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With Ultimate Spider-Man confirmed to have a fourth season premiering next year in 2016, Marvel Animators are sure to bring in new characters and some of the characters from the previous three seasons. Now take a look at this article and see what new and potential characters Marvel should include for the fourth season and who to voice them.
As we are yet to experience and see more shows and films based on DC and Marvel Comics in 2016 and 2017, there are major priorities that we need to agree on that also need be accomplished so that we can also make it through this era of irritating setbacks of lies, twists, selfishness, and unreasonability and we need to make sure that the people developing these films and shows do not make any proplems so please read the article to find out what we need the people of Marvel Studios and Warner Bros need to do and make sure happens.
Why Scarlet Witch MUST Make it Through Captain America Civil War Alive and is Spider-Man also a Wild Card?
After learning from actress Elizabeth Olsen and from other confirmed sources, it is revealed that the reason Marvel was purposely lacking promotions of her character Scarlet Witch in the Captain America Civil War was all because of rights issues from Fox and that her character is said to be the film's "Wild Card", that would explain why the studio's artists purposely did not include her in the Team Captain America promo arts but also with Spider-Man's rights still owned by Sony and is also not seen in the Team Iron Man promo arts, does this mean Tom Holland's Spider-Man is a "Wild Card" too? Well either way, both Olsen and Holland's need to survive the fights in Captain America Civil War and all the information in this article explains why and on how their roles as "Wild Cards" would work.
While Spider-Man 2017 is yet to go into production we should discuss why the film should feature at least 2 of the Avengers and 2 additional villains to the reboot
Two Characters missing in the Captain America and Iron Man team Promo Arts and what could this mean for Captain America?
As the promo arts revealing the team of superheroes has been revealed they seem to have a few problems.
Who will Iron Man fight if Captain America fights Spider-Man in Captain America Civil War?
Over the last few months, Marvel Studios has started making some major twists the superhero matchups for Captain America Civil War and now with the rumors from August 20 2015 stays that Spider-Man maybe fighting Captain America in the film, then that means Iron Man maybe fighting someone else but who will it be?
Who should play Mary Jane Watson in the MCU Spider-Man films?
While Tom Holland is in Germany playing Spider-Man in Captain America Civil War, more characters from his world of the Marvel Comic Universe are yet to be confirmed to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and among them is Mary Jane Watson who is yet to be confirmed to appear in the MCU films and who Marvel would cast as the character.
With more filming for Captain America Civil War being done, lets take a look at the film's confirmed heroes and see who is facing who between those who are forced to work for the government and those who choose to renegade.
Who the Main Villain should be in Fantastic Four 2
After watching the Fantastic 4 reboot, it has come to mind that from everything we saw from this film this is who the main villain for the sequel in 2017 should be.
URGENT! Why Spider-Man 2017 Should Feature at Least 3 Villains
With Marvel Studios just about to go down to the road of stupidity and disappointment on developing Spider-Man by screwing it up with too much humor and by choosing the worst kind of villain to start out with which is rumored to be Kraven the Hunter, other than needing to include any of the Avengers who appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far the one only way that Marvel can keep the MCU's reboot from sucking worst than the Amazing Spider-Man films is to at least add 1 to 2 more villains to the film so that it won't blow the chance of making it worth seeing.
My Finalized Recommended Cast for Marvel to use in Spider-Man 2017
Now while more of the casting for the upcoming Spider-Man 2017 film yet to come, this is the last article of cast and characters that I suggest Marvel Studios should use for the upcoming film to make it worth watching and why this article of characters is fit for the first MCU Spidey film before they get started on or any further on the script to the film.
Top 5 Villains for Spider-Man 2017 Reboot
With Marvel Studios on the debate of deciding who the villain of the upcoming Spider-Man reboot in 2017 should be which is surely a Spidey villain that was never seen before in the cinematic films, these are the best top 5 choices of Spider-Man villains that Marvel Studios should choose to make the film exciting enough for fans to see and they are
While more news updates on upcoming Marvel Cinematic films, television shows and future seasons, there are things that we want Marvel Studios to get done for upcoming films like Spider-Man so that they don't keep sucking like crap. So for the upcoming Spider-Man film is to include the following to make the reboot itself more awesome than the other films before it over the past 13 years.
Review on the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Infinity Stones
While Phase 3 is yet to begin next year, we should go over the infinity stones that were discovered so far and the two that are yet to be revealed in the future Marvel Cinematic films before Avengers Infinity War Part 1 and 2.
Will Captain America Civil War feature the Time Stone and why it should?
After watching 11 Marvel Cinematic films, 4 infinity stones have surfaced and there are now just two more stones left to be found. Now with Captain America Civil War set for theaters next year which movie star Chris Evans claims sets up the road to Avengers Infinity War part 1 and 2 even though Chris Hemsworth as Thor from Avengers Age of Ultron had already set up that road just by mentioning the infinity stones to 8 of the 9 Avengers from that movie, there is a slight chance that the time stone (one of the last 2 remaining infinity stones) may show up in this movie and this article should explain why it would feature that stone.
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