FANCAST: The Flash Trilogy
A fancast for the fastest man alive, the scarlet speedster, THE FLASH. Meant to be set in the potential DC Cinematic Universe, here is a cast of story to bring one of DC's coolest characters to life!
James Gunn Researching the Original GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Team?
James Gunn, who has been hired to write/direct Marvel's upcoming space epic, revealed on his official facebook page that he has been reading the 1990's run on "Guardians of the Galaxy". What does this mean for the film?
THE DARK KNIGHT RISES REVIEW: In Less Than 400 Words [Spoilers]
Here the final installment of the Dark Knight trilogy is examined in less than 400 words. Does Nolan deliver? Is this the best CBM yet?
FANCAST: Spider-Man's Rogues Gallery
This is not casting suggestions for the sequel to the recent Amazing Spider-Man film, but rather, my personal choices for these parts as they would be in my ideal world.
Fanboy Wishes... Baron Zemo
If dreams could come true! An examination of one potential way for Marvel to bring the character of Baron Zemo to the big screen in a Captain America sequel...
FANCAST: The Man Without Fear Trilogy
Set in the current MCU, everyone's favorite blind super hero gets a fancast like never before, with almost entirely new picks!'s Rewind Theater Does The Avengers Trailer gives us a closer look at the Avengers trailer in their very own Rewind Theater!
X-MEN, Season 1
Here I cast my version of a live action television show adaptation of the X-Men. Focusing on the original five and their arch-enemies, the Brotherhood, this series would follow the mutants struggle against mankind and each other.
POLL: Which Characters Got the Best Portrayals this Summer?
2011 had a good summer for Superhero films, allowing for many classic comic book characters to grace the silver screen. Now it is time for you to decide which characters got the best portrayal!
POLL: Who was your favorite character in X-Men: First Class?
Numerous characters from the X-Men mythos were featured in the newly released X-Men: First Class, but which was your favorite?
EDITORIAL: Spider-Man Casting. Could They Have Picked an Even Better One?
Did Mark Webb make a mistake by casting a 27 year old Spider-Man for the reboot? Could this 16 year old have been the perfect hidden gem for the role?
Perry Moore, Co-Producer of the Narnia Franchise, Found Dead of Overdose
Tragic news, Co-Producer of the Narnia Franchise and writer of the fantasy super hero novel Hero, overdosed Thursday at the age of 39.
FANCAST: Almost Got 'Im
Here I cast my favorite story from BATMAN: The Animated Series, Almost Got 'Im.
Fan-made Captain America WWII Propaganda Poster
A Captain America propaganda poster I whipped up. "Do with less- so they'll have enough!"
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions FANCAST!
DanielThomasRandKai fancast's the new Spider-Man game, Shattered Dimensions, just in time for its release!!!
See some brand new picks for some of your favorite Cosmic heroes in my Annihilation fancast...
Top 5 Stan Lee Cameos
My picks for Stan Lees top 5 cameos. Also vote for your favorite!
UPDATED: Avengers Assembling 2012 Fan Made Poster (and More)
I updated/cleaned up my Avengers "Assembling 2012" poster. I also included my Antman manip in this article.
Immortal Iron Fist Fancast! Updated!
For my very first fancast I cast The Last Iron Fist Story and The Seven Capital Cities Of Heaven.
Green Lantern's Suit to be Fully CG?
Green Lantern's suit in the new movie could be all Computer Generated through motion capture.