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Cable Coming to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
And I sure as hell ain't talken DirectTV or Comcast
Karl Bones Urban Talks Star Trek 2
What Does Bones Have to Say About the Star Trek 2? Find out here...
More Possible Character Choices for Smallville's Society
Who else may be coming to show Clark how to be a hero.
Green Arrow:Savage Hunt
Green Arrow has to face Brick and Red Hood, while still holding on to his sanity against Deathstroke, will he be able to? Read to find out.
Fancast: Green Arrow: Savage Hunt
My fan cast for the 2nd part in my Green Arrow city. Green Arrow:Savage Hunt. Also a brief plot synopsis
Heroes Is Going Naughty With A Girl On Girl Kiss
Whether you like Heroes or not, seeing Hayden Panettiere kiss a girl can't be bad.
Green Arrow:Rise of the Legend
This is the first story in the 3(or 4) part story in my Green Arrow seriese. I released this months ago and decided to re-release it in light of the fact that I will soon release the second part. So please read and enjoy.
Video: Ryan Renolds Talks Green Lantern and Deadpool
Ryan Renolds talks about Green Lantern and Deadpool on Late Night With Jimmy Falon!
FanFic: The Green Arrow: Rise of a Legend (conclusion)
The conclusion to my Green Arrow Story. Green Arrow against the evil Clock King and Alexander Cross.It is a bit long but Please read it if you have a chance.

I am close to releaseing the sequel to this so read it and enjoy.
Iron Man 2 Comic-Con Footage Play by Play
The Clips that were shown during Comic-Con but instead of seeing it you get to read it.
Jonah Hex and Nightmare on Elm Street Posters
Posters for two Anticipated Movies
Green Arrow: Rise of a Legend
The first movie of my four part Green Arrow story. I released this a while ago in two part. but in light of the fact that i'm about to release the sequel i decided to rerelease it in one story.
My Green Arrow Trilogy Synopsis
My synopsis for Green Arrow trilogy. The synopsis of the first One is already up. Also reasons of why Green Arrow is different from Batman
Kato Casting Call Kicks Chow To The Curb?
A casting call found for Kato in The Green Hornet movie means Chow is out of the running.
The Dark Knight: Redemption
A story I wrote just after Batman Begins came out. This movie doesn't include the Joker. I modified the story to make it a Dark Knight sequel.
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