New info on Arkham City - Contains Spoilers!!!
Some new info on what to expect in the follow up to Batman: Arkham Asylum.
James Cameron thinks he's GOD!
Cameron has made some rather negative comments about Piranha 3D and other genre films, saying those movies are “exactly what we should not be doing in 3D.”
Scenes I want to see on the Star Wars Blue Ray Discs
With the Star Wars Saga coming to Blu-Ray, here are the most important deleted scenes that must be included on the discs...
‘Star Wars’ Producer Kurtz Prepping ‘Panzer 88′
Gary Kurtz, producer on the first two Star Wars films, is preparing a winter shoot for Panzer 88, a “spooky wartime adventure” serving as the directorial debut of Hellboy writer Peter Briggs
They defeat super villains and save the world, but are they really naughty little school boys?
Marvel To Turn Manchester Into 1940s Manhattan For Captain America
A major car chase scene will take place in Manchester’s Northern Quarter for the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger movie.
Wolverine's in Town!
Tussauds and Marvel are running a fun little competition on August 10th around London, cor blimey guv'nor!
Black Star Warrior - Star Wars Goes Bad Ass
320,000 views on YouTube! This could teach George a thing or two!
Arkham City Blue Print Easter Egg
Warden Quincy Sharp's secret room.
The Long, Long Road to a Movie
We see a trailer sometimes 2 or 3 years before the film! Is this good practice or does it lead to problems?