.
Dim Future for Females in DC Animated Universe
DC comics animation genius Bruce Timm has laid to rest any hope that we’ll be seeing sequels to the Green Lantern or Wonder Woman direct-to-disc animated movies anytime soon. In fact, the low sales of Wonder Woman have even bled on to cancel a possible Batgirl animated film.
Why Is Whedon Rewriting Cap and Avengers?
Or, why The First Avenger: Captain America will be set in WWII and The Avengers will be the comic book origin story of the Avengers?
Kick-Ass versus Iron Man
The year of the comic-book movie is well behind us and 2010 is going to be a slack year. So the fight comes down to Kick-Ass versus Iron Man, with Jonah Hex wandering around out back like a great Clint Eastwood film.
Why Joss Whedon is Perfect for Avengers
Recent rumours suggesting/confirming/hoping that Joss Whedon would be directing the upcoming Avengers film have lit the internet up. Let’s look at why Joss Whedon is the perfect fit for assembling the Avengers.
Planet Hulk Review
Released on February 2nd we’ve got one of the first reviews for Marvel’s new animated feature, Planet Hulk.
Anna Kendrick Says There’s Nothing Like Scott Pilgrim
Wondering what Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World will be like? Anna Kendrick, Stacey Pilgrim in the movie and Jessica from the Twilight movies, says that it’s unlike anything else.
Orlando Bloom Won't Be Back in the Caribbean
Everybody's favourite swashbuckling pansy hero will not be returning to the Flying Dutchman.
Review of the Walking Dead Pilot Online
With news that AMC has greenlit a TV series based on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, check out a review of the script for the pilot episode.
Marvel Posts Planet Hulk Landscape Sketches
With the next installment in Marvel's Direct-to-Disc animated movies, Planet Hulk, mere days away, Marvel has posted some more behind the scenes images.
Marvel Posts Super Hero Squad Sketches
One of the more fun cartoons to be adapted from a comic property is The Super Hero Squad Show, based on the action figure line from Hasbro. One part children’s show one part awesome, Marvel has posted some line sketches of Cap, Wolvie and more.
Too Cool To Be Forgotten Producer Talks
Alex Robinson’s Too Cool To Be Forgotten is being adapted for film by producer Anthony Bregman, the man behind "Synecdoche, New York" and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”; check out what he has to say on his new project.
Director Martin Campbell Talks Green Lantern
Directing the film most likely to take the top spot away from Avatar, director Martin Campbell took some time away from promoting Edge of Darkness to talk Green Lantern.
Legion Director Scott Stewart Talks Priest
With Legion opening at the box office this past weekend at number two (behind Avatar, of course), director Scott Stewart started talking about his upcoming movie, Priest.
Box Office Buzz January 22-24: Avatar Again
It’s becoming a little bit ridiculous but Avatar has once again topped the weekend box office charts.
MTV Readers Love Mediocre Spider-Man
MTV’s Splash Page put up a poll last week asking people what they thought of the decision to reboot the Spider-Man franchise. Not surprisingly, the MTV readership proved their love for big action and named-stars in exchange for mediocre and downright bad movies.
Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths Fight Preview
One of the greatest decisions in comic giants DC’s recent history has been the introduction of the direct to DVD (Blu-Ray) movies that they are putting out. Follow the jump for a clip of a big fight from the next movie, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.
The Black Panther Animated Series Begins Downunder
Australia doesn’t get a whole lot of firsts, but it appears that the new Marvel animated series, focusing on fan-favourite the Black Panther, will be making its debut this Saturday.
April Fool’s Joke Turns Real for Robert Pattinson
Earlier in the year Robert Pattinson was rumoured to be replacing Toby Maguire as Spider-Man. It was an April Fool’s joke. But now that Maguire is actually out, the rumour is back!
Box Office Buzz January 8 – 10
It’s no real surprise to see that Avatar has once again landed the number one spot on top of the weekend box office charts, but who’d have expected such a taking?
Why Will Smith Should Play Captain America
Almost seventy years on from his first appearance, when Captain America hits the big screens, who should be behind the mask?
*UPDATED* G.I. Joe Sequel Has Writers'
One of the biggest films of 2009, both in anticipation, criticism and box office sales, was G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Not surprisingly, sequel news was never going to be far away.
Marvel Continues to Tease
Marvel has spent the past week or two teasing audiences with various images leaving us both tantalized and excited for the year ahead.