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IRON MAN's 'Christine Everhart' Reports On 'Scott Lang' In New ANT-MAN Promo Video
The latest viral marketing for Marvel's Ant-Man shows Leslie Bibb once again reprising her Iron Man 2 role as Christine Everhart as she report on Scott Lang's (Paul Rudd) cyber-criminal activities.
Latest ANT-MAN Featurette Explores 'New Recruits' 'Hope Van Dyne And 'Scott Lang'
There's less than two weeks left before the newest Avengers recruit makes his cinematic debut, but check out this featurette which showcases Paul Rudd's and Evangeline Lilly's characters.
Some Of The SUICIDE SQUAD Cast Return To Set In Costume As Filming Continues
They're back! Just days before they might show up San Diego Comic-Con, some of the Suicide Squad cast have been spotted on the Toronto set in makeup and costume. Check them out after the jump!
PHOTO: Daniel Brühl 'Baron Zemo' Makes His Way To Set Of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR
Unfortunately, he's not in his Baron Zemo threads and mask, but Spanish-German actor Daniel Brühl has finally been spotted on the set of Captain America: Civil War in Atlanta, Georgia. Check it out!
Peyton Reed Teases Microverse In ANT-MAN And Reveals His And Edgar Wright's Contributions
With a SPOILER WARNING, hit the jump and check out what Ant-Man director Peyton Reed says he brought to the upcoming Marvel movie, as well as what remained from Edgar Wright's script(s).
Get To Know 'Scott Lang's' ANT-MAN Heist Crew In Latest Featurette
The latest look at Marvel's much-anticipated Ant-Man movie comes as yet another featurette, which showcases Scott Lang's (Paul Rudd) motley crew and their roles in the big heist against Yellowjacket
Denny's Tie-In FANTASTIC FOUR TV Promo Introduces 'The Thing' Burger
Hit the jump and check out the latest cross-promotion for the reboot of Marvel's First Family in Fantastic Four which has a Denny's commercial featuring The Thing (Jamie Bell) and his own breakfast burgers.
Awesome New DEADPOOL Closeup Featured On EW's Comic-Con Bonus Issue
Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman graced the main cover of Entertainment Weekly's Comic-Con issue, but a newly-revealed bonus cover has offered an up close and personal look at Deadpool.
Ava DuVernay Passes On Marvel's BLACK PANTHER; We Couldn't See Eye To Eye
Confirming Black Panther (and not Captain Marvel) to be the "diverse" Marvel movie she was in talks for, Ava DuVernay has revealed she and the studio will NOT collaborate on the project. Check it out!
New ANT-MAN Featurette Explores 'The Small Things'; 'Scott Lang' Covers Total Film Magazine
Following countless TV promos, we now have one of the first official Ant-Man featurettes, titled "Just The Small Things," which showcases the titular superheroe's origins & long-awaited cinematic debut
ANT-MAN Director Got Envious Of 'Scott Lang' Appearing In CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR
As Paul Rudd reveals whether or not he's finished filming scenes for Captain America: Civil War, Ant-Man director Peyton Reed talks more about being jealous and yet protective of Scott Lang's inclusion.
Kevin Feige On Casting Amazing Tom Holland As SPIDER-MAN, Deciding On The Villain And More
The head of Marvel Studios now talks about how he and Sony are deciding which villain Spider-Man will take on in the new standalone movie, and he also praises the reboot's new star, Tom Holland.
More From Kevin Feige On Marvel's PHASE 3, 'Hulk' In CIVIL WAR, And 'Big Reveals' In GOTG 2
Teasing "big reveals" in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel and a "simple story" in Captain America: Civil War, Kevin Feige also reveals when we should find out who will be directing Thor: Ragnarok.
Kevin Feige Offers New Details On 'BLACK PANTHER' Role In CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR
Revealing whether or not T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) will actually be the Black Panther when we meet him in Captain America: Civil War, among other things, check out the latest from Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige Talks DOCTOR STRANGE's Weirdness And Tilda Swinton Playing 'The Ancient One'
Marvel Studios' president of production has now offered some new details on the long-awaited Doctor Strange, including the Sorcerer Supreme's sanctum and The Ancient One's race and gender.
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