LinkinParkFan Editorial: Where My Love For Comic Books Began and Introducing Myself

In this editorial I describe my passions for comic books and where it began, Please do click for more on my editorial opinions.

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By LinkinParkFan - 8/9/2014


Hello, this is LinkinParkFan here. As of recently I have become the subject of harmful verbal attacks and ridicule made by comic book fans on this website. I wish to not point out any names but it has become worse gradually. Many people believe I am not serious at all and take me as a joke with the recent articles I have written personally. Believing I am biased and I am not well educated. Well I decided to write this article to introduce to everyone who I am and my background with comic books, on where it partially began. 
Growing up there where I am wasn't a lot of places to buy a comic book. Usually if you go into a market you would find these vendors and stuff. That is how I started my own basic collection of comic book books. I have many comic books from the 90s era, fans can debate and say it wasn't really that good of an era for comic book but it is really how most people like myself were formally introduced to them. Also being a 90s kid myself of course. Maybe I have read some comics from the 80s but the 90s era of comic is where I began. 
The first comic book I had ever read was a Batman comic. He is one of the first heroes I have ever fell in love with entirely.  I wanted to be like Batman, he was a role model towards me and still is today. The first Batman film I have ever watched was Batman Forever, and that is where I gave more love for him even more. At the time this began I was in much dark places and Batman to me was the hero that shined a light through. Never before would I have thought a man wearing a bat costume would be so intimidating. One of the second comics I ever bought after Batman on the recommendation of my childhood friend Mark was a Spider-Man comic. Reading Spider-Man gave me that same sense of wanting to be a hero and wanting to do much more.
I soon began collecting many comic books. Since English was not my first language also comic books help me read and write better in English, it was where I started to begin to learn a lot about English. I usually just looked at the pictures and how amazing they were drawn but I soon tried to read the words and it has slowly helped along with much schooling. I also began to introduce my friends who weren't interested in comic books some of my favorite characters. Which is where a cycle began. Comic books are also how I gained a passion in wanting to write. I loved to write stories in school as I began learning English better. My goal and dream is to write a comic book and I hope to make it to that goal in mind. 

The things I like in a superhero is not just powers but the determination to get the job done no matter what. They are always on task and always focused to their destination. Whether having to rescue someone in distress it always a job they have to do and they know it. They never quit and they never back down.
Yes and as my own user name suggest and as all of you know, I am a Linkin Park fan. It was my friend Mark who told me about Linkin Park back in the early 2000s. As I have said I was going through tough times and their music really helped me make it on through. They have just stuck with me ever since. 

I know this was short but thank you for reading. I hope everyone has a better understanding of my comic book background and I soon hope for a better future within here.
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