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Fan Made: The Best Mods For BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY
PC gamers REJOICE! XBOX and PS3 gamers will grow with envy as they see these amazing fan made mods to the hit game Batman: Arkham City. Mods like having the The Dark Knight Batsuit, Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman, Adam West batsuit, Robin & Nightwing freeroam around Arkham City, and is that? It is. Deadpool in Arkham City? Hit the jump to check it out.
Fan Made: Epic THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY Villains Trailer
A Youtube user made an epic The Dark Knight Trilogy Trailer centered around the villains. Hit the jump to check it out.
Fan Made: Epic Batman Score Using Scores From Tim Burton's Movies, Christopher Nolan's Movies, And BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES
YouTube user OminousVoice combined scores from BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, Tim Burton's Batman movies, and Christopher Nolan's Batman movies to make one epic Batman score. Hit the jump to check it out.
Late night talk show Conan O'Brien has landed a new gig, he'll be joining the cast of The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2. Hit the jump to find out which character he'll be voicing from Frank Miller's classic Batman tale.
COMICS: Scott Snyder Interviewed About DEATH OF THE FAMILY
After the beginning of Death of the Family yesterday in Batman #13, Scott Snyder sits down to talk about the upcoming arc and what the Joker has in store.
Science Bashes All Hopes And Dreams Of There Ever Being A Real Jurassic Park
A recent scientific discovery tells us that any hopes or dreams of a real Jurassic Park, are dead. Find out why a real life Jurassic Park can't happen.
Editorial: What Really Happened In The Alternate Ending In BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY
In a choice left to the player as Catwoman, those who chose the bad choice sees an ending. An ending that states Gotham is being destroyed by the Joker in a S.O.S message from Barbara Gordon. LEVITIKUZ studies it and tells you the truth of what happened and even though Barbara states "The Joker won", I'm going to tell you that it wasn't the Joker who destroyed Gotham but who the real villain was.
Frank Miller Is Facing A Lawsuit
The Dark Knight Returns writer is facing a lawsuit from a former employee who says she was abused from Frank's girlfriend. Details inside.
EDITORIAL: Why Armie Hammer May Not Be A Bad Choice For Batman
Recently a rumor has come up about the Justice League movie that states that the Batman in George Miller's failed project Justice League: Mortal Armie Hammer may get another chance to play the Dark Knight. Now before an angry mob comes after me, LEVITIKUZ explores why casting Hammer may not be a bad choice.
ANGRY BIRDS: STAR WARS Merchandise Revealed
The hit mobile game is teaming up with the legendarily sci-fi franchise to make Angry Birds: Star Wars. Tie-in merchandise has been revealed for the upcoming game that shows plush toys, t-shirts, Halloween costumes and more. Are these the toys your looking for? If so come on in, if not move along.
TAKEN 3 Confirmed?
After looking over the box office numbers so far for Taken 2, Fox says that they want to make a third Taken film but does Liam Neeson even want to be a part of it?
The INDIANA JONES Cartoon That Never Happened
Images and a clip from what looked like an Indiana Jones animated series that unfortunately never happened.
The upcoming Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition has a new trailer which shows how to explore and survive Arkham City on the WiiU. Take a look.
Editorial: There Is Only One Person Who Could Bring The Joker Back After His Death In ARKHAM CITY
After the jaw-dropping and epic ending in Batman: Arkham City where we saw the Joker die, there is only one person who could bring him back from the dead. One man who has the power to bring the Joker back. Find out who LEVITIKUZ thinks this man is. Has he even been introduced in the Arkhamverse and how even if he succeeds we may not get the Joker we all know and love back. CLICK TO FIND OUT WHO!!!
Fan Made: Epic BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Trailer Mixed With Music From THE DARK KNIGHT RISES
Epic fan made trailer from YouTube user name solyentbrak1, takes gameplay footage from Batman: Arkham City and music from the Nokia The Dark Knight Rises trailer. Prepare to be amazed.
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