Hayley Atwell's 'Peggy Carter' Is Just Getting Started In New AGENT CARTER Promo
This Thanksgiving, Marvel fans have a lot to be thankful for with the Captain America: Civil War trailer, Doctor Strange starting filming, Jessica Jones, & the return of Agent Carter in January. A new promo has been released, so if you're thankful for Hayley Atwell, come check it out!
CREED Star Michael B. Jordan Would Gladly Do A Superhero Movie Again; Talks FANTASTIC FOUR
After Fantastic Four, it'd be understandable if Michael B. Jordan wanted to steer clear of superhero movies. However, that's anything but the case as on a recent podcast, while discussing the critically acclaimed Creed, he shared he'd be down to put on a suit again and more!
Three New Sneak Peek Clips From SUPERGIRL Season 1 Episode 6: Red Faced
CBS has released three sneak peek clips from next Monday's episode of Supergirl giving us a look at the arrival of Cat Grant's mother, the introduction of General Lane, a heated exchange between Kara & Cat, and the debut of the Red Tornado! Come check it out!
SuperHeroStuff Product Spotlight - SPIDER-MAN Mask & Eyes Beanie
SuperHeroStuff.com is really going all-out this Black Friday with deals on top of deals on some of the best superhero products on the market like this amazing Spider-Man Mask & Eyes Beanie Come check it out! Spider-Man debuts in Captain America: Civil War on May 6, 2016.
Tom Cruise In Talks To Headline Universal's Monster Universe; Star In Reboot Of THE MUMMY
Universal's upcoming monster movie universe may have something to be extra thankful for this Thanksgiving as the studio is reportedly very close to landing a megastar to headline their first monster movie entry, The Mummy, which hits theaters in 2017! Come check it out!
Come Watch Chris Evans & Robert Downey Jr. Unveil The CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Trailer
In case you were living under a rock and/or found yourself without retinas last night, Chris Evans & Robert Downey Jr. paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and brought with them the first official teaser trailer & poster for Captain America: Civil War. Check out clips from their visit now!
EVERWOOD Actor Tom Amandes Joins ARROW As DC Villain The Calculator
News recently broke that Colton Haynes would be reprising his role as 'Roy Harper' relatively soon and now, we have some details on his story arc. A new report has revealed that Arrow has cast Tom Amandes as the DC villain The Calculator! Come check it out!
New MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - ROGUE NATION Blu-ray Featurette Looks At Ethan & Benji's Friendship
With the release of the Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Blu-ray only three weeks away, Paramount & Skydance have released another cool featurette, this time exploring the character of Benji Dunn and his friendship with daredevil extraordinaire Ethan Hunt. Come check it out!
New Promotional Stills From ARROW Season 4 Episode 8: Legends Of Yesterday
You've seen photos from the first half of the Flash/Arrow crossover and now, we have twenty promotional stills from the second half of the epic crossover event. Come check it out to catch a preview of both teams of superheroes facing off with Vandal Savage!
New Promotional Stills From THE FLASH Season 2 Episode 8: Legends Of Today
The CW has released twenty-six new promotional stills from the first half of next week's two-part The Flash/Arrow crossover event, featuring a great look at the two casts assembled and also coming face-to-face with an old threat. Come check it out after the jump!
Fox Unsurprisingly Removes FANTASTIC FOUR 2 From Their 2017 Release Schedule
In a shocking turn of events, after a less-than-ideal box office return from Josh Trank's Fantastic Four, 20th Century Fox has removed the already announced sequel from their upcoming release schedule. What does this mean for the future of the franchise? Come check it out!
New Promo & Stills For MINORITY REPORT Season 1 Finale: Everybody Runs
Next week, on the Minority Report season (series?) finale, everybody runs as the pre-cogs and Det. Vega must join forces to prevent a massive chemical attack by Memento Mori, while also trying to avoid finding themselves back in the milk bath. Come check it out!
New Promo For ONCE UPON A TIME Season 5 Episode 10: Broken Heart
After being off yesterday for the AMAs, next week, when Once Upon A Time returns, Hook is on the rampage looking to exact his revenge against both Rumplestilskin and... Emma Swan! Will he succeed? Come check out a new promo for next week's episode now!
The CW Sets Premiere Date & Unleashes Phenomenal New Trailer For LEGENDS OF TOMORROW
The CW has finally announced when their hotly anticipated spin-off series DC's Legends Of Tomorrow will premiere by unleashing an absolutely spectacular three-minute trailer for the highly ambitious series. Come check it out and meet the Legends!
Three New Clips From Tonight's Episode Of SUPERGIRL: How Does She Do It?
CBS has released three sneak peek clips from tonight's episode of Supergirl, which was originally slated to air last week, but was postponed a week. Come check them out to catch Kara latest interactions with Lucy Lane, Cat Grant, and Hank Henshaw!
First Official Poster For GAME OF THRONES Season 6 Seemingly Confirms The Fate Of 'Jon Snow'
HBO has just released the first official poster for the highly anticipated sixth season of their hit fantasy series Game Of Thrones, and with it they've revealed not only the show's return date, but also, the long-speculated fate of Kit Harington's Jon Snow! Come check it out!
Vin Diesel Announces RIDDICK Sequel & A Riddick Universe TV Show
"You're not afraid of the dark, are you?" - In an Instagram post late yesterday, Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel announced his plans for a Riddick universe television series and if that wasn't enough, he also revealed he's developing a fourth Riddick film. Come check it out!
New Promotional Stills From GOTHAM Season 2 Episode 11: Worse Than A Crime
These new photos may spoil Monday night's episode, but it looks like the future Dark Knight will find himself in the clutches of the brotherhood. To save him, Gordon calls for all hands on deck & recruits some very dangerous allies. Check out 19 stills from the midseason finale now!
Colton Haynes Confirms 'Roy Harper' Is Returning To ARROW
Following his abrupt departure last season, the door was left open for Colton Haynes to return to the world of Arrow whenever he saw fit and now it seems as though an opportunity has presented itself. The actor recently tweeted that he's back in Star City. Come check it out!
First Official Logo For WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES; Special Announcement Forthcoming
Even though we're still two years away from War For The Planet Of The Apes, director Matt Reeves has revealed the first official logo for the film and he's also teasing a very special announcement that's going to arrive much sooner than later. Come check it out!
Three New Sneak Peek Clips From GOTHAM Season 2 Episode 10: The Son Of Gotham
Fox has released three new sneak peek clips from Monday night's episode of Gotham featuring a showdown between Alfred & Tabitha, Gordon coming under attack by a brother, and the official introduction of The Order Of St. Dumas. Come check them out!
New Promotional Stills From SUPERGIRL Season 1 Episode 7: Human For A Day
CBS has released eleven promotional stills from episode 7 of Supergirl featuring our first look at Constantine's Charles Halford making his debut as Jemm. We also get a glimpse at Kara coping with losing her powers and becoming human. Come check it out!
New Promo, Stills, & Promo Photos For THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Season 7 Episode 8
When The Vampire Diaries returns, Stefan & Damon set a risky plan in motion to stop Julian, but when things don't go according to planl, Lily is forced to make the most difficult decision of her life. Come check out the promo & stills for next week's episode now!
Christopher McQuarrie In Talks To Write & Possibly Direct MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6
Here's some great news to end your day: Paramount is inching toward closing a deal with Rogue Nation director Chris McQuarrie to write and possibly direct Tom Cruise again in the upcoming sixth installment in their hit Mission: Impossible series. Come check it out!
Bryan Singer Unleashes An Ominous Photo Of 'Professor X' From X-MEN: APOCALYPSE
With a little under a month to go before we all get to feast our eyes on the first official trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse, director Bryan Singer has revealed he's almost done cutting the trailer by releasing an ominous BTS shot of James McAvoy's 'Professor X.' Come check it out!