Doctor Strange Fancast
Love me some Doctor Strange decided to make a version that I would like to see.
Thunderbolts movie to fit into the spectrum on the Marvel Studios movie
A realistic take on a Television series circulating around Arkham Asylum.
Chew Movie Fan Cast
Chew is coming to the our T.V screens but this is what I want to See on the Big screen.
Marvel Studios: Fantastic Four
Yup another FF fancst
Walking Dead Movie Cast
We got the show but I wanted the movie.
Ghost Rider: Revelations
The final installment of my Ghost Rider trilogy.
Casting Ghost Rider Epic Trilogy
I am casting and telling brief story of my Ghost Rider movie.
Ghost Rider:Redemption
Ghost Rider: Vengeance part 2 of Trilogy
Casting the sequel to my Ghost Rider Trilogy
Scooby Doo Fancast
No not a super hero but I am sure at one time a comic
Old Man Logan Fancast
Old Man Logan has been done but since I joined this site I have been wanting to do it...
X-men Reboot Ultimate Fan Casting
I love Comics and I love Movies. I am going to try to cast the best X-men movie, with the Actors that can tell the best story.All original casting!