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UPDATE: Silver Samurai Statue From THE WOLVERINE For Comic-Con
From looking at the trailers for The Wolverine, we aren't sure if the Silver Samurai is an Iron Man type suit or a remote control robot. Here is an up close look at the Silver Samurai suit from its statue at the San Diego Comic-Con. Now with more pictures!
Could Abe Sapien And The BPRD Get A Spin-Off Film Or TV Series?
With rumors lately saying that Hellboy 3 could be a possiblilty, Doug Jones (Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer) has said he talked with Dark Horse about an Abe Sapien film or TV series. Also, hit the jump to see what Hellboy collectibles will be given away at Comic-Con.
Spider-Man Plays Basketball & Dominates Everybody In One-On-One Doing It
Crime must be down in New York. A recent viral video has Spider-Man playing one-on-one basketball and completely owning the competition. Click to check it out Spider-Man with his mad basketball skillz.
HELLBOY 3 Is “Very Unlikely” Says Guillermo del Toro
Some possibly sad news in the world of comic book movies. It seems that Hellboy 3 seems unlikely to be made, not just in live action film, but even in the form of a comic or graphic novel. Click to check out this depressing news.
Kanye West Praises PACIFIC RIM; Calls Guillermo Del Toro A Master
It seems the other day, Mr. West entered the building to a pre-screening of the upcoming film Pacific Rim. Kanye praises it saying it's one of his favorite films OF ALL TIME and calls Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy) "a master". Click to check it out.
Ron Perlman Talks HELLBOY 3, Says It Would Be Twice As Big As 1 & 2
With recent rumors suggesting that Legendary Pictures could produce Hellboy 3, Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman, talks more about a third film and says while it could be physically demanding, he's willing to do it. Click to check it out.
Honest Trailer: INDEPENDENCE DAY (Video)
Just in time for the Fourth of July, Screen Junkies presents a Honest Trailer of a film. Let's "travel back to a time when summer blockbusters were fun and uplifting, not dark and Nolan-y". That film is Independence Day folks and check out this Honest Trailer for it.
New Trailer For Cartoon Network's BEWARE THE BATMAN Released
The first full-length trailer for the CG animated series Beware The Batman has been released. While there's no dialogue, we get a look at Professor Pyg, Anarky, and other foes Batman will be facing off against. Click to check it out.
So Just How Much Would All That Destruction In MAN OF STEEL To Metropolis Cost?
As we all saw in Man of Steel, Metropolis pretty much got destroyed. It was like a war zone in that city. So in order to rebuild it, how much would Lex (oh like we don't know who will rebuild it?) have to pay to rebuild the city? Could it been more than what the Avengers did to NYC? Click to find out.
Penelope Cruz NOT To Star In BOND 24?
Earlier this month there were rumors which stated that the Oscar winning actress Penelope Cruz will be the next Bond girl and star in Bond 24. Sadly these rumors are false. Click to check it out.
A Closer Look At The DC Collectibles' MAN OF STEEL Statues
IGN has brought a close up view at DC Collectibles' Man of Steel statues. The statues feature Superman, Zod, Faora, and Jor-El. Click to check it out.
First gameplay footage from E3 for Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate for the PS Vita has been released. The gameplay footage features what could be the first meeting of Batman & Catwoman. Click to check it out.
2 New Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC Videos Features Iron Man Vs Superman
ItsJustSomeRandomGuy updated 2 new "Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC" videos that features Iron Man and Superman debating their movies. The first is Pre-Iron Man 3 and the second takes place after but before Man of Steel. The videos also features Batman because we need more of him. Click to check it out.
While the game doesn't come out untill October, a TV spot for the game has been shown during the NBA Finals. While it only mostly shows footage from the CGI reveal trailer, a TV spot for Batman: Arkham Origins has arrived. Click to check it out.
SUPER SMASH BROS Has Arrived With New Trailer Plus A New Non-Nintendo Character Joins The Roster
Nintendo released a new trailer for the heavily anticipated new installment in the Super Smash Bros series. If you recall in Super Smash Bros Brawl, Sonic & Snake joined the fight but who is the new non-Nintendo character joining the fight? Click to find out who.
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