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Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask fan short complete!
That Legend of Zelda fan short I posted about here a few weeks back? Well it's completed! Follow the jump to check it out!
LEGEND OF ZELDA Short Film In The Works!
For fans of the Legend of Zelda franchise like myself. Follow the jump to read some exciting news!
Zack Snyder On MAN OF STEEL 2 Progress
In an exclusive interview with Moviehole at Man of Steel's Australian premiere, director Zack Snyder addressed some familiar questions surrounding his film. In one of the first post-release interviews, have Snyder's answers changed?
Former Smallville actor wants to be Lex Luthor in Man of Steel Sequel!
While it is almost a certainty that the familiar bald foe of Superman will appear in the proposed Man of Steel sequel, one candidate has officially thrown his hat into the ring for the part. Follow the jump to find out who!
Zack Snyder's approach to a modern Lex Luthor!
Follow the jump to hear director Zack Snyder's thoughts on how he'd possibly approach a more modern day interpretation of classic Superman villain Lex Luthor!
RUMOR: Possible logline and villains for upcoming Justice League movie!
Treat this as a mere RUMOR for now, but (supposedly) according to a source close to the production, studio executives kicked around the idea of what villains to use to terrify the JLA. Follow the jump to check it out!
STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS: Message from John Harrison!
Looks like John Harrison has a message for James Tiberius Kirk and Starfleet. Follow the jump and check it out!
Find Out How Lex Luthor Will AGAIN Show Up in MAN OF STEEL - SPOILERS Ahead!
He's been the main villain in almost every Superman movie since the beginning. We had hoped that Superman's infamous foe would NOT appear in Man of Steel, but according to a fanboy who supposedly screened the movie, he does exert some influence in MOS. Follow the jump if you dare.
My fancast for Kabal in the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie!
Power Rangers fan? Mortal Kombat fan? Well if you're either one or the other, you'll be glad you came across THIS fancast, follow the jump!
New Trailer for Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods!
Follow the jump for the newest trailer to the upcoming Dragon Ball Z film- Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods!
FIRST FULL look at MK Legacy Season 2 Characters in Costume!
Thanks to a recent tweet on Twitter we get our first looks at Scorpion in his full on specter glory and fan-favorite KENSHI in his video-game accurate suit complete with red blindfold and ALL MK characters for season2!
VIDEO GAMES: Two new characters and DLC teased for Injustice Gods Among Us?
It appears Ed Boon has just teased eager fans with some possibly new additions to the already impressive roster of Injustice Gods Among Us. Read on for details!
Kenshi in MK Legacy Season 2 going through editing!
Today, Kevin Tancharoen has posted an instagram photo of fan-favorite Kenshi in the upcoming Mortal Kombat Legacy season 2!
VIDEO GAMES: History of Fatalities in Mortal Kombat!
The Netherrealm team discuss the rich history behind Fatalities, Friendships and the infamous Babalities! Read on after the jump!
Fan Granted Dying Wish for Early STAR TREK Screening!
Follow the jump to read about a very heart warming story to end the Christmas season with.
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