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While Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 is set to begin with Ant Man next Year, lets discuss how Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios should do Phase 4 and Phase 5.
As more updates on the Marvel animated and cinematic universes are yet to be announced, an awesome thing has happened in the yet to be dubbed anime series known as Marvel Disk Wars The Avengers. In the 34th episode of the series, Iron Man's archenemy, the Mandarin makes his anime debut to learn on what's so incredible about the character's appearance in the show, please take a look at the screencaps of the character below.
With Iron Man 4 just yet to be more officially announced and with Robert Downey Jr. yet to make up his mind that his will be reprising his role as Iron Man or not, all that needs to be done is to make sure that Kevin Feige, the director in charge and the rest of Marvel Studios has the real Mandarin of the Ten Rings introduced along with the return of the actual Ten Rings soldiers as well and that Feige makes sure that the Mandarin in Iron Man 4 uses ten magic powered rings this time and the perfect actor most suitable on portraying the villain's true Marvel Cinematic Version. Now here is why the Mandarin (real one this time) had to appear in Iron Man 4;
Sure as of today, Robert Downey Jr. is willing to reprise his role as Tony Stark for Iron Man 4 is Mel Gibson agrees to direct the film. Well if Mel Gibson does decide to direct Iron Man 4, there are several things he must do in order to make it better and more worth seeing than Iron Man 3;
Here are the cast that I would like to see in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog film that is yet to be developed:
While it is not confirmed yet, there are slight possibilities that the most powerful Marvel villain Thanos is secretly working with HYDRA and maybe the reason that Arnim Zola refused to give up after World War Two and chose to corrupt several government officials into serving HYDRA leading to the organization lasting throughout the years and existing in the 21st century for following reasons;
While Iron Man 4 is yet to happen, recent reports claim that it may already be in production and set to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3. Now, before Kevin Feige and his staff even gets started with the film, everything in this article is what we want him to include in Iron Man 4 and it has to be sent over to him straight away!
After watching Amazing Spider- Man 2, Peter's girlfriend Gwen Stacy did die like she did in the comics but in the film who besides Harry for murdering her in the clock tower in Electro's power grid and for Spider - Man's web strings not being able to save her from hitting the floor than Gwen Stacy being stubborn, hot headed and defiant herself?
With everything going on in the Amazing Spider-Man cinematic universe and woth what Marc Web has in mind, here is what the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 3 should be:
12 Directors who can replace Edgar Wright on Directing Marvel's Ant Man
With Edgar Wight departing from directing the upcoming movie after being in charge of the film's production for over creative differences on the characters, the start on the filming has just been delayed and now with Wright calling it quits, someone else is going to need to take his place on directing the movie soon before the end of this month or the next.
After getting a lot of interviews from Godzilla Stars Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen, today on May 5th, 2014, we have official confirmation that the duo may have sighed a Multi picture deal with Marvel Studios which means they maybe returning for more Marvel Cinematic films after Avengers Age of Ultron.
Best Actors Worthy to play the Real Mandarin in Iron Man 4
After watching the One Shot, we learned that the real Mandarin of the Ten Rings is still out there somewhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and still hasn't appeared yet in the franchise.
While the post credits scene's haven't been announced yet, here are the 6 possible choices of characters to cameo in the post credit scenes in Avengers Age of Ultron
As casting for the Ant Man movie for next year continues, actor Matt Gerald has been cast as a villain in the film. The only thing about him is that he appeared as one of the prisoners from Marvel One Shot All Hail the King. Well let's discuss this further in this article.
With Iron Man 4 just on the horizon for 2018 or later due to conflicting rumors regarding Avengers 3 and what other movies are yet to be announced, Kevin Feige is planning to make it a non Iron Man comic based film with Tony Stark aka Iron Man going James Bond, and he is sure enough to have just the right kind of characters and cast members set to make the film go into place, while the plot will be decided by the crew at Marvel Studios, here is the best specified cast for the James Bond inspired Iron Man 4
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