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Man of Steel, Video Lab inpired poster
I was inspired by the "Man of Steel in Color" Video. So I made this!
SPIDER-MAN Fan Art (Pencils)
Just finished pencils to my Spider-man picture, figured I would share them with you guys!
Fan Art: Iron Fist and Mockingbird
My Iron Fist pencils for a new picture, and a bonus quick sketch of Mockingbird
Pencils For My Version Of A Ms Marvel Variant Cover
Just some rough pencils for a picture I did of Carol Danvers, Ms Marvel
Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Fan Art
My most recent illustration of Steve Rogers inspired by TWS
Inktober Collection, Including SPIDER-GWEN, WOLVERINE, And Much Much More!
My "tributes" to this year inktober that includes a lot of Marvel/DC characters
Clara Oswald: Painting
My recent painting of Clara from Doctor who...
Cyberman Fan Art
A vector style artwork I did.
Fan Art finished of Haytham and Connor Kenway
Doctor Who + Assassin's Creed Crossover Fan Art
The time Ezio and the Doctor met...
ACIII Fan Art, Comic book style
I drew Connor and Haytham in Comic Book style.
Assassin's Creed + Doctor Who Crossover Fan Art
Pencils to my new picture of the time Ezio met the Doctor...
We all get insanely hyped for upcoming CBMs, so this is the product of my hype!
BVS in Retro Comic Book Style
Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman in vintage style.
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