Mr.SotoMans: Fan4tasic Review!
Its time to reveal how good I thought this movie was. After 2 years of complaining, whiney and bashing of the new movie and the studio Fox; it was time to finally put it to an end. Is it the movie that most Marvel fans wanted? Nope.
SotoJuiceMan presents: SPIDER-MAN: Where Do We Go From Here?
Given the recent leak from Sony, a lot of ideas have floated around on what to do with the next Spider-Man movies. From the MCU, to rebooting, to even continuing the plans of the Sinister Six; everything seems to go on a steep hill from here. Here I present the ideas floating around, the pros and cons, and finally my personal opinion on where they should go from here.
On June 1st, SotoJuiceman entered into the Action Film Challenge, this weekend he will be watching his short film in front of a big audience in a THEATER. More info at the jump!
I think we need to stop with these DC Editorials, seriously and I am not alone on this.
My top 5 comic book movie guilty pleasures. The ones people hate or find them distasteful or crappy. I agree but just something about it makes me wanna watch it from time to time but honestly, no one will quite understand why. Here's my list!
It's been released for awhile, but I just recently saw it again and I think I got a good point on this movie....or do I?
This is an editorial proving that The Hobbit won't be a good trilogy. Also why Peter Jackson isn't that good of a director.