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An eminent Indian film critic has just hinted that he's seen the Skyfall trailer at the Cancun Film festival. More details after the jump.
Youtube user 331Erock just uploaded his awesome cover of every Batman theme ever.
RUMOR: MAN OF STEEL Plot Revealed?
Here's a rumor that has been floating around the "internets." Seems cool, possibly genuine, probably fake. [DEBUNKED]
A few months ago, a Bollywood production company announced that they're gonna make their own Archie. Now, they are faced with a 1.5 million dollar lawsuit.
Super 8 Monster Revealed!
Is THIS the monster from JJ ABRAM'S SUPER EIGHT?
First Image from Bollywood sci-fi superhero flick Ra.One!!!
The first image from the highly anticipated movie, Ra.One was released yesterday on the first page of Sunday Times.