A Hypothetical How-To For a Justice League Film
An in-depth look at how Warner Bros. could handle their cinematic universe to build towards a Justice League film by taking notes from Marvel.
Tin Pan Alley
A near-distant future where the city of New York is the battleground for a war between humans and a segregated android race...
Power Rangers: The Animated Series
Following up my Power Rangers reboot trilogy, I expand the universe with a five season plan for an animated series.
Reboot, Pt. 3- Power Rangers: Reckoning
The third and final installment in this fan fictionalized Power Rangers reboot.
REBOOT Pt. 2, Power Rangers: Equivalence
Introducing the green Ranger in this reboot sequel.
REBOOT: Power Rangers (FAN FIC)
This has been done before, but now it is revisited and told differently.
Presenting a new character for Marvel: Carson Owens, the Spider-Mutant (a mutant with powers similar to Spider-Man).
Dragon Ball, Reboot and Fan Cast
A different take on the Dragon Ball franchise, setting up what will be a film series...
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Year 100
An issue to issue description of my planned TMNT miniseries Year 100.
Batman: Bad Jokes Fan-Cast
At the request of one user I've decided to cast the characters for my novel, "Batman: Bad Jokes."
Fan Teaser Trailer: Power Rangers: Emerald Rage
A sequel trailer to my previous Power Rangers vid, plus a bonus video.
Batman: Bad Jokes, Conclusion
It's been a long, strange trip with this book, but here we are at the end. Thanks to the fans!
Fan Trailer: TMNT Teaser
A teaser trailer I made for an Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot.
Batman: Bad Jokes, Chapters 33 and 34
Gordon learns everything, including Joke-Man's identity and Batman prepares for the clash of the comedians...
Fan Trailer: Power Rangers
After a long time, I can finally share this trailer for a more serious Power Rangers film...
Batman: Bad Jokes, Chapters 31 and 32
Robin gets the inside scoop on Joke-Man's plans and Green Arrow goes on the hunt for Scarecrow...
Batman: Bad Jokes, Chapters 29 and 30
Batman returns to the cave and discovers something fishy about Mayor Webster's murder, and Gordon gets attacked by a mess of Arkham crazies...
Batman: Bad Jokes, Chapters 27 and 28
Batman and Joke-Man have their first confrontation and Joker gets a surprise visitor...
Batman: Bad Jokes, Chapters Twenty-Five and Twenty-Six
Batman decides to play Joke-Man at his own game and some theatrics are put on by the Bat Family...
Batman: Bad Jokes, Chapters Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four
Nightwing and Batman catch Joke-Man, and Gordon gets a surprise during the interrogation...
Concept: Power Rangers vs. DC Universe
You'll have to look at it to believe it.
Batman: Bad Jokes, Chapters Twenty-One and Twenty-Two
Joke-Man uses The Ventriloquist to pull his first "joke" on Gordon and Green Arrow patrols Gotham...
Fan Art: DC, Marvel, etc.
Some artwork of mine from the last two years that I wanted to share.
Batman: Bad Jokes, Chapters Nineteen and Twenty
Oracle seeks help for Batman in the form of a certain emerald archer and Joker tortures Nightwing mercilessly...