It's The Dawn Of A New Age In Latest JURASSIC WORLD Still
Another day, another small tease from Jurassic World. Universal has released a brand new still from their highly anticipated dino sequel featuring the film's two younger stars Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins as they evaluate their new situation. Come check it out!
Victoria's Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio Joins TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES 2
It looks like Megan Fox is going to have some serious competition for Will Arnett's affections in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel as Victoria's Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio has just joined the cast. Come check it out!
Meet The Deadly Castor Clones In New ORPHAN BLACK Promo; Plus New Stills & Banner
As the third season premiere of BBC America's Orphan Black approaches, a ton of cool new promotional material has been released including a new banner, seventeen hi-res stills, and a brand new promo introducing us to the deadly male clones! Come check it out!
Spidey Meets Ant-Man In New Sneak Peek From ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN
Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors has had kind of a wacky schedule this season, but it looks like we should start seeing new episodes soon as Disney XD has just released a sneak peek from an upcoming episode in which Spidey meets Ant-Man! Come check it out!
New Extended Promo For ARROW Season 3 Episode 18: Public Enemy
After some fun (and a few deadly twists and turns) with the Suicide Squad, next week's episode of Arrow features Captain Lance coming at Oliver and his team with everything he's got. Plus Momma Smoak returns! Come check out the extended promo now!
New Extended Promo For SUPERNATURAL Season 10 Episode 17: Inside Man
After an exciting episode of Supernatural, next week ups the ante a bit as Dean and Rowena face off. Meanwhile, Sam and Castiel follow up a lead about the Mark of Cain. Come check out the extended promo for next week's episode now!
New Promotional Stills For iZOMBIE Season 1 Episode 3: The Exterminator
While investigating a possible zombie sighting, Liv and Ravi make a surprising discovery about someone from Liv's past. Meanwhile, Liv and Detective Babineaux investiage a murder that ties into a case Peyton is prosecuting. Come check out new stills from next week's episode now!
Sarah Comes Face To Face With Her Worst Nightmare In New ORPHAN BLACK Sneak Peek
The first issue of the comic book based on the hit sci-fi series Orphan Black was the top-selling title for the month of February, beating out Darth Vader #1. The clone drama returns for its third season April 18th and BBC America has released a new extended clip. Come check it out!
Chris Pratt Gears Up For A Dance-Off With The Indominus Rex In Latest JURASSIC WORLD Still
Chris Pratt has a tall order ahead of him this summer... taking down the Indominus Rex! And if the trailers are anything to go by, this showdown likely won't end in a dance-off! Pratt has a raptor squad, but he'll probably need someone tyrannical to help him come out victorious..
Jennifer Lawrence Says She's Done With 'Mystique' After X-MEN: APOCALYPSE
It looks like Jennifer Lawrence's run as Mystique may be coming to an end. In a recent interview for her latest release Serena, she briefly spoke about Fox's upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse and whether she'd like to continue on in the role. Come check it out!
New International Promo For ARROW Season 3 Episode 17: Suicidal Tendencies
Diggle & Lyla's wedding celebration gets cuts short when the Suicide Squad comes calling and based on this new promo, the newlyweds may want to start cherishing every last second they get together.. Meanwhile, the Atom goes after the Arrow! Check out the WarnerTV Asia promo now!
Tom Cruise Goes Airborne In First Look At MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - ROGUE NATION
The first teaser trailer, poster, stills, and synopsis for Mission: Impossible 5 have finally hit and it looks absolutely insane! We also have the film's official title: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation! Tom Cruise & his IMF team are back doing what they do best! Come check it out now!
New ORPHAN BLACK Trailer Rightfully Crowns Tatiana Maslany The Best Actress On TV
Along with a compelling story, a lot of Orphan Black's appeal lies with watching the mesmerizing performances of its lead actress Tatiana Maslany, who portrays five very unique main characters along with a number of other supporting clones. Come check out a brand new trailer now!
Tom Cruise & Chris McQuarrie Tease Imminent MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 Announcement
It looks like Tom Cruise & the Mission: Impossible team are ready to kick off the promotional efforts for Mission: Impossible 5! Based on a series of tweets it looks like we could get our first official look at the highly anticipated action sequel very, very soon... come check it out! UPDATED!
The Girls Lay Down The Law In New ORPHAN BLACK Character Posters
The third season of Orphan Black might be its deadliest yet with the Project Leda clones, played by the brilliant Tatiana Maslany, coming under attack by the military-trained Project Castor clones, played by Ari Millen. Four new posters have been released, come check it out!
There's A Chance The Rock's BLACK ADAM Might Show Up In JUSTICE LEAGUE
With Shazam! not arriving until 2019, not many were expecting to see Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam anytime soon. However, if the Rock's latest comments are to be believed, there may now actually be a chance we do see him in the near future.. in Justice League! Come check it out!
New Promo For THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Season 6 Episode 18: I Never Could Love Like That
Damon's plan to rescue his mother was a success, even though what he learned about her in the process was more than a little disturbing. Next time, he sets in motion the second half of his plan, to reunite her with brother Stefan.. check out the extended promo for the next episode now!
Dylan O'Brien Still Hasn't Heard Anything About SPIDER-MAN
"Yeah.. I guess I'm Spider-Man" - Many fans are still hopeful Dylan O'Brien will utter these words officially, but if this PaleyFest interview is any indication of what's to come, it looks like he still hasn't heard anything about the highly sought after part.. come check it out!
B.D. Wong's 'Dr. Henry Wu' Returns In New JURASSIC WORLD Still
"You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea..." - After managing to escape the park back in 1993, Dr. Henry Wu has found his way back to Isla Nublar and if the past is anything to go by, it's likely he was on the team that created the Indominus Rex.. check out a new still now!
New VFX Breakdown Video For THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2: Animated Character Shot Build
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 might not have been the film we hoped it would be, but if it managed to get anything right, it's the VFX (and of course the suit). Sony Pictures Imageworks has released another VFX breakdown video giving us a better look at how they brought Spidey to life.
New Extended & Canadian Promos For ARROW Season 3 Episode 17: Suicidal Tendencies
On the next Arrow, Deadshot plays wedding crasher when he interrupts Diggle & Lyla's nuptials with a new mission for the Suicide Squad. Meanwhile, the Arrow and the Atom have a tense stand-off.. Come check out the extended and Canadian promos for next week's episode now!
Recap Of Vincent D'Onofrio's Live Twitter Chat For DAREDEVIL
Yesterday, Vincent D'Onofrio, who plays the Kingpin in Marvel's upcoming Netflix series Daredevil, held a live Twitter chat revealing a few details about the show including the importance of Vanessa, what the Kingpin's goals are, the Owl, and more! Come check it out!
PIXELS Trailer Contains Hidden Easter Egg For Ashley Benson's 'Lady Lisa'
In a neat bit of subliminal marketing, the trailer for Sony Pictures' Pixels contained a very well-hidden Easter Egg that ties in quite nicely with Ashley Benson's character, Lady Lisa, the fierce heroine of Dojo Quest! Come check it out! The film hits theaters July 24th.
New Promo & Stills For SUPERNATURAL Season 10 Episode 16: Paint It Black
Next week, on Supernatural, Sam and Dean investigate a string of suicides that share a gut-wrenching characteristic. Meanwhile, Rowena devises a plan to reclaim her magic. Come check out the extended promo and stills from the next episode now!
Captain Cold & Heat Wave Take Aim In New Poster For THE FLASH
Next week, on The Flash, Barry and Cisco have their hands full when the Rogues return with new member Lisa Snart! To announce their return, the CW has released new key art featuring Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold & Dominic Purcell's Heat Wave. Come check it out!