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Michael Shannon Sometimes I Make Stuff Up On His Rumors Involving BATMAN V SUPERMAN
After saying he was involved in mo-cap in Batman V Superman to then saying he never was asked that and was fake to now saying he may have said flippers; it seems as though Michael Shannon may be pulling our legs or going crazy. Click to hear what he has said now.
Hey look at this! A comic book character at one of the big 2 companies is dead! In Justice League #44 a major player in the storyline "The Darkseid War" died. Could you guess who it is? Click to make bets on when the character will come back from the dead.
Brilliant HISHE/Brotherhood Workshop LEGO AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON In 2 Minutes
After their amazing 2 part HISHE featuring Avengers: Age of Ultron, HISHE unites with Brotherhood Workshop to retell Avengers: Age of Ultron. In LEGO Form. Click to check out this awesome collaboration between HISHE & Brotherhood Workshop.
Jessica Chastain States The Problem With Female Superheroes
Jessica Chastain (Interstellar) has shown interest before in wanting to play a superhero but now she states the major issue with female superhero and their films. Click to hear what the major issue she thinks is.
VIDEO GAMES: Master Chief Is Declared Dead In Epic Live Action HALO 5 Ad
We have confirmation that on October 27th, 2560; Spartan 117 also known as Master Chief himself has died. Click to check out this breathtaking live action ad showing how the world has reacted to the news of his death.
Nolan North Working On Big Project With WB; Is It SUPERMAN?
Nolan North, who has voiced nearly half of the gaming male population with Troy Baker voicing the other half, recently revealed he is working with WB on a big project. Could North be gaming's Man of Steel? Click to check it out.
SAMURAI JACK Creator Stills Wants To Do His LUKE CAGE Comic
Way back in 2007, Dexter Laboratory's creator, Gennedy Tartkovsky, was suppose to write and draw a 4 part Luke Cage comic entitle Cage!. That never happened but when asked about the comic in a recent interview, Tartkovsky still would like to publish his comic. Click to check it out.
Film Theory: Marvel's ANT-MAN Could Kill Us All!!!
Film Theory has released an new theory stating that Ant-Man is not only the most dangerous character in the MCU but Ant-Man can KILL ALL HUMANS!!!!!! Click to see how with the combination of science and the logic in the MCU shows that Ant-Man can kill us.
VIDEO GAMES: Gary Oldman, Chris Pratt, Michael J. Fox & More In Voice Cast For LEGO DIMENSIONS
A new trailer for Lego Dimensions has been released showing off their amazing voice cast. Everyone from Elizabeth Banks to Peter Capaldi to Christopher Lloyd to JK Simmons to Bryce Dallas Howard and many many more great actors and voice actors in this game. Click to check it out.
Ron Perlman Still Wants HELLBOY 3 We Owe It To The Fans
With recently reports saying Ron was done with Hellboy, that seems to be further from the truth! In an interview with IGN while promoting his new series Hand of God, Ron Perlman talks Hellboy 3, whether Hellboy could be on TV, and calls Iron Man a poser. Click to check it out.
Eminem Reveals His MARVEL HIP-HOP VARIANT Cover
With Marvel's October Hip-Hop variant covers, we've seen homages of album covers from everyone from Nas to Wu Tang Clan to Biggie Small to Lauryn Hill and more. Now Eminem has revealed the Hip-Hop variant cover Marvel did for him.
MAN OF STEEL Gets A Deadpool Style Trailer
First we had a Sam Raimi's Spider-Man inspired Deadpool trailer, now we have one for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. This may be the only time you will see Salt-N-Pepa & DMX music playing for a Superman movie so click to check it out.
2 New ItsJustSomeRandomGuy Videos Shows Off BATMAN V SUPERMAN, ANT-MAN, & FANT4STIC
2 new ItsJustSomeRandomGuy "Hi I'm A Marvel, And I'm A DC" videos have been uploaded. Come see Batman & Superman talking with Ant-Man about Ant-Man and reacting to Fant4stic with the Thing. Click to check it out.
The wait is only a week away. The launch trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been released showing how far the Metal Gear Solid franchise has come over the years since the first Metal Gear Solid 1. Click to check it out.
Honest Trailers: MAD MAX: FURY ROAD
Honest Trailers have released a new trailer based on the film that made every other summer film this year look mediocre in comparison in by Babe: A Pig In The City director in George Miller's Mad Max Fury Road. Click to check it out.
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