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The Arkham Knight Takes Center Stage In Latest BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Promo
The latest "The End Begins" promo picture, the mysterious Arkham Knight takes center stage. Do you have an idea who the Arkham Knight could be or do you think he's a completely new character?
With only 4 days left until the arrival of Batman: Arkham Knight, the review embargo has been lifted and critics have been sharing their thoughts on the game. Is Rocksteady's final Batman game as great as the past 2 or does it fall short? Click to find out.
Azrael Shows Off His Suit Of Sorrows In Latest BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Promo
He watched and warned Batman in Arkham City about what's to come in Arkham Knight. Now with 5 days left until Batman: Arkham Knight Rocksteady shows off Azrael, member of the Order of St. Dumas. Click to check it out.
Director Boaz Yakin On Cancelled BATMAN BEYOND Movie Like Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN But Darker
Way back in the early 2000s, WB had multiple directions to go at for a new Batman movie. One of the directions involved Remember The Titans director, Boaz Yakin, who pitched a live action Batman Beyond movie. Click to hear what he has to say about it.
To us, Wonder Woman is Diana Prince. To the Justice League: Gods And Monsters universe, Wonder Woman is the New God Bekka. Click to see Wonder Woman take on Kobra soldiers to save Steve Trevor as well as fight a different take on a familiar Wonder Woman villain. Click to check it out.
VIDEO GAMES: New BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT TV Spot; Beware May Have Spoilers
While it contains the same music and SPOILER WARNING as the 1st TV spot, a new TV Spot for Batman: Arkham Knight shows off some new game footage as well as contains a nod to an iconic Batman The Animated Series line. Click to check it out.
CASE CLOSED: Chewbacca Shows Off His STAR WARS Script; Confirms Who Shot First
Recently a copy of the original script to Star Wars was revealed that confirmed who shot first between Han and Greedo. While that's cool, we now have Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) who took to Facebook showing off his Star Wars script which confirms who shot first. Click to learn the truth.
KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE Blu-Ray Clip Celebrates Watchmen Artist Dave Gibbons
Tomorrow Matthew Vaughn's acclaimed comic book film, Kingsman: The Sercret Service will finally arrive on Blu-Ray and DVD. The following clip featuring Vaughn and Mark Millar is them talking about the artist of The Secret Service and Watchmen, Dave Gibbons. Click to check it out.
Bruce Timm On Superhero Fans Complaining
It's fair to say ever since WB/DC wanted to try to do a DC movie universe similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have done nothing but complain about movies that haven't even been out yet in a universe that is one movie deep. Click to hear what Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series) says about fans complaining.
Bruce Timm Wanted To Do The MAN OF STEEL Ending Before MAN OF STEEL Did
Bruce Timm, one of the creative minds behind the DCAU and most of DC's animated movies, said in an interview recently he wanted Superman to snap someone's neck to defeat them in an animated movie before Man of Steel did that in a live action movie. Click to find which unlucky soul Timm wanted to have wear a neckbrace thanks to the Big Blue.
Ron Perlman Talks HELLBOY III's Direction & Whether He Would Do Other CBMs
Late last week, Ron Perlman took to Twitter to try to kickstart interest in a Hellboy III. In a recent interview, the actor spoke an length about where the potential sequel is, what direction it would take, and if he would be interested in trying out another CBM role! Check it out!
VIDEO GAMES: Two-Face Looks Ready For The End To Begin In New BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Promo
While Two-Face is known as Batman's second biggest threat after Joker; he hasn't had as big of an impact in the Batman: Arkham series as villains like Joker, Penguin, Bane, Riddler, Scarecrow, and others. Could he step up to the plate in Batman: Arkham Knight? He sure looks it!
Rocksteady's highly anticiapted ending to their Batman: Arkham trilogy will be ending in little over 2 weeks. As if the graphics of Batman: Arkham Knight didn't already look amazing enough on the consoles, come see how breathtakingly amazing they are on PC in a new trailer.
Star Lord Doesn't Want The Guardians Saving Cleveland In GOTG2
Talking with IGN, Chris Pratt said he doesn't want to see the Guardians saving the city responsible for the creation of superheroes and where Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Avengers were filmed. Why doesn't he want to see the Guardians saving an important US city and what does he want the Guardians doing? Click to find out.
COMICS: King Jack Returns In The Preview Of SAMURAI JACK'S 20th & Final Issue
While Samurai Jack's creator and Hotel Transylvania director, Genndy Tartakovsky, wants to make a Samurai Jack movie on the big screen; for now we have the current critically acclaimed comic book series which is coming to an end. In it, we get to see Jack's future as Jack the King. Jack the General. Jack the Legend. Click to check it out.
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